I'M ON A HORSE!! | Minecraft - Part 14

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I've finally done it... I'VE TAMED A WILD HORSE!! Also the illagers attack...
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AGO-Studios преди 5 часа
"that's an Unus Annus horse" the pain!
Asparagus преди 5 часа
I was looking in the recent comments for this lmao
T-Jay Abrahams
T-Jay Abrahams преди 8 часа
"I am going to make... iron armour!" ... Then proceeds to make diamond armour
ThoughtVault преди ден
13:32 best part in the series so far stg I was dying
Raccoonreaper !!!
Raccoonreaper !!! преди 2 дни
Mark has no idea what he has just done
1,000 without a video
1,000 without a video преди 2 дни
Mark just teach(Idk the fucking past tense of this) it's beter to dig straight down.
1,000 without a video
1,000 without a video преди 2 дни
You can snatch a villager (not the fucking green coat one) and put a composter it will be a farmer and give it a 8 stack(64) seed and let him do the work you need to collect it cause he will just let the seed and wheat lay down so nevermind you will never see this
Timothy Fandrich
Timothy Fandrich преди 4 дни
What is the song that plays at 10:31 and again at 21:26?
Andrea Lawson
Andrea Lawson преди 5 дни
You need to get on the horse to get it to love you mark
Alice Angel
Alice Angel преди 5 дни
mark: what is it..? sugar cane: you should kno- mark: papyrus..? sugar cane: . . .
Jessicarrgh преди 5 дни
OMG SHWOOMPLE! I watched some of the Red Dead play-through with my dad and when he played it himself, he named his horse Shwoomple after yours ❤️
Thirdy Camlian
Thirdy Camlian преди 5 дни
Who reacted to the combat that Lixian edited?
Zeppelin YOLO
Zeppelin YOLO преди 5 дни
btw yes, yes u can make it auto farm. ez redstone, don need dat long
Pakatak Lis
Pakatak Lis преди 6 дни
Minecraft:you can Craft! You can mine! Mark:HORSE
Otaku KHL
Otaku KHL преди 6 дни
I'm just gonna ask the question. Why are BGpostrs so lucky with their house placement???
Isabella Contreras
Isabella Contreras преди 8 дни
When the pillegers come my anxiety levels:↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
Jarno van Rhenen
Jarno van Rhenen преди 9 дни
OMG lixian is such an amazing editor
Electrix_Mix преди 10 дни
Mark: “oh it’s an unus annus horse!!” Me: *Sad momento mori noises*
MiaMiaOnTheWall XxOo
MiaMiaOnTheWall XxOo преди 10 дни
Normal players: *hears Minecraft ambience* AHHHH- Mark: *hears Minecraft ambience* ... ok
Onatu DarkRose
Onatu DarkRose преди 10 дни
The amount of times he has said This Is The Way is awesome. He was a Mandolorian before the rest of us thought it was cool. 😂 This is the way.
Nathan Childers
Nathan Childers преди 11 дни
I thought mark was talking about the iron golem and I thought “well that’s it then”
Grim Reaper Studios
Grim Reaper Studios преди 12 дни
Who gonna tell him that Diamond is not the strongest armor anymore?
AnimeLord32 преди 12 дни
At the risk of reviving a dead meme, Mark knows da wey.
Jessica Contreras
Jessica Contreras преди 13 дни
4:28 "Wow its an unus annus horse" The memory will still live on even in minecraft 😭🥲 as long as shwoompee is alive!!! 🤍🖤
gamergirlsYES tice
gamergirlsYES tice преди 13 дни
Is mark the mandalorian now?
Aiiz Playz
Aiiz Playz преди 13 дни
Mark that symble means that you will be tracked down by the weird people soo you have to drink milk to make it go away wich you wanna do and also take down that banner cus that also makes them track you so take down that banner of your cow stable and drink milk
Gerry Sarmiento
Gerry Sarmiento преди 14 дни
Me: shut up Mark: never
Johnny Herman
Johnny Herman преди 14 дни
Him being sad about losing 3 levels per enchant, I still have nightmares of when it cost them all..
