GOODBYE, LADY DIMITRESCU... | Resident Evil: Village - Part 13

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My Dearest Lady Dimitrescu, writing this letter is the most painful experience of my life. I would rather choose to have my hand sliced off a thousand times more (preferably by you) than be cursed with the burden of putting these thoughts to paper... but paper I must...

Our connection runs deep. Deeper than the mold coursing through my veins. Deeper than your claws whence they pierced my heart. Deeper than how deep a pool would have to be for you to stand at the bottom and still be underwater. But I must move on... I have another life. Another world. Another... family. And though I would gladly cast them into a volcano of hellfire for another second with your crystalized remains... I cannot. Because I am dead. And that is literally the only thing keeping me from respecting your power a single moment more. Should there be an afterlife, I can only hope that I find myself held safe within your warm, profound, ample embrace.


Ya boy

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Carson Dillow
Carson Dillow преди 32 минути
That guy walking his Ethan Winters if you zoom in on camera mode you can actually see the same body they use for him in the game people are fantasizing that he still alive because the mold rebuild his body again
Liz Hittle
Liz Hittle преди час
I love Chris shoots her once and then just watches for the rest of the fight
Emma преди час
Mommy Dimitrescu was done so dirty. And we all wanted to be the ones to do her so dirty. ; )
Billy Loper
Billy Loper преди час
RE7: dark terrifying. Serious. RE8: FUNGAS BABY ACTION MOVIE
Golden _foxplayz
Golden _foxplayz преди 2 часа
Mark you have to play Friday night funkin!!!!
MEGA TEMMIE преди 3 часа
muito foda lmao
RoachMan преди 3 часа
Him reading the Mercenaries tutorial sounds like Urk from Far Cry Primal
Tesa преди 3 часа
Mark needs to sell Lady D's crystal and hear that line Duke says 🤣
Joe Jarman
Joe Jarman преди 3 часа
22:59 - Wow! 😍
true pancakes
true pancakes преди 5 часа
Chalulah come on the bus is bout to leeeeave
Sorrowdusk преди 5 часа
@23:15 *most detailed thing* about *Lady Dimitrescu's* model is her hose. It;s such a small but intricate pattern you can see on her foot above the vamps of her shoe, and her toe cleavage. Her daughter's shoes and hose are very different. You normally would not even notice such a thing but it;s there. Another thing I like about her White dress is that.... *it's dirty* . It's actually not clean at all. almost like she's worn it 100 years (although she has other dresses as we've seen in game). There is also a distinct bump or mole on her left breast. Details like that are on a real person.
에펠탑 преди 6 часа
엔딩 만화 저거 중요한건데 스킵을 해버리네
Sorrowdusk преди 6 часа
@21:38 My completion time was 23"46'22" *on Casual*
Ela преди 6 часа
I loved this series so much. Tbh this game is beautiful
Sorrowdusk преди 6 часа
@16:25 *REMEMBER* that was the size of a Handgrenade, not a Suitcase Nuke. In fact it was a N2 weapon, Non Nuclear ala Evangelion.
Fuzzy Tech
Fuzzy Tech преди 6 часа
If you look at the game files / models the man walking towards the truck at the end scene is infact Ethan.
JhongYT преди 7 часа
I think Mark doesn't trust Rose or as he call her, fungus baby.
JhongYT преди 7 часа
The true ending is getting the ability to admire Lady Dimitrescu with all of her glory.
Teodor Rakanovic
Teodor Rakanovic преди 9 часа
I started crying because eathen winters died
Reaper Scythe
Reaper Scythe преди 10 часа
I understand, Rose. My dad's dead, too. **Uncontrollable sobbing**
Not Lord Gols
Not Lord Gols преди 11 часа
Mark get 5x knife and double movement speed upgrade: Warframe. Play as space ninja pirate
J Dizzle
J Dizzle преди 12 часа
I really wanted him to use the magnum for the last boss
Edward Mcnair
Edward Mcnair преди 12 часа
