I DON'T TRUST LIKE THAT... | Darkwood - Part 3

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I found a village of very strange people in Darkwood...
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Szszymon14 - Krytyk wszystkiego
Szszymon14 - Krytyk wszystkiego преди 23 часа
6:50 "I could've told you that's how you did the die thing."
Paige 1996
Paige 1996 преди 7 дни
Rewatching these over and over until I get to your level lol 😂 bout to go find the chicken lady now
Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle преди 12 дни
8:00 that’s a deer Mark, that’s the sound they make. Horrifying but true
John Kuzma
John Kuzma преди 13 дни
Wow. Editor, you are amazing. IDK how you would even move the timer to below Mark's facecam. Plus those transitions to show what's happening in the upper right corner. *muah* bravo. Edit: I think I've been milking the christ out of this game. I'm at day 46 and am still exploring the old woods (chapter 1)... I'm pretty sure I was at day 10 by the time I got to where Mark is. Edit AGAIN!! =): Mark, your chicken lady voice is perfect haha
The All Geek
The All Geek преди 17 дни
Mark didn't realize that multiple bases would make survival much easier
Beeper2000 преди 19 дни
Love this man😭🖤
Chungus преди 20 дни
he thinks the lamp sends him into the hell dimension but all it did was turn on the light...
They Call Me Prophet
They Call Me Prophet преди 26 дни
He didn't take the siphon 😤😤😤 angery
They Call Me Prophet
They Call Me Prophet преди 26 дни
90% of the first minutes: screaming at mark to turn off the damn generator
SoundRogue преди месец
Remember, you took the downside that makes darkness at night dangerous!
Paradox Edge
Paradox Edge преди месец
I was. ABOUT to scream when he was planning on selling the Embryo. I am thankful that his stupidness made him not do it until he realized he could put it in the syringe.
Fargat Redux
Fargat Redux преди месец
That's it, I stan chicken lady
Shad Kamaran
Shad Kamaran преди месец
mark should play amnisia im sorry if i spelt it wrong
0B13 преди месец
18:32 - 18:47 is fucking hilarious at X0.25 speed
The1FreeMan преди месец
25:40 Lord of the Flies on LSD
_SamC5000_ преди месец
Is that an Eric Andre reference in the title ?
Brian McGhee
Brian McGhee преди месец
Damn that pig got tree’d.
Kuhzabar 999
Kuhzabar 999 преди месец
leads ovis ad occisionem ducetur 
Timoth Connor
Timoth Connor преди месец
I wonder if he ever decides to get the fabric back.
Frances Emily
Frances Emily преди месец
"later loser" mark that's the virgin mary
DerpyGamer0013 преди месец
Drippy Face Lixian would be an interesting character.
Sound Asleep
Sound Asleep преди месец
FLAVIO BESCHI преди 2 месеца
19:42 "Man, I had a trip mah dude..." Probably was because of the mushrooms, don't you think Mark ?
Random Letters
Random Letters преди 2 месеца
i'd reccomend going to your base at 18, cause then you still have like a minute or so left to do everything you do to survive at least, i dont play the game but i do know the time and logic behind the game- i think. at least you still have a minute left to turn on the generator, barricade, craft things BLA BLA BLA and so on, and then you just wait. also lesson learned for today: do not touch corpses with multiple arms, they explode
Lumpy Dump
Lumpy Dump преди 2 месеца
Eric Andre reference?
hentaispyder преди 2 месеца
Does the Blood Spooge overflow into the next dose or do you have to be careful of which items you use for fear of wasting some?
MR WEIRD преди 2 месеца
Me: reads title as “I don’t trust like that” Me: immediately thinks of Eric Andre show
Burning Phoenix
Burning Phoenix преди 2 месеца
32:48 This photo makes my *soul itch*
Colton Blackwolf
Colton Blackwolf преди 2 месеца
1:15 LMFAO
Banana Shenanigans
Banana Shenanigans преди 2 месеца
0.0 ooohh
JD YT преди 2 месеца
Benas Stašaitis
Benas Stašaitis преди 2 месеца
Probably one of the best outro sync-ups there, nice job!
Banana Peel
Banana Peel преди 2 месеца
this is a timestamp for me to come back to. 21:43
the gay
the gay преди 2 месеца
Mark had an orgasm realizing he could put shit in his workbench.
RobbieLawsonGuitar преди 2 месеца
Neko - chan
Neko - chan преди 2 месеца
It's cute that they're using Polish names. But hearing Mark say "Janek" like that made me laugh.
