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More than a lot... now there are BILLIONS of zombies! Get ready for PAIN!

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Blast0719 преди 16 часа
Sir how many more troopers do you want Markiplier: yes
Drema Laine
Drema Laine преди ден
mark pleaseeee play this again, i’ve watched this video like ten times now, i LOVE watching you enjoy this so much 😭💕
Savage van wizardwitch
Savage van wizardwitch преди 4 дни
Zen Zen
Zen Zen преди 5 дни
See in Warhammer 40k there is something called exterminatus. That is what this planet needed~
Pookie98 преди 6 дни
Markiplier please please please play red alert 3 thank you
nugget555 преди 6 дни
24:19 level 42069420 only 690000000000000000 IQ people can solve
nugget555 преди 6 дни
18:24 might I show you moded cod zombies on round 200 (not in shi no numa) with no zombie cap
jjbrrt316 преди 6 дни
This is how I imagine the battle with the white walkers SHOULD have gone in game of thrones!
death137 преди 6 дни
Mark wants day z with more lag
Nonamebrrrand преди 7 дни
My cats watjchimg uneAPLAY
Soke Altiar
Soke Altiar преди 7 дни
Dude I wanna see more
Jonathan Morton
Jonathan Morton преди 7 дни
Mark u must make the game that ur describing hurry before someone steals ur idea
Weird Hungidas
Weird Hungidas преди 8 дни
17:46 reminder for marks idea
Prince Coda Leviathan
Prince Coda Leviathan преди 8 дни
Sentry Guns, Landmines, and Miniguns oh my
Drake Burns
Drake Burns преди 9 дни
I' m starting to think it's not enough
Deucey Dee
Deucey Dee преди 9 дни
Today, I learned: 1. There are BILLIONS of zombies 2. Mark is NOT good at this game* 3. IT'S NOT ENOUGH *The information presented solely reflects the statements of the streamer, and does not represent the opinions of me, the viewer, as a whole
YoungROZZER преди 9 дни
I hope he comes across Days Gone
Devansh Beeranthabail
Devansh Beeranthabail преди 10 дни
So what did we learn Today kids "It's not enough!!!!"
EaZyCheaZ преди 11 дни
nice save on that "stuff it in like a tra...train in Tokyo" save there mark. you almost mentioned a tragedy and saved yourself. This is why you're a king.
Comet the demon wolf Gaming
Comet the demon wolf Gaming преди 12 дни
Make hundreds of the titans they seam good and lasted longer vs the giant the soldiers were like wet paper to them
Fairfieldfencer преди 13 дни
The editing on this video is simply top notch.
General Hilt
General Hilt преди 13 дни
My phone couldn't even handle it. Once this video came on my quality dropped to 144p
Xj18A преди 13 дни
It's official. Markaplier has lost it.
CrazyWebHacker преди 14 дни
If my friends and I would make that game with 100 players fighting against waves of zombies. Would you promote it? :D
agent7c преди 14 дни
Upload 36 of me saying E
Michael Peña
Michael Peña преди 17 дни
Captain Cameo
Captain Cameo преди 17 дни
I expect a full playthrough of dying light 2 when it comes out. Wanna see you drop kicking zombies off buildings like a boss.
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I’m not dat editor O
I’m not dat editor O преди 18 дни
Mark:I want my computer to MELT by the sheer number of zombies His computer:Oh no my ram it’s broken
Taine Nightingale
Taine Nightingale преди 18 дни
There's your next game idea Lixian 18:14
Noah Menges
Noah Menges преди 19 дни
17:50 do World war Z but Its not 100 ppl its only 4😈
Fabien Baca
Fabien Baca преди 19 дни
Jef Coble
Jef Coble преди 19 дни
18:23 That's what she said. :)
Local Tavern's Lute Player
Local Tavern's Lute Player преди 19 дни
Markiplier They are Billions Let's Play series?
immasmashyourface преди 19 дни
20,000,000 zombies killed, worldwide, in the time he played one game.
A fuzzy potato
A fuzzy potato преди 19 дни
“There are literally billions!” There were literally 90 thousand.
