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BLAIR WITCH the movie is now BLAIR WITCH the game with an all new story set in the very same woods that changed the face of horror oh so long ago! Will it live up to the original?
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Michael DeCuffa
Michael DeCuffa преди ден
You just had that dog follow the scent of what ever left that car
mioo x
mioo x преди ден
Damn, Idk about yall but Ellis and Jess' flashback of how they were together reminds me a bit too much of my parents 😬
definitely not toxic
definitely not toxic преди 2 дни
Omg I’m stuck in the campsite bit and I don’t know how to get out😂
Isis Luna
Isis Luna преди 2 дни
Why does elis sound like sykunno?
Max James
Max James преди 2 дни
The voice actor for ellis is Nomad from ghost recon
relaxreplay преди 5 дни
as soon as he picked up the wood at the beginging my lights flickerd lol
Mia Koda
Mia Koda преди 5 дни
I grew up like 15 minutes from the actual house from the movie. One time when they were teenagers my mom and her friends snuck it and took a picture in the corner like in the movie. It got torn down a while back though for that reason
Powpowman 18
Powpowman 18 преди 5 дни
Y’all remember he has an vast knowledge of kidnapping kids
Caddie Merchandise
Caddie Merchandise преди 6 дни
I’m disappointed that you said the film is the best shot horror movie ever..... yikes go watch some more horror movies smh 🤦🏼‍♀️
Bella Serino
Bella Serino преди 6 дни
Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Mark: IF BULLET IS HARMED ILL COMMIT FELONY ASSAULT
dA DOGE bEhInD dA sLaUghTeR *Bork*
dA DOGE bEhInD dA sLaUghTeR *Bork* преди 7 дни
Bullet is the best thing since doge memes My heart exploded as soon as I saw him
Jubby Bamboozle
Jubby Bamboozle преди 7 дни
Just came back from the don't look at it scene. 😥
why you bully me
why you bully me преди 10 дни
this is the best looking game ive ever seen, even for 2020 yo be honest it look's like a movie
Fish Lantern
Fish Lantern преди 10 дни
Being scared is a double edge sword because in the good side fear can enhance your hearing, your touch and your movement cause lets be honest you ran faster hearing a footstep in the middle of the woods in the dead of night than running in a marathon. In the bad side you can easily get scared and shock
Dean Morton
Dean Morton преди 12 дни
14:41: The witch was already toying with you LOL!
Genevieve Chastain
Genevieve Chastain преди 12 дни
I started playing the game it realy scary especially the mines
KlutchBase преди 12 дни
dude who voice acted the main character was the same dude who did mendoza in bf hardline, just clicked for me
R4ZOR преди 12 дни
He got to the same point I’m at in the game in 30 minutes and it took me 3 days
The Outrider
The Outrider преди 9 дни
The video is edited so it doesn’t show all the gameplay
Isabella Perez
Isabella Perez преди 12 дни
mark: "oh i love bullet so much" me: me too mark, me too
Tiffany Eisentrout
Tiffany Eisentrout преди 15 дни
i piay eat
Tristan Murone
Tristan Murone преди 17 дни
marky the entire game is a bug
Tristan Murone
Tristan Murone преди 17 дни
lol played this game at rehab and finished it in 10 minutes... sadly unleashed my asmr beast...
Matteo Alliu
Matteo Alliu преди 18 дни
0:55 Oh look at the puci
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton преди 19 дни
Why did my cousin have to move I would love to show him this he acted like I was scared for the movies he was hiding behind a pillow and crying in the second one
Chicken Bly
Chicken Bly преди 19 дни
Mark: the Blair Wit- Ad: sunscreen helps your body not get burned Me : IK WHY DID YOU PUT AN AAAAAADDDDDDDDD
Jan Bonte
Jan Bonte преди 20 дни
Over and out? Definitely not military then...
Liam Haines
Liam Haines преди 20 дни
The thumbnail gives me anxiety for some reason
Emily Sikora
Emily Sikora преди 20 дни
18:02 he’s having a panic attack
Bcole Theprince
Bcole Theprince преди 21 ден
Can we talk about the road in the beginning is it a one way cuz how do you get back
mirella dupuis
mirella dupuis преди 22 дни
23:56 the red tape manipulate reality. Me: red manipulate reality ...... also me: the red infinity stone of reality THIS MAN IS THANOS (yea i know i watch too much avengers)
Insomnia преди 22 дни
okay first of fucking all dont you DARE say blair witch project has "the best" footage or whatever in horror until youve seen Lake Mungo
jake feese
jake feese преди 22 дни
Vicy Rytlewski
Vicy Rytlewski преди 22 дни
i think i speak for all the chica dog cult in saying that we will all gladly help you in punching those peoples if bullet dies---i meanwhat kinda sickos make dogs die in movies and games there are plenty of humans
Vicy Rytlewski
Vicy Rytlewski преди 22 дни
Evelyn Blair
Evelyn Blair преди 23 дни
As a Blair, I can confirm that if you destroy my art you are gonna have a bad time.
taylor desjarlais
taylor desjarlais преди 24 дни
Is someone gunna tell him that's not quite how HIPAA works? No?
