Getting Arrested by Canadian FBI Speedrun (world record)

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преди 23 дни

I attempt to conquer the world record for getting arrest by the Canadian FBI by detailing how I would fight (and beat) all of their endangered species!

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Wiz Rad
Wiz Rad преди 12 часа
Mark- "I'm not trying to kill these animals." Also Mark- "I'll shove my hand into it's anus and pull it inside out." Llama with a hat- "Maaaaark, that kills people."
Slow преди 12 часа
Just spit on parliament hill while yelling expletives and you WILL get arrested by the RCMP
Olivia Brooks
Olivia Brooks преди 21 час
5 min explanation on how he wants to kill a loon .-.
D Swiz
D Swiz преди ден
As a Canadian this was really stupid. I love it.
ALuna преди ден
7:22 so Goku vs Botamo? Or basically anyone vs Botamo.
Deku Rin
Deku Rin преди ден
He said crush it inbeten my thies he is lady dumadrasecue
Stella Maris
Stella Maris преди ден
Had he brought his weird shovel thing from the Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream Review, he would be coming up with ways to use all its assets to kill these
Aaron Celestial
Aaron Celestial преди 2 дни
Mark's really gonna turn into The Gongoozler to fight the common loon huh...
alana machaffie
alana machaffie преди 2 дни
mark: says he doesn't want to kill them he just wants to fight mark, five seconds later: describing how he would rip a birds heart out
Percival Fowler
Percival Fowler преди 2 дни
Mark: *hasn't uploaded in 5 days* Me: I guess the Canadian mountain police got him
Diego Ruiz
Diego Ruiz преди 3 дни
I’d simply punch them really hard to where they can’t move at all. (⌒▽⌒)
Stephanie N.
Stephanie N. преди 3 дни
Side note: This entire video is a comedic bit (probably) done in improv. Mark’s comedic improv skills have come a long way since the beginning of his channel. He is such a natural entertainer and the time he took to work on that skill has only made him better. He is able to take a simple concept and turn it into a 15 minute video that is really enjoyable.
TheRawringDog преди 3 дни
Mark: I'm not trying to kill them Also mark: I will punch through its body,grab its heart,and then pull
Tony Green
Tony Green преди 3 дни
this is just a video of mark describing how he's "built different" in everyway
Joking Maiden
Joking Maiden преди 3 дни
13:00 you *WHAT*
ErrorCode преди 4 дни
You could beat up a heard of polar bears before you can defeat a single wolverine, they are literally just honey badgers but in snow
Ethan преди 4 дни
This is the most awesome description ever I can see everything MARK PLEASE MAKE A HORROR MOVIE ABOUT THIS
rhaegnarok преди 4 дни
Blowing up the moon is probably the best way to go about this tbh
Michelle Vogrinec
Michelle Vogrinec преди 4 дни
Can we talk about how he casually skipped over the narwhals? XD
Lets Rave
Lets Rave преди 4 дни
Bro, the Dweller in the Gulf is literally just an ancient Shuckle.
Deven Brooks
Deven Brooks преди 4 дни
He turned inti korean saxton hale
Payton Stanley
Payton Stanley преди 4 дни
Mark- “I hate the water” Also mark- *plans on going under water to kill the one bird*
Edelette преди 4 дни
Me: *knows not to fuck with Moose cause thats death* sure Mark
Jack Papenburg
Jack Papenburg преди 4 дни
why does the dude from megamind and markiplier match so well
Ladainion LaMere
Ladainion LaMere преди 5 дни
Markiplier's Hall of Fame W/L Record: 20-5-4
Ladainion LaMere
Ladainion LaMere преди 5 дни
8:20 At that time Markiplier earned his role as Korosensei
Ladainion LaMere
Ladainion LaMere преди 5 дни
Markiplier: I'm not gonna kill them Bird: oh, ok thank you Markiplier: Back, Down, Forward, Low Punch Markiplier: Markiplier wins, Flawless Victory, Fatality
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou преди 5 дни
No, this is just us all witnessing mark slowly going insane due to being dragged into the rabbit hole of the depths of Google
Rageshree Prasad
Rageshree Prasad преди 5 дни
The common loon unlocks its sharingan after the first kill
GvG tv
GvG tv преди 5 дни
6:39 the video when dad walks in. No joke this actually happened to me
HBGaming преди 5 дни
22 videos later, I have still not liked the video.
Ayah Barahim
Ayah Barahim преди 5 дни
I wonder how might he feel about taking on a Canadian goose
Alexis Belshaw
Alexis Belshaw преди 5 дни
Did mark just say he would SEDUCE a cougar?
