OH... HI MIA... | Resident Evil: Village - Part 12

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Hey wow Mia's back! That's awesome! Can't wait for her and Ethan to have their reunion! That'll be really something to see...

Resident Evil 7 ► bgpost.info/post/p6961IGqZ3-auoE/video
Resident Evil 2 ► bgpost.info/post/s6iC3J7agX2Lnqc/video
Resident Evil 3 ► bgpost.info/post/39R90JW1pm2XlqM/video

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Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude преди час
5:37 best part of the entire series
BravadoCado YT
BravadoCado YT преди 2 часа
Why didn't they just poor goop juice onto ethan?
N.C. Pictures
N.C. Pictures преди 2 часа
I feel kinda bad for Heisenberg. Poor guy just wanted to get out of that shithole
o3baid преди 6 часа
Chris: but thanks to your recon, we know Miranda's plan. Me: oooh sounds like a DLC
Sorrowdusk преди 7 часа
@25:40 it's not just *Akira* , Mark -it's "N2" Explosives, just like Evangelion. NN =Non Nuclear
Gold Dragon
Gold Dragon преди 8 часа
mark looks so bored playing near the ending... almost no reaction at some things that was surprising to me
Anonymous Greeen
Anonymous Greeen преди 8 часа
Am I the only one who wanted to kick the shit out if eveline?
Sorrowdusk преди 8 часа
@0:48 If *Mother Miranda* was *Mystique* (Xmen) and pretending to be Mia....how long was she there? Does that mean Ethan unknowingly had sex with her?
Pink _cherryBlossemXx
Pink _cherryBlossemXx преди 11 часа
Okay you gotta admit, mark has the perfect voice to fall asleep with 🤷‍♀️
Anvarynn преди 15 часа
So he can regenerate an entire heart but not 2 fucken fingers? Lmfao hello?
Bored преди 15 часа
BSAA Bioterrorism security assessment alliance.
Lolbit and Friends
Lolbit and Friends преди 21 час
8:56 batman?
AriesFiyah преди ден
As soon as I saw the Heisenberg fight and the Chris scene in Sean's playthrough, I was immediately like, "Oh. Mark is going to fucking LOSE HIS MIND when he gets to do this." XD
ChanyeolsGurl преди ден
I really can't with these videos bc cadou is so similar to kadoo, which means squash (like butternut squash) in Persian lmaaoooo
Miamicra преди ден
I miss Heisenberg, but I know he'll be back. Like he has to be. He'll be back, yes yes he'll be back and better and more beautiful than ever. I just need to survive missing him for now, I hope he comes back sooner rather than later but it's ok either way because he's gonna come back no matter what.
Willow преди ден
I hear that resident evil 1 music in Miranda's lab, you can't cool me
Whats-My-Fandom преди ден
5:43 I burst out laughing when I heard that my playthrough!!! 10:31 Thank you Lixian LMFAO 37:20 I legit chalked it up to RE logic that he survived such wounds and was able to just reattach his lost limbs, so I was kinda shock when it was revealed Ethan was already dead/a mold zombie. 39:01 Great face btw!
Chise преди ден
devs: you been scrambling so hard for ammo.... You've earned the infinite BOOM TANK SHELLS. Have fun ya crazy bastard! also devs: yeah... we bored of Ethan. Here, have some violent Chris times instead
Jay Arceneaux
Jay Arceneaux преди ден
Damn so Ethan dies just like that? 😳
Jay Arceneaux
Jay Arceneaux преди ден
Why tf you in da pantry for cuh
Dizzy D
Dizzy D преди ден
Mark: saying in a few less words "I'm not a simp, but if this woman said she was kidnapping me I'd look and say 'which car? you want me in the trunk or in the backseat?'"
PwnyBoy преди ден
You know, I don't recommend it, but I have used frozen Blueberries (no intention to eat those blueberries) as a rest for my overheating laptop. Does work... if a little risky.
Emperor Kraglint
Emperor Kraglint преди ден
wow. I was fine with a lot of the lazy writing thus far, but this episode showed some blousy shit. At least the gameplay still looks fun and I am enjoying Markipliers play through
Zackary Fernandez
Zackary Fernandez преди ден
I lost it at 27:14 lmaoooo
me me
me me преди ден
imagine ethan was miranda too
E -
E - преди ден
I wish the writing in resident games wasnt so terrible ;0;
Uhhh Andrew
Uhhh Andrew преди ден
27:10 God dammit mark....
