CRYSTAL DIMITRESCU WATCHES ME WIN | Resident Evil: Village - Part 7

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преди 24 дни

I beat up a child's toy and Crystal Dimitrescu
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ItzSuperKittyStudios преди час
My fear of dolls before: ||||||||||||||||||||||| My fear of dolls after: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (Each ' | ' is 100 points. I HATE DOLLS. THIS MADE IT SOOO MUCH WORSE.)
Ryan Christian
Ryan Christian преди 4 часа
I watched 3 streamer who were stuck on the music box for an hour or less. Lol
Enderstone360 преди 5 часа
Mark: you guys take up too many bullets Also Mark: DIE! PIG
Stera Sigma
Stera Sigma преди 6 часа
My name is Ethan Winters. You took my crystal. Prepare to die.
Jelly Queen
Jelly Queen преди 10 часа
I kind of want to b a daughter of lady dimitrescu like she looks like she took care of her daughters. Yk
Quang Huy
Quang Huy преди 11 часа
Moreau: "If you take it then the others will laugh at me" Ethan: "Yeah the others are dead"
Alpha преди 14 часа
Mark: goes right past the house with the shotgun Me: yelling at my monitor- MARK THERES A SHOTGUN IN THAT HOUSE, WHERE ARE YOU GOING GO BACK
OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA
OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA преди 17 часа
I can't understand how Mark played the past games, including 7, but still doesn't get that "Umbrella" (aka 'Red' Umbrella) is not the same as the Blue Umbrella that Chris may or may not be connected with...
Neroidius преди 20 часа
12:55 close your eyes
Sergeant Liang
Sergeant Liang преди ден
27:22 Technoblade wants to know your location
•Bxbbly Angels•
•Bxbbly Angels• преди ден
I feel like everyone appreciates Lady Dimitrescu so much, but Angie and Donna and are so underrated!
me me
me me преди ден
haha thumper go brrrr
RamenShamen преди 2 дни
Pulling an all nighter to watch this series cause can't sleep and the jumpscare where Mark gets scared by a tiny fish made me almost flip off the couch
Roman Capulus
Roman Capulus преди 2 дни
Lady Beneviento: *Takes Crystal Dimitrescu* Mark: *John Wick mode activated*
Henry Pham
Henry Pham преди 2 дни
markiplier kill pig technoblade watching this :/ call markiplieer
ashley himika :3
ashley himika :3 преди 2 дни
*it was a mistake to want to eat while watching this.*
smol fox
smol fox преди 2 дни
I agree😭
Uhhh Andrew
Uhhh Andrew преди 2 дни
Yoda In A Suit
Yoda In A Suit преди 2 дни
That big fish just triggered my hydrophobia
ParaBTW преди 3 дни
Burn it more
Shadow7 преди 3 дни
7:00 *sea of thieves music starts playing*
Joseph Woods
Joseph Woods преди 3 дни
I fucking dropped my phone with that small fish jumpscare
Blaiger преди 3 дни
Are we gonna talk about how mark had more fun killing the pigs then the entire playthrough?
Pomegranate Juice smoothie
Pomegranate Juice smoothie преди 3 дни
31:48 Didn't know the reaper leviathan was in the game!
Hayley Howard
Hayley Howard преди 3 дни
“Photo of a rare animal??? I already killed it dude”
Emma Wilcox
Emma Wilcox преди 3 дни
moral of the story is, if you steal crystal dimitrescu, everyone dies
That Anime Geek Girl
That Anime Geek Girl преди 3 дни
I paused here 13:02 and i couldnt stop laughing
Eternal9 преди 3 дни
Funny thing is dimatrescoo was screaming at eathan for killing her daughters and ruining their bloodline, them steal child quarter her kill his wife take his hand yeah totally unfair to kill you and your daughters
Axelplays преди 3 дни
7:00 I forgot zombies existed in this game
Rogue преди 3 дни
Right when tiny floaty doll lady appeared, my quality dropped dramatically, and I gotta say that was 300% worse.