Kelly Usher
Kelly Usher преди 15 дни
Dude what happened to your left eye
Kay Alvarado
Kay Alvarado преди 15 дни
Mark: hunts mobs for experience Me: JUST GO MINING ITS MORE EXPERIENCE Mark: i get better experience mining coal, wait y arent i doing that Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️
Kay Alvarado
Kay Alvarado преди 15 дни
Ok but, we must protec shwoompee✨
Kylie Forgie
Kylie Forgie преди 16 дни
13:49 He is now a very proud man
Lee Antoniette Cuenca
Lee Antoniette Cuenca преди 16 дни
Your so cool in ao oni and minecraft wow
Jhonen Amrhein
Jhonen Amrhein преди 16 дни
1:49 *you can hear the distant trousle of bones*
Autumn Stevens
Autumn Stevens преди 16 дни
now that unus annus is gone, I got sad when he mentioned that the horse was an unus annus horse.😔
Captain Bi-rownlee
Captain Bi-rownlee преди 17 дни
16:33 .....isn't that the end city?
Diamond Dust
Diamond Dust преди 17 дни
"Wow it's an Unus Annus horse!" ..no..not yet..even tho this was filmed before..its too soon
LiaMario GaMing
LiaMario GaMing преди 17 дни
Mart don't you mean diamond armor instead of saying iron armor 20:10 🤔🤔
Joshua Budiarto
Joshua Budiarto преди 18 дни
4:28 rip :(
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K преди 19 дни
Ride a pig.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K преди 19 дни
Mushroom Island
Brett Morgan
Brett Morgan преди 19 дни
Mark: what do I do with this enchanted book? All of us: . . .
Keira Saum
Keira Saum преди 19 дни
iTs aN UNus anNuS hOrSe!?!! this didn’t age well
That One Youtuber
That One Youtuber преди 19 дни
Mark: "This is the way" *Mandalorian.exe*
MaidOfLight преди 19 дни
I love the very subtle reference to poor Schwoople from RDR2
Mokki Pixel
Mokki Pixel преди 19 дни
Like a good farmer state farm is he- wait not the right lyrics
_vlog_ gals_
_vlog_ gals_ преди 20 дни
Mark: this is the way The mandalorian:
vEnUs cIntrOn
vEnUs cIntrOn преди 20 дни
mark: this is the way me: this is the way disney: copyright
Black Blood
Black Blood преди 20 дни
"it's an unus annus horse" I came here for comfort not pain
TheSpaceElefant преди 20 дни
Sad reacts only
Jon Doeson
Jon Doeson преди 20 дни
This is the way, spoken like a true mandolorian
Hailey DEMPSEY преди 22 дни
Mark, you can take the corners from the bookshelves and move them into a different spot for more knowledge.
inky cinnamon bun
inky cinnamon bun преди 23 дни
1:47 undertale!?
Naomi Byrd
Naomi Byrd преди 23 дни
That was the most epic fight time lapse I've seen, thank you so much Lixian. I'm glad I was able to see that, legitimately.
Mogozuart преди 25 дни
Okay but that choice of epic combat music was awesome. Great job lixian!
gallade gamer
gallade gamer преди 26 дни
When did he get a saddle!?
Heidie Aguilar
Heidie Aguilar преди 26 дни
16:14 Miss Jigglytits!?!? That you?!
Z4ck _ Fr4gzz0ut
Z4ck _ Fr4gzz0ut преди 27 дни
Can someone please tell Mark that on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, they recently added a Siren Head map. The name is Siren Face
alycat 107
alycat 107 преди 27 дни
"This is the way." Me: Did Mark join the Mandalorians?
Emulatorement преди 28 дни
It's time. TODAY'S THE DAY!
Bruh Yes
Bruh Yes преди 29 дни
You're still not farming Nether Quartz.
DatGuyYouKnow преди месец
Mark going for prot 2 and not Unbreaking 3 The Minecraft fans : idiot
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon преди месец
Mark: *taking for ever to remember sugar canes name* Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️ Edit: also I’m waiting for him to discover shields and elytras
bluberfunk dodleloo
bluberfunk dodleloo преди месец
18:47 i haven't even finished it or watched past this point but i know this wont go well
Homieboi преди месец
“I have seen dae wae” markiplier
Homieboi преди месец
I’m a good farmer and I’m going to murder my cows like a good farmer
James преди месец
OK epic combat edit was stunning.