Lucas Ortíz
Lucas Ortíz преди 25 дни
Cover me boys im going fullscreen
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie преди 25 дни
til the day that bullet flies to carry me home.
hassan Sakhta
hassan Sakhta преди 25 дни
The lackadaisical sale shortly reach because book uniquely start besides a ossified sweatshirt. trashy, aboriginal era
Emmett Carlson
Emmett Carlson преди 26 дни
Yo it's me my name is Emmett. Ain't no sheriff though.
April Ulmer
April Ulmer преди 26 дни
As someone who grew up with a german shepherd, this brought tears to my eyes. I miss her everyday Oof, As soon as i heard helicopter noises when Ellis was about to pass out, I knew it was PTSD. That's so sad Holy shit so many Blair Witch movie shit ahhh
Mono преди 26 дни
I’m stuck in the bushes
Emerson Wiborg
Emerson Wiborg преди 27 дни
i would just like to say for that lock there were still 336 possible combinations
Mr.Donut683 преди 27 дни
the witch makes one of them turn around and kills the other one thats why he was in the corner
LukaKeith HeThey
LukaKeith HeThey преди 29 дни
If anything happens to the dog I’m setting this whole world on fire
Emily Coughenour
Emily Coughenour преди 29 дни
*sees video of Mark playing Blair Witch* Me: Hell Yeah! *sees a dog is involved* Me: ✨ oH nOo ✨
Space lAp15
Space lAp15 преди месец
I'm kinda sad that you will get the bad ending, yes or yes if it is your first time playing the game
James Ingram
James Ingram преди месец
YULLAW 654 преди месец
Stay close to me Clansy, good camera man like you is hard to come by
Mike Walker
Mike Walker преди месец
The story behind Blair Witch is mostly explained in the game but if your in hers woods during night you become stuck and weird things happen to you and you basically go “missing” for everyone but your surroundings stay the same but change. I’m never going in the woods again
James Coyne
James Coyne преди месец
I'm more worried about the dodge ramcharger than the people (besides bullet I want him to live)
Zach Ham
Zach Ham преди месец
Hits different watching this at 1am in the dark w headphones
Mudman Bravo
Mudman Bravo преди месец
You have entered the twilight zone 8:20
Jess Prefontaine
Jess Prefontaine преди месец
I literally got so bored watching the movie that I kept skipping through the ling dialog sections to where stuff would actually happen. Mark playing this game is x100 better then the original.
Noah Barron
Noah Barron преди месец
I spent three hours going in circles...
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker преди месец
His energy towards bullet is me towards any dog ever
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker преди месец
You didn’t understand the Blair Witch Project because you aren’t interested in witches 😄
Deanna Moore
Deanna Moore преди месец
mark plays blair witch me; looks up to the old decorations i inherted when my grandmother died. the decor is a star / pentagram made of twigs and small vines next to a wref that appers to be posinus berrys. blair witch vibes ya know. IM READY BETH LETS FINALLY GET ME TO SEE A BLAIR WITCH THING!!!
KiritoThePhoenix преди месец
For a second i wasn't paying attention to the video and i hear "Ingram do you ever shut up?" ... My last name is Ingram... ✋😔like ok- jeez I'll shut up Karen..
Garrett Fortune
Garrett Fortune преди месец
3:20 there never was actually a witch the boys were putting up an act the whole time and it was a plan to kill her
TheKeyboardingNinja преди месец
how in the world is this video over a year old already
Forever Bored
Forever Bored преди месец
jesus christ i just realised how many cuts are in the intro of this video, if you dont notice them just look at the branch on the left
Matthew Meakins
Matthew Meakins преди месец
I watched a documentary style film about the Blair witch, it was really good but had some crap FX that spoiled it I can't find that film anymore
Matthew G Ministries -Baritone/Tenor 2
Matthew G Ministries -Baritone/Tenor 2 преди месец
SPOILER!!! There is no witch.
Joy Baker
Joy Baker преди месец
So, I saw another comment saying this was a panic attack, but I actually still think it's a little different, don't take my word for it but I know there are certain health orders that make you hallucinate terrifying things, and I'm wondering if maybe it's more like that? Or maybe it's an exaggerated panic attack (flashing lights doesn't happen normally) like how other things like the flashlight can be exaggerated sometimes too.