Ender Pirate
Ender Pirate преди 4 дни
Monster Jumscar of a zombie looking dog but worst: bits Ethan's legs 10 times Ethan: gets up with his two legs not even a single problem Me: HOW THE FRICK IN HELL DID YOU DO THAT Game Developers: *Shrug*
Ender Pirate
Ender Pirate преди 4 дни
Berry преди 4 дни
Not zombies but ✨ moroi ✨
Teatime_askblog преди 4 дни
I swear someone needs to make a actual figure of the lady dimitrescus crystal statue and send it to mark-
Dizzel Gamer
Dizzel Gamer преди 4 дни
mark - hey want the remains of the beast i killed duke- NATURALLY :/
J AFFAR преди 4 дни
This game is a knock off version of resident evil 4
Noah Wattel
Noah Wattel преди 4 дни
"It looks breakable" Me: Mark will just use the knife to break it like he has been doing for all other things. Mark: *Uses ammunition from his most powerful weapon wasting 2 shots and a pipebomb.*
Noah Wattel
Noah Wattel преди 4 дни
Why did he completly upgrade the other handgun only to continue using the flipping LEMI which he should really sell.
Noah Wattel
Noah Wattel преди 4 дни
6:45 I'm pretty sure the moon ball was behind that tree so it's kinda frustrating that he didn't walk around. 7:05 yeah the little box there 15:40 argh he only picked up the gun and not the ammo for it that was behind it or whatever else the suitcase was I don't quite remember.
Lunar_ Kitt3n
Lunar_ Kitt3n преди 4 дни
Donna lowkey the prettiest.
death преди 4 дни
mark: mmm whatever big fish i’ll get some food also mark when fish show up: yo what the f-
MenacingBread преди 4 дни
4:33 Mark is "looking respectfully"
Demon Princess
Demon Princess преди 4 дни
What comfort feels like, apparently looking into a crystal corpse's crotch
MrNo Nayme
MrNo Nayme преди 4 дни
Its wild how much stuff you missed lol
Nicholas Nguyen
Nicholas Nguyen преди 4 дни
24:44 *Soft jazz plays*
Joe Mathews
Joe Mathews преди 4 дни
in a middle of a sentence * hears a noise * bring out the rocket launcher. " FACE ME YOU FOUL BEAST"
MiDNight преди 4 дни
18:33 never did I think I would ever hear this, usually it's the exact opposite
katsuki bakugou
katsuki bakugou преди 4 дни
Lol I like how he just realized they took lady D 😌🤚🏻
LiL RUNTI3 преди 4 дни
imagine if mark actually aimed the gun and used the sights...
Sugar_Bunny преди 4 дни
Mark: **killing pigs** Also Mark: **insert French evil laughter**
Suck your mum.
Suck your mum. преди 5 дни
Lady d was fucking sexy we all agree
Kia Preston
Kia Preston преди 5 дни
Just wanted to say that september 27th is my bday and I've never heard some else have that same one 🥰
E4EHCO преди 5 дни
I've had enough of you and your gae-
Sara Cecchinelli
Sara Cecchinelli преди 5 дни
After the end of the last episode, i can't feel fear anymore. I'm waiting to see when this is going to fade.
Skyler Fink
Skyler Fink преди 5 дни
Idk if u put it together yet but Ethans blood is the mold that's why he can get his limbs chopped and stuff and put it back on like it's nothing
Kimberly A Doble
Kimberly A Doble преди 5 дни
Can someone please send a life size lady D's crystal remains and a life sized body pillow of lady D when she was alive and normal on one side and monster form on the other side, with a button that has a personalized message by the actor who played lady d in the voice of lady d saying flirty remarks and threats to Mark. PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏!
Yancy Quitain
Yancy Quitain преди 5 дни
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Twisted Edition
美丽的神话 преди 5 дни
39:28 the man saved Ethan
Kota'sEternalDeath преди 5 дни
mark really woke up chris breezy when he found out crystal dimitrescu was gone
PoopenLicht преди 5 дни
I have to agree - The knife REALLY sucks. Seems a little ridiculous and doesn't match with the rest of the gameplay.
Tori преди 5 дни
WHY ISN'T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT HOW MARK SAID "remember our fond mammaries together..." AT 28:43?!!? I was dying lmao
ciro busby
ciro busby преди 5 дни
37:08 its the *GONGOOZLER*
Юзернейм Юзернеймов
Юзернейм Юзернеймов преди 5 дни
HBGaming преди 5 дни
21 videos later, I have still not liked the video.
justAbrownie_ преди 5 дни
Nobody: Mark every time he whirls around a corner: *mothermeranda??*
moon_mouse преди 5 дни
I just released that the story book tells us what is going to happen🤯😑
Kalena Perez
Kalena Perez преди 5 дни
Wait is that the fish king from the fairytale thing Mia told Rose!!
