I AM THE WINNER!! | Fall Guys

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I finally get a crown in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! I think this counts as my first Battle Royale win ever! Why is this the game I'm good at?
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Heather Hoffmann
Heather Hoffmann преди 53 минути
Kevin преди час
Bob is color blind or just stupid
Vande Vancyan
Vande Vancyan преди 5 часа
What is the music when mark win?
Vande Vancyan
Vande Vancyan преди 5 часа
Im first im god bow to me mortal! Mark: no
Thomas Burlingame
Thomas Burlingame преди 18 часа
Bob: I'm blue Wade: his entire team is blue also F**K THAT PIDGEON
- Asilow -
- Asilow - преди ден
gotta love that thumbnail
Sophie Pete
Sophie Pete преди ден
Mark: “okay guys I’m on a watermelon” *sign says that you have to be on an apple* Mark: “I’m on an apple, right?”
Sarah Taehyung
Sarah Taehyung преди ден
When mark was yelling at the pigeons the whole game i couldn't stop laughing his videos make my day so much better they make me smile and laugh 😁
Lana Knutson
Lana Knutson преди ден
Came from jacksepticeye Chanel and um ... What happened to the swearing?
Abby Normal
Abby Normal преди ден
"I died because people exist." As someone who just got Fallguys, I can fully confirm this. It's funny when you die cause you're stupid (I've literally dove into the abyss before by pressing the wrong button and it's hilarious) it's not funny when people are just a******s. There was the one guys that wouldn't let go of me.... and I was back on the starting line after falling.
Hamster Channel
Hamster Channel преди ден
The white ones an SCP
Parnika Singh
Parnika Singh преди ден
Sorry markiplier, Among us is the new generation
The_YEET_master7 преди ден
Mark vibing to the music is such a mood I love it
Nedelin Mariash
Nedelin Mariash преди ден
“The four elements lived in harmony. Until the Pigeon Nation attacked.”
Aesir преди 2 дни
Why do these among us characters have no masks?
Flobbi GAMES YT преди 2 дни
When he screamed lettuce i was actualy eating letuce
Danie Loicks
Danie Loicks преди 2 дни
*Does anyone else think Wade and Bob should switch names?* *Wade has such a Bob voice, And Bob has such a Wade voice-*
Geometric Tuber
Geometric Tuber преди 3 дни
Tinyturtlegaming 1922
Tinyturtlegaming 1922 преди 3 дни
The thumbnail is amazing
Vall Kyrie
Vall Kyrie преди 3 дни
Ahh they said my name, hahah, first time someone said it right! 4:13 Kyrieunicorn (not me, but my name is kyrie)
Geometric Tuber
Geometric Tuber преди 3 дни
You know mxc too omg Mark is amazing only true fans will get well your wrong
Geometric Tuber
Geometric Tuber преди 3 дни
I have 6 wins
Shayla Freidenfelds
Shayla Freidenfelds преди 3 дни
fall guys died out really quick :c
Red GamerXLOLX
Red GamerXLOLX преди 3 дни
0:14 New Intro?
luka odzelashvili
luka odzelashvili преди 3 дни
Fall guys just died it was big pike and theres a straight line now
brass head
brass head преди 3 дни
the pink default just looks like Patrick
Token of Dreams
Token of Dreams преди 4 дни
rip fall guys lmao. among us just destroyed them 😂
Ominous Pigeon Master
Ominous Pigeon Master преди 5 дни
"whoever picks the pigeons, is just a jerk" (*:
Alexcia xA
Alexcia xA преди 7 дни
Wade screaming at the pigeon had me dying 😂
Denali Wilbur
Denali Wilbur преди 8 дни
Me watching mark at 1AM - 6AM All my mother can hear from her bedroom: "GO BOB GET IT GOOO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Temmy Flakes
Temmy Flakes преди 8 дни
Nice video, love your content! Wanna be friends?
Ding dong 75
Ding dong 75 преди 3 дни
so you think he would respond when he is getting millions of views and millions of subscribers?
Rachel C
Rachel C преди 9 дни
25:28 “you overtook blue! you’re ahead of blue.” “hE Is BLuE” “Oh..uh yeah..no, you’re in trouble” 😂
Jazzy_luvz_u yee
Jazzy_luvz_u yee преди 9 дни
37:53 my favorite part
Unus Annus
Unus Annus преди 10 дни
Apple Dyslexic. Yes ofc.
Sebastian Necochea
Sebastian Necochea преди 10 дни
Mark: I win The Boys: WE win
Someone преди 11 дни
I bet the artist who drew Mark's profile pic feels real good knowing he's still using it after all these years. (Comment is not mine, a person called gummy commented it but there we're people only replying to a certain bot which started an argument so i remade it for them)
Olly _
Olly _ преди 11 дни
Memento Mori
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear преди 12 дни
Marks friend:Stupid kids Me:I'm affended!
Ding dong 75
Ding dong 75 преди 3 дни
pokesonav преди 12 дни
Man, feels so weird seeing Mark just playing a game. And without Ethan. Instead of, like, taking a pee sauna and drinking corn.
Wan Wan
Wan Wan преди 12 дни
stop saying bad words markiplier
Ding dong 75
Ding dong 75 преди 3 дни
he shall not
フクロウ猫 преди 13 дни
*one of us is gonna be eliminated* bye Mark
Aki Zol
Aki Zol преди 14 дни
mark got slamed by 2 giant swinging balls
The Horny Police
The Horny Police преди 14 дни
Mark you should make another video on Fall Guys because the new update is out. They added new maps and redesigned some other maps.