A M преди 2 месеца
Josh преди 2 месеца
i just realized mark wasted the molotov , he couldve saved it to kill the monster
Trenton Wieberg
Trenton Wieberg преди 2 месеца
This content is hilarious and I and would love to see more of it. This comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends Verified.
Skyna Mina
Skyna Mina преди 2 месеца
''No wonder it was barricaded omg omg omg'' My favorite moment xD
Auzzie преди 2 месеца
eric andre lol
Shark Firefox
Shark Firefox преди 2 месеца
Batteries are for flashlights in the game
Marlyjade преди 2 месеца
I wish that he still linked where to get the games he plays. I know most of them are on steam but some like tabletop simulator I had to look into
Komrade Kradles
Komrade Kradles преди 2 месеца
Tabletop simulator is on steam????
Yapsonark преди 2 месеца
This game sucks to watch on mobile
Jessica Crider
Jessica Crider преди 2 месеца
Mark: *Arrives at the PIG shed* Mark: *leaves the pig shed* "What a lovely little HAMlet." Hahaha. Good one Mark. 😂
Bill преди 2 месеца
18:27 Best part of the series so far
Bro Punch Man
Bro Punch Man преди 2 месеца
18:52 Nighttime... Daytime! Nighttime... Daytime! Nighttime... Daytime!
Git Gud
Git Gud преди 2 месеца
11:55 I WASNT AWARE THAT IF I LIT ANOTHER OVER IT WOULD UN LIT THIS ONE!! 14:05 Barricades the doors to protect himself from physical threats -Lights go out and gets attacked by ghosts
The Astra
The Astra преди 2 месеца
Was that stone from the altar protecting those people? =(
Monika Myszko
Monika Myszko преди 2 месеца
yup this game is definitely based in Poland Edit: the first game that is based in Poland that is popular and good
Jolyne Kujo, back from prison
Jolyne Kujo, back from prison преди 2 месеца
The way he yelled "Devil fucked your mother" makes me laugh cause I could actually imagine an old lady yelling that.
Player 117
Player 117 преди 2 месеца
I'm curious about what time this game takes place in, because mark finds some ration stamps, which they used in WWII, and the tank wrecks look like Russian T-26s in the art, which were also from WWII
Horrible Smile SKM
Horrible Smile SKM преди 2 месеца
Sana -
Sana - преди 2 месеца
Politikdaking преди 2 месеца
Mark is a regular handyman.
Dustin Barlow
Dustin Barlow преди 2 месеца
.... and the Oscar for the 2020 best performance in Movie or Games goes to....... MARKIPLIER as CHICKEN LADY
Kevin Getzoff
Kevin Getzoff преди 2 месеца
Like the Eric Andre Reference in the title
Music Appreciation
Music Appreciation преди 2 месеца
Mark is seeing faces in everything in this game but did he see the giant face at 9:37? Because I unfortunately did.
Gumi Paws
Gumi Paws преди 2 месеца
Am i the only one that enjoys watching blind playthroughs? Most ppl here seem so upset that mark doesn’t get something that’s obvious to experiencedd players. He’ll either figure it out or he won’t, and that’s ok bc we’re here to watch his first (technically second, but may as well be first) playthrough of the game.
MAX WEBER преди 2 месеца
I just went through a break up but Mark still manages to make me laugh. I love you Mark
OfficialDungeons преди 2 месеца
Bro I can’t believe he left the trader with 2 reputation... I’ve never played this game and I’m assuming neither had Mark but it’s an instant realisation for me that if the trader comes with 100 reputation, and the reputation is what is being used as the currency, it may be a good idea to keep that high...
Alex D
Alex D преди 2 месеца
at like 18:43, when all those lovely things come out, it looks like the album cover to Get Scared “Everyone’s Out to Get Me” except it’s clothes
HTBC Doberman
HTBC Doberman преди 2 месеца
Many of people have paused this video to go beat their meat and come back; unpause and continue to watch
ScientistCat преди 2 месеца
18:35 reminds me of some dude's art installations, where he'd get a bunch of people to gather up naked for a photo... I forgot his name
Carter Davis
Carter Davis преди 2 месеца
Very wholesome comment section
Luis Villanueva Romero
Luis Villanueva Romero преди 2 месеца
Ooooook! I'm gonna play that game!!!
TheGodshatter преди 2 месеца
Maybe if you read the comments you'd know what to do mark...