Adrienne Frances
Adrienne Frances преди 20 дни
Game designer ✍️🏼✍️🏼🧐✍️🏼✍️🏼
CadetheBlade преди 20 дни
mark if you like this game youd love xcom 2
Jipped Gamer
Jipped Gamer преди 20 дни
17:45 its called fortnite
MEGA N00b преди 21 ден
Oh so yall did tell him lmao, love it!
shdwfxgamer z
shdwfxgamer z преди 21 ден
Hey Mark are you gonna play this again?
WorldWalker128 преди 21 ден
Hey in regards to playing with a hundred (give or take a few dozen assuming you can even get that many people together at once) people against zombies, Arma 3 has some mods that let you do that.
Dmitry S.
Dmitry S. преди 21 ден
The Rumbling
small.croissant преди 22 дни
Definitely would like to see more of this game
BenGerman Sherman
BenGerman Sherman преди 22 дни
Mark needs to play cod zombies
ShinkiroFrames преди 22 дни
provide all of them with 12 energy drinks for each person? NOT ENOUGH
Jaisy преди 22 дни
Jaisy преди 22 дни
Game 👌
Elizabeth Perry
Elizabeth Perry преди 23 дни
.tell me why ant nothin but a hart ake.
Beer Market
Beer Market преди 23 дни
"Keeping them at bay...." *Zombies literaly just walking in*
Moon Moon
Moon Moon преди 23 дни
if you want to kill a ton of ton of zombies might i suggest cephrus protocol
A DampSponge
A DampSponge преди 24 дни
They kind of had a game like that that I loved called dwarves vs zombies. It was a Minecraft server / game mode. Was great but isn't a thing anymore but you can look up videos of it.
Craygon: Earth's Protector
Craygon: Earth's Protector преди 24 дни
If you're going on a zombie kick and want to check out a slow zombie game, I recommend TWD Survival Instinct. It's a prelude to TWD series, where you play as Daryl, traveling through levels across a map & attempting to survive zombies that see, smell, and hear you. Every level has supplies you can/need to gather, you choose who survives with you when you find survivors, and some levels are far more intense than others. I think it was made in like 2013, tho, so don't expect ps5 graphics.
NumarikoArt преди 24 дни
C …
Tyler Richardson
Tyler Richardson преди 25 дни
hey that is the best you have done and it was the last day and there weren't that many i think that with more area and more fire power you wold have won but hey that's what i think
Enby Cat
Enby Cat преди 25 дни
When he was at a loss for words and was just looking at the destruction... Mood.
??? преди 25 дни
Mark, there's one constant throughout history. *_The dead always outnumber the living._*
Sureshot_Playz преди 25 дни
World War z game is pretty close to what u want for a zombie game
Daidarabotchi преди 25 дни
The editing in this is _really good_
Daidarabotchi преди 25 дни
Petition for Mark to become the new voice of Thanatos?
Rolling WEEB
Rolling WEEB преди 25 дни
The map is kinda sus 24:52
lekiscool преди 26 дни
Me in a multiplayer A Lot Of Zombies, the game. Keeps Mark alive to help him kill A LOT OF ZOMBIES.
Zach Black
Zach Black преди 26 дни
This is such a good game. It's god damned challenging also.
Austin Waltz
Austin Waltz преди 26 дни
Hey guys remember it’s not enough
CryptiCypher Darkhand
CryptiCypher Darkhand преди 26 дни
Mark, I need more of this! Please don't keep me waiting any longer. 👌 🤠
Christopher Pasols
Christopher Pasols преди 26 дни
the game mark describes is actualy just fortnight save the world if fortnight battle royal hadn't become the money cow
Nick Peachey
Nick Peachey преди 27 дни
Bless Mark, he just makes penis shapes (check the mini map just after the 1st wave) doesn't he, even when not trying.
Peter A-M
Peter A-M преди 27 дни
Is this how it feels in Warhammer 40K?
Gaming Granny
Gaming Granny преди 27 дни
Love this game. Such a lot of fun and not easy in some scenarios.