Savannah Love
Savannah Love преди ден
Is it just me?Or mark looks just like Chris in this episode!?!😂
h4ZaRd Wo1f
h4ZaRd Wo1f преди ден
Ethan: I have to save rose Markiplier: AHHHHHHHH
M F преди 2 дни
i feel like these new "triple A" games are just glorified roller coasters these days... they offer nothing but mediocre gameplay and mediore storylines, only thing enticing is their "new and improved graphics" you strap in and they lead you through the whole thing, everything is very simple, nice views tho, but that's it
Curtis Searle
Curtis Searle преди 2 дни
Yes love me some big nose mark lol 😅
Dutchwhore преди 2 дни
Mark: Do you wanna see my fatherly love?" Siri a year ago:"Couldn't find any daddy in your contacs"
MintyGalacticTea преди 2 дни
You should play around the corner at Bikini Bottom! It’s a new sponge-bob indie horror game!!
Witch Of Eriu
Witch Of Eriu преди 2 дни
playing Chris brought back memories of old school R.E.
Bassvoyage 12
Bassvoyage 12 преди 2 дни
That face and words at 32:18 tho.
Blooky преди 2 дни
6:42/7:30 screaming in auto tune
Melissa Pena
Melissa Pena преди 2 дни
Low key miss Lady Dimitrescu she was evil but still a amazing character
Daniel Roden
Daniel Roden преди 2 дни
So now Heisenberg is now Devastator
Slickhair преди 2 дни
D1sc0rd740 преди 2 дни
9:28 makes me laugh sometimes
Xander Castaneda
Xander Castaneda преди 2 дни
30:20 the music. God it makes me nostalgic
kat x
kat x преди 2 дни
So, he's just dead huh.
Mark Lamour
Mark Lamour преди 3 дни
Markiplier: I'm gonna sell this, i'm gonna sell this, i'll never sell that.
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior преди 3 дни
Ngl, some of Ethan's lines make him sound like some cringe white knight.
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 3 дни
Please can you play Bugsnax soon. It is an amazing game full of weird mysteries and all sorts of unexpected things. (I cant give too much away due to spoilers) it is a game which I know that you will love. 💗💗 I hope that you give it a go. (It would be good as a stream game that the vod comes to BGpost) it isn't a very long game but it is something worth experiencing 💗💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 3 дни
Please can you play the old game Eternal Darkness 💗💀💗 it has been compared to resident evil and silent hill💗💀💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 3 дни
The medium is out now and I highly recommend a full playthrough 💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 3 дни
The resident evil 9 trailer is out now
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 3 дни
You should check out a new game called Cosy Grove. It has a gorgeous art style and is similar to the Don't Starve games 🌸💗🌸
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 3 дни
You should play Dark Dreams Dont Die. Aka D4. It is a really fun and entertaining short game. 🌸💗🌸
george dog
george dog преди 3 дни
i like the duke
mutalord преди 3 дни
odd, 2 LP i saw didnt saw that document about the bosses
Alex Roberts
Alex Roberts преди 3 дни
Thank you for the title spoiler.
Prodig3yXunleashed преди 3 дни
Chastises the Duke for saying something "weird" but simps for a crystal figure for most the series 🤨🤔🙄 silly mark 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Valatrix преди 3 дни
Why is mark in a pantry?
That0ne__FNaF_Fan преди 3 дни
I like how all the thumbnails have lady d’s corpse on it
Mega Loser Gamer
Mega Loser Gamer преди 3 дни
so Miranda is Itachi Uchiha?
Pinkgamet 10
Pinkgamet 10 преди 3 дни
Is he wearing a backpack, there are straps
Antonia Costa
Antonia Costa преди 3 дни
It still fucks me up knowing this game takes place over like 2 days
milo преди 3 дни
anybody else remember uhh.. when mark was like between the doll and the factory or maybe before when he saw that wiggly thing and said not to talk abt it.... uhh... well hello miranda from a few episodes back.
Ugly Clown
Ugly Clown преди 3 дни
how does ethans phone not break after all that,,,
Chise преди ден
the same way his damn clothes are still in one piece too! Do not underestimate the bottles of goosh
Shelben the Shelby
Shelben the Shelby преди 3 дни
mark when did you start playing call of duty😂😭
TheAverageWizard преди 3 дни
*me trying to not roast alive in my apartment while mark complains about being hot in a hoodie* ITS SO HOT IN HERE! X _ X
justAbrownie_ преди 3 дни
I remember the first time I played as Chris- *I felt so badass* 😂
the gaming chef
the gaming chef преди 3 дни
Hot Dog God
Hot Dog God преди 3 дни
You can see he gets the achievement "Mapmatician" at about 15:00, which means Mark actually explored every part of the map in the game. No one can complain that he didn't get enough secrets now!
Ryan Denholm
Ryan Denholm преди 4 дни
I actually got baited and went to the next episode when he fake closed the series lmao
Gold Scum
Gold Scum преди 4 дни
I have no idea of what the story is behind resident evil
MR Howard
MR Howard преди 4 дни
Markipler, there is a channel that's reuploading your unus annus videos, it's called sunu sunna It has over 400 subs
ErockTheMiner преди 4 дни
Noo he was a strong dude Rest in peace ;-; 35:30 omg he's alive!!