TheSawtoothNomad преди 2 месеца
Lixian is an Eldritch Horror confirmed.
The Longlovesless
The Longlovesless преди 2 месеца
He can play the most terrifyingly horrific games and make them stress-free and funny. This is why I love markipoo
Gordon T. Beemer
Gordon T. Beemer преди 2 месеца
Killaron Jones
Killaron Jones преди 2 месеца
I've made 3 different games in Darkwood and not once did i figure out that you could wave your torch at the bug goop
Elora Singleton
Elora Singleton преди 2 месеца
22:58 Mark: Uh, I gotta hurry, I'm way too slow right now. I-- I'm unbelievably slow right now. Me: That's because you're Mark slow. So really, it's not that unbelievable.
Hizhangouts преди 2 месеца
Markiplier: “hello everybody and welcome back to darkwood.” Me: hey mark when you making a video a darkwood this time can you start with welcome back to dankwood? I bet that experience is more amusing for both you and the audience. (Also not telling how to do your job I just like the sound of your voice and see what would it look/sound like when you say that.)
Austin R
Austin R преди 2 месеца
Mark at 18:47 nightmare no nightmare *me in a childish giggle* DAYTIME NIGHTTIME DAYTIME NIGHTIMEEEEEEEE
Madi D
Madi D преди 2 месеца
"Aw please don't be a taint!" take a whiff to find out
LORD RAGE SCOUT преди 2 месеца
*why don't the humans just burn it all down*
Baker Cat
Baker Cat преди 2 месеца
Just ignore this please ;w; 7:13
PandaQueen_ UwU
PandaQueen_ UwU преди 2 месеца
Just shouting at Mark to get the gosh darn fabric and increase his inventory like... “Fffffaaaabric, get the faaaabric mark. Get the faaaabric”
Eppie F
Eppie F преди 2 месеца
lol gj learning
5uperM преди 2 месеца
34:08 Oh! *That* guy.
LadyMiyu преди 2 месеца
"that hole was meant for you" Me:..... Ito?
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff преди 2 месеца
Imagine this game in a Good engine and first person.
Ravencat 123
Ravencat 123 преди 2 месеца
It would definitely be different! Although I personally think the top down style adds to the horror, your able to see all around you but can only see what’s directly in front of you, leaving you to wonder what is around
Devon-Jay преди 2 месеца
Lixian is a really good editor
Kaiyotee преди 3 месеца
right as he said 'oh no a wolf' i was looking at some furry's twitter post of a werewolf. lol li'l coincidence there.
MQ преди 3 месеца
Dude how does he not even notice the bike bell in his workbench 😂
•CherryChiken• преди 3 месеца
Did mark just *diva* OMG this Timestamp: 9:04 to 9:06 He definitely did right??!!
•CherryChiken• преди 3 месеца
Yoooo was it just me or at this time (Timestamp: 7:44 to 7:46) Did you think he was gonna leave the episode there for some reason XD
Shadow Boi
Shadow Boi преди 3 месеца
Mark for half the video oh no oh no oh oh no jus oh oh ohh no oh no
Kristjen Henry
Kristjen Henry преди 3 месеца
Love the voice for the little hen lady! It was perfect!
lite Ψ
lite Ψ преди 3 месеца
8:42 that noise made me physically recoil
BRENDAN DICKENS преди 3 месеца
i think the tank was cool, i kinda feel like the crucifix was important you should have taken it
No Name
No Name преди 3 месеца
It isn't russian, it's Polish
Carly Murphy
Carly Murphy преди 3 месеца
You can really tell who was here for Undertale (the first time) and not. Just let him play! Don't ruin it for him.
Molly Starr
Molly Starr преди 3 месеца
Nobody: Mark: "mAN, I had a tRIP, my dude.. Dude... dude-man- I had- I went... pLaCeS. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ANYway... *lip smacking intensifies*
Lemon eyes
Lemon eyes преди 3 месеца
I swear mark you don’t start reading the comments and listening to the advise we have for you
Tess McEve
Tess McEve преди 3 месеца
31:35 My new favorite Markiplier moment.
optical преди 3 месеца
i dont know why but im obbsesed with this series
CherrySweet преди 3 месеца
Mark: *finds a gutted pig* Me: what kind of Lord of the Flies shit is this?
Sistik123 преди 3 месеца
at 7:38 looks like a face on the floor
randi преди 3 месеца
15:19 Creepy Helmet Guy: I'll trade you brother; Markiplier: I'LL HAVE UR ENTIRE STOCK
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