Kasen Alder
Kasen Alder преди месец
they stood in the corner cause the witch could only attack them if they looked at her
Teaterfiket преди месец
Wooooooow oh yeay baby im in love in this horror game.😜😜🤪🤪🥰🥰🤗🤗
Mely Herk
Mely Herk преди месец
Marks love for bullet for much greater than my parents love for me and I adore that
Draken Watson
Draken Watson преди месец
there is a film theory on this go watch it
Joehan Samuel Walker
Joehan Samuel Walker преди месец
the Moral of the whole thing in the Story: Why Not Just Ellis/Main Protagonist just don't go and keep The Damn Dog Saved! F*cked Peter he's gone," there's no Adventure to discover."
MARIAH VANNESS преди месец
yzzibee преди месец
dog: *is named Bullet* Mark: POUCHIEEEE
Morgan C.M
Morgan C.M преди месец
God he is just like my crappy dad. At least I don't have to live with him.
Amie Gillespie
Amie Gillespie преди месец
sorry to break it to you something bad happends to bullite
Casual Clover
Casual Clover преди месец
Yolsa wise
Yolsa wise преди месец
"Ever since they found those tapes, It's the first place we look." Apparently not if ur asking and they haven't searched it.
stef cowan
stef cowan преди месец
You said *Hello everybody, my nam*- in one second
CIA преди месец
im from the trenches edit: just not those trenches :/
DynamiteKittens 99
DynamiteKittens 99 преди месец
Did Mark not pay attention to that note earlier? it said that the creatures hate late and notice movement. The light tortures them so they hurt you. Yet, I see him put the flashlight directly on a weird creature, and runs away and looks like it had fire underneath the skin or something?
Craig Davis
Craig Davis преди месец
Can we just talk about what a beatiful dog bullet he has blue eye yet he looks like a German Sheppard I think hes a husky mix
SweetZ S.P.
SweetZ S.P. преди месец
Ellis sounds like Bill Murr when talking about arguing with his girl lol
Scarlette Creaser
Scarlette Creaser преди месец
'are you okay you don't sound so hot' IM SORRY WHAT
Estrella Casias
Estrella Casias преди месец
3:40 I had to rewind I thought he said "I have a COOCHIE COMPANION"
Illia Miron
Illia Miron преди месец
What editing app do you use?
Marius Carmelius B Chua
Marius Carmelius B Chua преди месец
Tell bullet danmmm boy😂
Layla Miller
Layla Miller преди 2 месеца
The reason why they had him stand in the corner at the end is because the man who used to live there killed children in pairs he would put one in the corner and kill one at a time basically he didnt want the one to see him kill because he was a "shy killer".
Celestia Aizawa
Celestia Aizawa преди 2 месеца
Marks love for bullet is my new favorite thing 😭😭😂😂😂😂
Noah Santos
Noah Santos преди 2 месеца
7:29 hey dingus if if you really watched the movie like me you would notice that that’s the scene when mike is faced to the wall.
Allison Patterson
Allison Patterson преди месец
Damn he said he watched it a long time ago chill 😂
Tyler преди 2 месеца
Dog = good, Dog video = good, Dog video game = best.
Mr.anman ator
Mr.anman ator преди 2 месеца
Well mark's not the only one who loves bullet I love bullet as well
Pride Gurl
Pride Gurl преди 2 месеца
i'm watching this in 2021 about to play it for the 1st time..
Dino Dog
Dino Dog преди 2 месеца
bullet is now your minecraft dog
TTVDemon69 преди 2 месеца
me lives in maryland me scared
Chip The fish
Chip The fish преди 2 месеца
My aunt has a dog named bullet, I grew up with him. he was born one month (almost exactly) before I was born, he might be put down next week. My mom told my younger sister before she told me, my sister barely knows the dog.
Bakubitch преди 2 месеца
My head was screaming the entire time was like “BULLET DONT DIE, DONT DIE”
Mr. Thiccboi420
Mr. Thiccboi420 преди 2 месеца
When you circled, that is actually something that happened in the movie cause the witch was making them trapped in the forest. So yo are already got .
FireDragon009 Plays
FireDragon009 Plays преди 2 месеца
Bruh the voice in the 2nd red tape is clearly Ellis voice....ah well im late here so just enjoy ig
Anabella Peyregatt
Anabella Peyregatt преди 2 месеца
it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments it's safe in the comments
MRbug преди 2 месеца
i wish the game was more like the 1st and 3rd movie but im alright with it with a more of resident evil vibe
Bleep The Bom
Bleep The Bom преди 2 месеца
i haven't heard of it... the movie
Knox Cascio
Knox Cascio преди 2 месеца
B a l l t i m o r e C r o w s
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