Dart Devious
Dart Devious преди 5 дни
Mark is Piccolo blowing up the moon
Grim преди 5 дни
Alternate Title: Mark reveals his secret identity as a bard by either seducing or using Vicious Mockery on each animal
Mini Munch
Mini Munch преди 5 дни
“…I would be able to float BELOW the water.” Mark, I think that’s called sinking
Royal Joker
Royal Joker преди 5 дни
so far it seems everyone is completely overlooking 13:00
Covian Lanier
Covian Lanier преди 6 дни
Markiplier: It is going to be a fair gentleman’s fight Also mark: I’m gonna take them from below/behind where they will have no chance to defend themselves and/or fight back
Cody Waychoff
Cody Waychoff преди 6 дни
My favorite was the bug that he just chuckles, "You're going down, bitch."
Cody Waychoff
Cody Waychoff преди 6 дни
Mark: I'm not gonna kill them, I'm just gonna fight them. Also Mark on the first animal: I am going to punch a hole through it's body and tear it's heart out.
Connor Enriquez
Connor Enriquez преди 6 дни
Mark trying to say *Wetaskiwin* (and failing miserably) gave me happiness
Colonel Aleph 0
Colonel Aleph 0 преди 6 дни
Mark: I’m not gonna kill the animal, just beat it up Also Mark: *PROCEEDS TO RIP A BIRD’S HEART OUT WITH HIS BARE HANDS*
Nick Carde
Nick Carde преди 6 дни
Lol. Loons are so fast underwater…..your battle plan is now flawed. 😅
Roberta Green
Roberta Green преди 6 дни
as an Indigenous person I am both disappointed and amused at the same time
Charles Benca
Charles Benca преди 6 дни
Getting Arrested by GRC/RCMP Speedrun (world record) *FTFY
Anomalocaris729 преди 6 дни
Marliplier: *Says he won't kill any animals* Also Markiplier: *Says he'll rip out bird's tiny heart with his bare hands*
Eucis93 преди 6 дни
This video is not vegan
Janis Francisco
Janis Francisco преди 7 дни
this has big unus annus energy
VeganPantry преди 7 дни
How is Sasquatch not on the endangered species list?
Daemon Wilson
Daemon Wilson преди 7 дни
I have to credit my southern boyfriend for teaching me, the glacier-encrusted northerner, what a Whipperwill is before I watched this. He's seeing this in the morning. Also ... Mark did an admirable job avoiding saying he would fist that duck, all while thrusting up from below it with his hand in the "dagger" formation. I could see it in his eyes that he knew right well what was happening with that hand...
Adreden Gaming
Adreden Gaming преди 7 дни
Come on bud, cars cost less there, eh.
Adreden Gaming
Adreden Gaming преди 7 дни
You will be screamin like a wee girl when you find a moose to fight. Film that it will certainly be funny
Matt Rondeau
Matt Rondeau преди 7 дни
"The wolverine won't be able to bite me from my immense mass" They kill moose and polar bears... But I admire your confidence
Nooly Nunez
Nooly Nunez преди 7 дни
At this point I'm convinced that mark is Bisexual
Jakobmeathead преди 7 дни
As a Canadian, i will say that the mountie uniform is not actually what they wear out on the streets, it's only for special occasions, they wear normal police uniform
Wyatt Peterson
Wyatt Peterson преди 7 дни
The loon scares so many people when they crow its like out of a horror movie. Also you could come to Minnesota, the loon is there national bird
Sadiaaa !!!
Sadiaaa !!! преди 7 дни
Canada: is North America American badger: *exists* Mark: wHy aRe yOu eVen heRe? Mark pls 😭
booooooo преди 7 дни
CSIS is our CIA
Amber Tito
Amber Tito преди 7 дни
The RCMP would probably have bigger problems than some dude fighting endangered animals when the moon literally explodes.
Smokey преди 7 дни
Dude I like you. I do. But a wolverine will absolutely fuck you up 😂. Bears don't fuck with that lol
Nexus71c преди 7 дни
"I'm gonna load up on Häagen-Dazs" "I'm gonna live a healthy life" Yeah, you right
KN Lone Wolf
KN Lone Wolf преди 8 дни
Hmmmm ummmm?
Stellar Moons
Stellar Moons преди 8 дни
"I'll be like Timber, bitch" The ad: Based on a true story
U. F-H
U. F-H преди 8 дни
*PETA has entered the chat*
Tug The Great
Tug The Great преди 8 дни
1:48 what in the kentucky fried faq is this
charals jonef
charals jonef преди 8 дни
you cant collect thing with Pokémon cards
Dasa F.