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
Please can you play Bugsnax soon. It is an amazing game full of weird mysteries and all sorts of unexpected things. (I cant give too much away due to spoilers) it is a game which I know that you will love. 💗💗 I hope that you give it a go. (It would be good as a stream game that the vod comes to BGpost) it isn't a very long game but it is something worth experiencing 💗💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
Please can you play the old game Eternal Darkness 💗💀💗 it has been compared to resident evil and silent hill💗💀💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
The medium is out now and I highly recommend a full playthrough 💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
You should check out a new game called Cosy Grove. It has a gorgeous art style and is similar to the Don't Starve games 🌸💗🌸
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
You should play Dark Dreams Dont Die. Aka D4. It is a really fun and entertaining short game. 🌸💗🌸
Dino Toes
Dino Toes преди 5 дни
10:13 I don't have any *BOOAWLLS* for that
Draven Glisar
Draven Glisar преди 5 дни
he needs to know red and orenge mean low helth
Nightstar DarkAngel
Nightstar DarkAngel преди 5 дни
Ooh, Markiplier and Lady Dimitrescu, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!!
Velcro Poodle
Velcro Poodle преди 6 дни
"Mother wants her baby back--" ribs
Kaydence Brown
Kaydence Brown преди 6 дни
Is mother Miranda mia????
Isabella Straniti
Isabella Straniti преди 6 дни
The big fish is the GONGOOZLER
FBB Craft
FBB Craft преди 6 дни
markiplier is SUS 4:27
• a l p h y s •
• a l p h y s • преди 6 дни
Duke: good day then! Mark: *Y E A H , Y O U T O O B E T C H.*
It's painful watching Mark to sell and use things that he shouldn't be doing compared to the other BGpostrs
kid tries to do impressions
kid tries to do impressions преди 6 дни
𝕆𝕜𝕒𝕪 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
DragoonZell преди 6 дни
Remember rage is stronger then anytime a maniquinn scares you.....scare it back.
Cristal Aguilar
Cristal Aguilar преди 6 дни
POV: The duke is the villain 🤡✨
Athena cats
Athena cats преди 6 дни
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson преди 6 дни
This game gave me another reason to think dolls are f***in' creepy
Desiree Flores
Desiree Flores преди 6 дни
29:52 sounds like Mark during the chubby gummy challenge in [redacted]
Luna преди 7 дни
"You scared the EVERLOVING POTATOES out of me."
Spooder Spam
Spooder Spam преди 7 дни
I cant believe he didn’t make a reference to [REDACTED] when it said “let’s get cooking”
Shadow_ Leaf
Shadow_ Leaf преди 7 дни
You know its gonna be a fun episode when it starts with "this bitch gonna die"
Rouge the bat girl
Rouge the bat girl преди 7 дни
Feija van 't Land
Feija van 't Land преди 7 дни
this doll reminds me of corpse bride but a big a-- bi--- version
Oh shiieet
Oh shiieet преди 7 дни
Mark: found chickens in the map Chickens: shiiieett run...
Shannon Stout
Shannon Stout преди 7 дни
EVERYTHING is evavator based -mark 2021
MamaBearAvie преди 7 дни
Chicken: Me: Sugar and pepper and pepper and sugar Mark: *stabs chicken* Me: Well that was kind of the point of the channel
ahmad kouzi
ahmad kouzi преди 7 дни
7:21 mark be like (SHADOW CLONE JUTSU
Bikergirl120 Rider
Bikergirl120 Rider преди 7 дни
37:35 "I will never go back in the water" 15 secs later *proceeds to go in the water* so much for that 😂😂😂
XerxesTexasToast преди 7 дни
It took me this long to realize that the four houses are descended from the four monsters in the fairy tale. We have entered the domain of the Fish King.
Alyssa palao
Alyssa palao преди 7 дни
34:45 coolest way to end someone!
Olly Merrill
Olly Merrill преди 7 дни
Pigs are actually WAYYYYYY more aggressive then the game makes them
Matthew Gunter
Matthew Gunter преди 7 дни
"Huh uh uh ooh hah" -Ethan Winters
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