Bubble Girl
Bubble Girl преди 4 дни
Ummm so.... I don't wanna be disgusting but biologically speaking, if Ethan was killed by Jack then that would mean that Mia consciously had sex with a dead person no matter how you see it... (With all the stuff that has happened to him with the mold regenerating his body, then it would figure why Rose is so special on a cellular level and all... She is a human/mold hybrid
Ochaco Uraraka
Ochaco Uraraka преди 4 дни
Ethan: When I find Miranda *loads pistol* She's a dead woman! Miranda: UNO REVERSE BIOTCHHHH!!!
Kaeya Alberich
Kaeya Alberich преди 4 дни
Mark Lamour
Mark Lamour преди 4 дни
*Ethan gets ripped out and is still alive.* Markiplier: I'm not a doctor.
jia преди 4 дни
Video Maestro
Video Maestro преди 4 дни
5:49 THEY REFERENCED IT!!!🤣 14:34 What took him so long to get to that damn truck to begin with?! 15:47 I think Chris founded them after S.T.A.R.S 19:06 Probably a different attack 19:31 What did you even HOPE that would do?... 31:19 Thought it was Donna but I guess I see Eva now 33:06 Looks like Wesker’s Sister
Banana King
Banana King преди 4 дни
What was the movie he was talking about when he saw the giant baby?
Nick Marsss
Nick Marsss преди 4 дни
I’m disappointed in the lack of lady dimitrescu in this video
Kayvon Crenshaw
Kayvon Crenshaw преди 4 дни
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Lovella Inserto
Lovella Inserto преди 4 дни
Mother Miranda: *steals ethan's heart Mark: hey i need that Angie: *steals the crystalized corps of a 9 foot tall vampire Mark: welp time to start universal war
Toadiefrog Video
Toadiefrog Video преди 4 дни
Its sad to think after all of that eathen dies in the end .... Nevermind
Artorias преди 4 дни
Well that explains how he can put back on a severed hand and after a bit of the goop it works just fine
Leonardo Marshall
Leonardo Marshall преди 4 дни
Me when I go to school from timestamp to the end: 08:00
Eienias20 преди 4 дни
the reveal that Chris works for a new Umbrella at the end of RE7 makes sense to me. Umbrella was dismantled and reformed with him at the helm. what i find odd is this game and those few lines of his in regards to the BSAA. he was a founding member of it along with Jill after RE3 at some point. He was in it thru RE5, 6 and Revelations. pretty big deal and yet he seems dismissive of them now. lil odd. that aside pretty sure mark called the whole "ethan being mold thing" meanwhile i honestly thought he was reading way too much into it. seems i was super wrong
pumpster :'3
pumpster :'3 преди 4 дни
i bet ethan just started having way too many hallucinations because he used too much goo.
Lognix преди 4 дни
yo whats up with the backpack
Liz Hittle
Liz Hittle преди 4 дни
"How about the same place you just pointed?!" For real, though
Rock eater
Rock eater преди 4 дни
More like fire with metal but ok 2:14
Jillian Kallie
Jillian Kallie преди 5 дни
The lazy hearing pharmacodynamically discover because lamb posteriorly bury vice a hollow curler. apathetic, utter zoology
Madara Uch1ha
Madara Uch1ha преди 5 дни
Did every one miss that goat of warding when climbing the elevator with that metal polymer tank thingee?!
roel .v
roel .v преди 5 дни
Jack smashed ethans head with his stinky feet.
Kurt Unger
Kurt Unger преди 5 дни
22:32 the E-series
Alex Rozentul
Alex Rozentul преди 5 дни
why is nobody else talking about how trash this game is and how bad it ruined the legacy of resident evil
HalcyonSerenade преди 5 дни
"Flesh and blood will never win against me!" Ethan: *pulls out a not-so-fleshy sniper rifle* "I've got bad news for you, my guy"
PrinceLuigii преди 5 дни
"I guess I Play Chris. . . Time to go punch some rocks" I can't even XD
xqcommunity преди 5 дни
I wake up everyday, going on my phone and hopefully seeing another episode of Mark playing RE8. It takes minutes to realize, he finished it. It won't come new episodes anymore. It actually breaks my heart cause I was so happy to get a notification everytime he played it. I remember getting kinda dissapointed when I woke up to no new video, but then I went back to the old ones. Yes, now I have a playlist to watch of 13 videos, but it's not as fun knowing there isn't coming new episodes of Mark respectfully simping over Lady Dimitrescu's corpse. :,)
Elihu Padilla
Elihu Padilla преди 5 дни
lol the end of video music when Ethan died
Kaylie Heath
Kaylie Heath преди 5 дни
heisenberg: *dies in autotune*
fishing and hunting is life
fishing and hunting is life преди 5 дни
Just beat the game it so fun
riverplier 666
riverplier 666 преди 5 дни
What laptop do you have to render that stuff
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