Dasa F. преди 8 дни
6:52: "wHY do you piSs ON yoUR FOoDDD" at least 3 unus annus videos: 👀👀
Sean Ruebush
Sean Ruebush преди 8 дни
0:48 sckriddle, griddle, Skrill..., A skrittle. Are you serious right now? I'm super serious.
sosa gaga
sosa gaga преди 8 дни
EBIkorn888 ebiCORN
EBIkorn888 ebiCORN преди 8 дни
How do you actually kill an animal without tools? beaclouse the only taktik i can think of is chock them😂
jessi4775 преди 8 дни
Bruh, loons are diving birds that stab their prey. You gonna lose those eyes before you get 'em open. Get a super murky lake tho, that'll make it harder for them to see you!
Anne-Marie Doucet
Anne-Marie Doucet преди 9 дни
So, um, anyone gonna tell him no one wins a fight with the vicious little asshole devil that is a carcajou? Thise fucking things are nightmares in the wild, even in the observational reserves they're nasty little bastards 🤣🤣🤣 keepers are legit afraid of them
Shiru Ka
Shiru Ka преди 9 дни
I'm not sure whether to be amused or terrified at how proud he seems to be of the fact that he can hurt small animals with ease.
Iris D
Iris D преди 9 дни
Who’s gonna tell him loons are excellent swimmers and can spend good chunks of time under water
Cephalon Wolf
Cephalon Wolf преди 9 дни
3:24 marks middle finger is massive
Ryan преди 9 дни
I know this is a big joke, but I used to try to catch loons when I was younger... cause I'm an idiot, anyway they're like living torpedos
LittleBigSmoak преди 9 дни
I like how his plan to kill the warbler is straight up the same thing they did in Shrek
NothingSpecialx9 преди 9 дни
Mark plans on blowing up the moon with no tools.
Haley Cooner
Haley Cooner преди 9 дни
Cougar suduce it
Just Plain Dan
Just Plain Dan преди 10 дни
Except the Loon can dive underwater longer than many humans can.
Katie Squires
Katie Squires преди 10 дни
Well I got an ad for the wwf on this video 😂😂
Jacob Griffitt
Jacob Griffitt преди 10 дни
The only natural predator that a moose has is an orca. You're welcome for this information
Cursed Paladin
Cursed Paladin преди 10 дни
One slight tip. In moose vs tree....moose wins
SilverDragon 550
SilverDragon 550 преди 10 дни
Mark: "I'll only use my body, no tools" Also Mark: "I'll blow up the moon"
TheeRandomDude преди 10 дни
That loon uses it feet as a radar, any sudden movement under them will get them to fly away.. (mark also forgot some Canada creatures are actually cthuli's creations (Like the Cobra chicken, moose, and beavers)
AW преди 10 дни
love the half life sfx at the end
William Robbins
William Robbins преди 10 дни
You sounded like saxton hale in the intro. Lol
RJ Mildenberger
RJ Mildenberger преди 10 дни
I live in Wetaskiwin - as far as I know - that isn't true. Also, for help, it is pronounced wet ask eh win
TheRealAmek преди 10 дни
“And I with my dense dense bones would be able to float below the water” -Mark Fischbach 2021
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris преди 11 дни
Little does he know loons swim better under water than they do above it... Fool
Stampyfangirl Plays
Stampyfangirl Plays преди 11 дни
Markiplier is slowley becoming Darkiplier.
One Conn
One Conn преди 11 дни
“I have a list of endangered species in Canada” literally a bear on screen
FadeKing J
FadeKing J преди 11 дни
Wtf is this video
Alex Florence
Alex Florence преди 11 дни
it is canon that Mark 'Markiplier, Mr. Buttersworth' Fischbach can in fact blow up the moon WITHOUT using any tools what so ever.
Gamer 270
Gamer 270 преди 11 дни
I feel like we need an animated version of this as soon as possible.
damystery123 преди 11 дни
When is the tim hortons video? I'm so pumped for it
DoodleDumble преди 11 дни
12:53 the Fergalicious hawk?
Sean OReilly
Sean OReilly преди 11 дни
So is anyone going to tell mark that loons are fishing birds and spend a lot of time looking down and diving deep under the water?
Lily Hanson
Lily Hanson преди 11 дни
I’m from Minnesota and I was laughing so hard when he was saying that loons laugh like bro what loons are you hearing 😂
Konata преди 11 дни
"It floats above the water, but because of my body and my dense bones, I float BELOW the water." 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
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