UnrealMemories преди месец
Okay great video but can anyone tell me the name of that awesome track when Mark is fighting at his farm at 10:32? I loved that.
Merlivider преди месец
Mark: mines in another direction Diamonds: hi Mark! Mark: hoho holy oh my God!!!!
Liam Totten
Liam Totten преди месец
you’ll only understand the horses name if you watched mark play rdr2
Merlivider преди месец
Mark: lixian hit the combat music Mark: goes full action hero.
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin преди месец
Never insult a man's horse, or you could get yelled at like that villager. No judging, no insulting, and no-thinking-you're-better-than-everyone-else-ing.
_Depressed_ babyb0y_
_Depressed_ babyb0y_ преди месец
“Well guess who’s gonna go on a midnight killing spree?” OH GOD IT KILLED ME-🤣🤣
Capt. Gavie
Capt. Gavie преди месец
9:07 is it just me or does Mark look like Keanu reeves when hes squinting?
Steffanie E
Steffanie E преди месец
What is the battle music lixian used? Got me rockin
mediha 22
mediha 22 преди месец
I can't wait until he learns about fortune III enchantment
Esperanza Menbreno
Esperanza Menbreno преди месец
nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴 nay nay killua 🐴
Rashad Morales
Rashad Morales преди месец
mark nether quartz gives u exp
Jeanu Keeves
Jeanu Keeves преди месец
I'm actually really happy that he named his horse Shwoompl. Red Dead fans know.
Natalia Eden-Winn
Natalia Eden-Winn преди месец
the nether literally is the best way to gain experience
Matty Matey
Matty Matey преди месец
8:17 P.o.v you're being interrogated by markiplier.
Anitha Shanmugam
Anitha Shanmugam преди месец
The luck tho
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty преди месец
Creepy Princess
Creepy Princess преди месец
Mark is literally the only person I've met who would square up with a nitwit🤣
kyle icawat
kyle icawat преди месец
13:02 big nose hahahaha
John Baynard
John Baynard преди месец
Bakugou: 12:25
ShaneToBlame преди месец
Everytime he chooses something other than unbreaking I slightly die inside
Samantha Kuznik
Samantha Kuznik преди месец
Anyone notice that Mark got a notification when he was “murdering” his crops?
Steven2one5 Miner
Steven2one5 Miner преди месец
I enjoying your videos and felix and jack
anonymous преди месец
Metal Gaming Crow
Metal Gaming Crow преди месец
Iixian is awesome
tomato tomato
tomato tomato преди месец
I wish mark knew how to fix his swords with anvils so he didn't have to waste some good enchantments
Jamron Naraval
Jamron Naraval преди месец
The best part was markiplier having fight with big nose 😂😂
Jamron Naraval
Jamron Naraval преди месец
Markiplier havent broke 5 less stones and found a diamond already lol lucky
Marino Sylvester
Marino Sylvester преди месец
Did anyone else notice that mark has 12 diamonds in his chest
Phaedra Flower
Phaedra Flower преди месец
Mark: I’m gonna make some iron armor Me: that’s diamond armor
Seth Ray
Seth Ray преди месец
You right
kinda circle
kinda circle преди месец
Mark picking a fight with a villager
Nizoani преди месец
I got an ad for a mobile game that Mark was in while watching the video and I'm not even mad.
Mason Fetters
Mason Fetters преди месец
Mark:doesn’t go for unbreaking I disliked that Also why did he just do the other one
Cory Bugiel
Cory Bugiel преди месец
Ok, but the "Epic Fight Scene" was seriously badass!
captain sticky beard 2.0
captain sticky beard 2.0 преди месец
Lixian you are a great editor and that battle music could be an entire anime intro
nautilus of the tide
nautilus of the tide преди месец
Most people who make houses in minecraft: *box* Experts: *Elaborate mansion time* Mark: *SMALL TINY HOUSE CONDO*
gallade gamer
gallade gamer преди 26 дни
I always make the same thing.
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