Steam Lord
Steam Lord преди 27 дни
I saw billions and zombies and holy shit I lost it, I’m so glad he’s playing this game
demon king
demon king преди 27 дни
18:07 i think arma 3 can make that they got a mode or something that can make even the warhammel soldiers dont if its all of them
BobbyXalan преди 27 дни
I really hope you play more of this game, Mark. That was really entertaining
Psarli преди 28 дни
This game looks nice Bad that i neither got the money nor the pc to handle it
Angry Bread Stick
Angry Bread Stick преди 28 дни
Mark: "i need more oil" *USA has entered the chat*
kezimo3000 преди 28 дни
I thought His Webcam Just paused🤣 24:47
Lunadriel преди 28 дни
This game is kind of the same as an early 90s game called Robin Hood legend of Sherwood, way you play both are kind of similar but with some differences.
Matt K
Matt K преди 28 дни
*entire colony gets destroyed with mass murder and pools of blood* Mark: so there you have it!👉👉
Knight Shadow
Knight Shadow преди 28 дни
My laptop... could not handle this game. The lag would turn this thing into a brick.
PerishSoftly преди 28 дни
Looking at all the set-up, I imagine this is like how an Imperial Fortress World would prepare knowing a Tyranid invasion is coming.
YouTube Crxpz
YouTube Crxpz преди 28 дни
23:45 OMG 😂😂😂😂😂
useruser3 преди 28 дни
You should play days gone if you like hordes
Tony Peyree
Tony Peyree преди 28 дни
"I want my computer to melt from the sheer amount of zombies" no cause then you can't make good content for us
Silvertail преди 29 дни
I feel like, if I'm not crazy, having the first, best line of defence, be a wall that came to a point might not have been a great call, since corners are easy to destroy. Also... been a while since I played this game but aren't there, big turrets and the like...?
Pe4ivo преди 29 дни
23:39 the Rumbling begins.
Kong Carrot
Kong Carrot преди 29 дни
oh hey, uploaded on my birthday. Nice
Daren Wilson
Daren Wilson преди месец
Been playing this game since it came out lol
rob dom
rob dom преди месец
Are there any zombies in this game? I wasn't paying attention...
Cmdr_Darius преди месец
It would be like a Planetside2 mod. Everybody is on the same side, all trying to protect a city from a massive wave of zombies. Each wave introducing a tougher element to defend against..Engineers would be in charge of repairs and construction, Medic heal and provide buffs and soldiers specialist in the main dps . Could call it "There just isn't enough bullets in the world"
Luke Allen
Luke Allen преди месец
Anyone know the game he played like this but with the bugs?
Zach Gunderson
Zach Gunderson преди месец
Mark, sponsor the game. If you start it you got the fan base to chip in and I'm sure there are some game makers who'd do it lol
Kronosunation преди месец
the graphics are like from impossible creatures
Fox-the-fur преди месец
We need moar
MattShuler 24
MattShuler 24 преди месец
Now that… is A LOT of zombies. And I know that if there’s one thing Mark loves to do, it’s killing a LOT of zombies.
Twan the proto boi
Twan the proto boi преди месец
The rounder the walls are the more effective they will be
Razakel Drukata
Razakel Drukata преди месец
It isnt steampunk in a sense. Theres helicopters, trucks, etc, and the vague in game lore shows it was once an overpopulated earth
Ricky Webster
Ricky Webster преди месец
These cheese graphics tho....
Stand Against the Cartels, End Drug Prohibition
Stand Against the Cartels, End Drug Prohibition преди месец
7 Days to Die is pretty close to that dream gam e he's describing. It keeps getting updates, so eventually it'll be able to support those high numberrs with the right settings.
Rodney Crittenden
Rodney Crittenden преди месец
At 14:45 it looks like one of mobile ads where it shows thus awesome defense against a giant army so you download the game only for it to be one of those shitty mmo games and not even the good kind of shitty mmos I mean like real shitty where you have to close 10 shitty wall ads just to access a shittier game with the shittiest player base, man mobile mmos might be good one day but they just aren't right now or ever been really.
Sakura Blossom
Sakura Blossom преди месец
Please make another video on this game
lucas fall
lucas fall преди месец
This really reminded me of that final war in GoT where it was just an endless army
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