EveryoneCallMeD преди 15 дни
0:25 When ya got 100 bobux but when hacker steals them
Grimslade Leviathan
Grimslade Leviathan преди 15 дни
Crush: What kind of guy are you? Me: The kind of guy who drops down to the last three levels of Hex-a-gone and run the fuck around
Kloster Boyyy
Kloster Boyyy преди 15 дни
bob: I'm gonna be the hideous orange naked man mark: oh that is very flesh colored me: theres a Donald Trump skin
Sean Budman
Sean Budman преди 16 дни
And then Mark regrets his *OWN* existence
Sean Budman
Sean Budman преди 16 дни
Mark is *dancing* while waiting then he is *confused* at what is happening
Noctis преди 16 дни
Mark,Bob and Wade complaining about the tail gamemode. Tiles gamemode appears into frame: *Oh hi Mark!*
Time Engine
Time Engine преди 16 дни
Did he edit the music and effects when he was running up the crown mountain. Or is that how it is in the game?
Woofers OwO
Woofers OwO преди 18 дни
i just noticed this was like 4 days aftor my b-dsay lol
Tristen Bailey
Tristen Bailey преди 18 дни
0:31 kids when they're told no.
inko Master
inko Master преди 19 дни
u know the thing and on there is ur name its so funny if there is text like da f***in pidgeons
TerminatorGundam300 преди 22 дни
11:42 - 11:50 Rvb Simmons, is that you?
-Mery- преди 22 дни
Angel Maldonado
Angel Maldonado преди 23 дни
0:15 😂
Samuel Brock
Samuel Brock преди 25 дни
never trust a pigeon
Samuel Brock
Samuel Brock преди 25 дни
WE HAVE NO BALLS!!!!! 16:50
Samuel Brock
Samuel Brock преди 25 дни
I'm like Apple: my only weakness is Gates
Samuel Brock
Samuel Brock преди 25 дни
Wade: I kinda regret word choice there 11:49
Tina B
Tina B преди 25 дни
All pigeons are Leos.
EM 0317
EM 0317 преди 25 дни
Good face
AJ D преди 26 дни
Alternate title: Pidgeons
AJ D преди 26 дни
Wheezing at 19:00
Ily Sparkzz
Ily Sparkzz преди 27 дни
is fall guys on Xbox?pls like so he can answer
justin julian
justin julian преди 28 дни
11:41 Mark: *E*
Zerin BH
Zerin BH преди 28 дни
just to let you know slime climb is NOT FUN!!!!!
House of Gamez
House of Gamez преди 29 дни
38:12 watch the round with your eyes closed 😳👁👄👁
Eggy преди 29 дни
I’m always waiting for the “you right” bit to come back
EntertainmentTrollin преди месец
this was posted on my birthday
Tyler Thibodeaux
Tyler Thibodeaux преди месец
woo hoo! wipeout reffrence!
MoonBeanBoy преди месец
Im glad that Mark enjoyed Fall Guys because i love watching them play it and seeing Mark just have fun :3
Sasmita Das
Sasmita Das преди месец
The person who got all doors correct in the front was not me (I assure you)
I luv Lannan Yeet
I luv Lannan Yeet преди месец
mark moonie
mark moonie преди месец
Lucie Davidova
Lucie Davidova преди месец
This is funny the best thing is his ANGER i like it :)
Static Nobody
Static Nobody преди месец
0:28 has the same vibes as the vine with the kid in the backseat jamming to a song and it changes to a commercial
Trashpanda преди месец
RJ Kroeplin
RJ Kroeplin преди месец
I think I now know what people who like sports feel like, cause I was out of my chair
Mauricio Gigena
Mauricio Gigena преди месец
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I Don’t Know
I Don’t Know преди месец
I watched a Markiplier video and an ad had Markiplier in it.
madlin sophy
madlin sophy преди месец
when they said "BaLlS" it sounded so wrong.
Luke Swift
Luke Swift преди месец
I like how blue is clearly worse than yellow
Hyouttoko преди месец
That's how a man winning this stupid game. Geez, feels good too
Rexxar Wolfheart
Rexxar Wolfheart преди месец
3:47 that face of motivation! 😆
Kill Dozer
Kill Dozer преди месец
If this was like an actual TV show, I'd take part.
IT KSK ACCOUNT преди месец
Total silences'
Lucian Freeman
Lucian Freeman преди месец
I LOVE that epic music scene! In egg scramble!
Ch3z преди месец
Get up guys
Giovanni Gonzalez
Giovanni Gonzalez преди месец
15:45 that noise bob made
SADIE TODD преди месец
The artist that drew the thumbnail is amazing
Short Stack
Short Stack преди месец
The pigeons 😂
Sophia Johnson
Sophia Johnson преди месец
In 10seconds of the video me be like: 😳
Ding dong 75
Ding dong 75 преди 3 дни
•emma r•
•emma r• преди месец
I love when Ethan isn’t playing games with them, they just keep joking about him and talking about him. Like he will never be forgotten with these guys.
Oscar Kageson-Loe
Oscar Kageson-Loe преди месец
25:09 that's because yellow team is Golden Freddy
Absolute random Videos
Absolute random Videos преди месец
Play among us
Zylo82 преди месец
Complaining about pigeons and what reward does he get for finally getting the gold crown? .....A Pigeon costume. oooooooo the irony.
Shawn преди месец
37:49 I love this scene I don’t know why
Justin Fanady
Justin Fanady преди месец
Mark: Yellow is stupid. Remember that the crown your trying to get is yellow colored.
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