Finding Nemo: A story of a father who risks life and limb to save his child. Ethan Winters: Hold my Fungus....
Armund Wolffe
Armund Wolffe преди 13 часа
rip Ethan 😢 on an unrelated note, i'm constantly reminded of how much i love Chris
Tiki _445
Tiki _445 преди 13 часа
Some much respect has been given the loyalty is amazing but for 2 big reasons
Ivan The Riddler
Ivan The Riddler преди 14 часа
You could just put the name Dimitrescu on a gun and Mark would buy it 🤭
Mehul Chauhan
Mehul Chauhan преди 15 часа
Mark every second of the game: (whispers) fungus baby
CLOUD88 преди 15 часа
Who_even_is__ morgan
Who_even_is__ morgan преди 16 часа
rosemary looks like jojo siwa.
Erob преди 16 часа
"When I hit this trigger, we can't be anywhere near it" **Ethan stays behind and gets close to it**
Jonah Miller
Jonah Miller преди 16 часа
You should play below zero now that you finished this
Abiageal Hopper-Tracy
Abiageal Hopper-Tracy преди 17 часа
Fun Fact: Evaline is the artificial intelligence of the Umbrella corporation and is always depicted as a young girl in a white dress.
Josiah Galaway
Josiah Galaway преди 17 часа
Listening to marks rambling @2510 is super confusing while drunk btw
mad23081 преди 17 часа
Ok I had 27 different mental breakdowns from this video🥲
Local Witch Pagan
Local Witch Pagan преди 18 часа
"Who walkin" that couple of seconds had me dead af
Death_chan преди 18 часа
I wanna play as rose in resident evil 10 😳
THEJEYDRICK9 преди 19 часа
Mark will you record you New Game+ run?
Joshua Diaz
Joshua Diaz преди 19 часа
Ethan: *takes trigger from chris* goodbye rosemary. *walks near the monster* Ethan's left hand: *disintegrates before he could press the trigger* Ethan: Well shit.......
Joshua Diaz
Joshua Diaz преди 4 часа
@Armund Wolffe ye me too
Armund Wolffe
Armund Wolffe преди 12 часа
i was legitimately wondering if his three fingers would last him long enough to detonate it lmao
Binman79 преди 19 часа
Don’t hold it against him, ethans just a fun-gi 🙃
Wil Coker
Wil Coker преди 19 часа
Why am I crying rn especially after seeing Mark tear up knowing that he had the same loss as well
Josey Blanche
Josey Blanche преди 19 часа
I'm glad this gameplay is over so I can stop hearing about your hots for Lady D. Talk about beating a God damn dead horse.
Daniel Salguero
Daniel Salguero преди 20 часа
24:19 when the toddler tries to speak
Heather Sanders
Heather Sanders преди 20 часа
Watch them bring him back as a villain in the next story
Uhhh Andrew
Uhhh Andrew преди 21 час
Not me crying💀
Astral-P преди 21 час
Did you know, the Japanese voice of Lady Dimitrescu is Kikuko Inoue, who also voices Kirumi Tojo in Danganronpa V3? Mark's seen a lot of stuff, I'm sure he wouldn't mind checking this series out.
Astral-P преди 21 час
Did you know, the Japanese voice of Lady Dimitrescu is Kikuko Inoue, who also voices Kirumi Tojo in Danganronpa V3?
Angel_ _King
Angel_ _King преди 21 час
I feel that mark took 7 more seriously. I miss him talking about like story stuff instead of just simping and making jokes the whole time. Intellectual mark is best mark
Loranxz преди 22 часа
Wolf king of flames
Wolf king of flames преди ден
Let's put an F in the chat for the Ethan, and hand him the 2021 best father award
Gavin Nielsen
Gavin Nielsen преди ден
That person that was walking was Ethan or the sniper but in the no fog Ethan is there Ethan Winters
Z Fisher
Z Fisher преди ден
Jon_Bee B0mb1n
Jon_Bee B0mb1n преди ден
Natasha Waller
Natasha Waller преди ден
not mark simping for dimitrescu
Bella Horgan
Bella Horgan преди ден
I think when that guy said Rose was a lot like him and she said “I know” was because she’s in that hive mind of the fungus where Ethan also is so she could probably see everything he went through
Khalil Crowell
Khalil Crowell преди ден
I can’t believe you hit skip during the credits.🤣
Bhengkatz Uno
Bhengkatz Uno преди ден
we should give markiplire a real demetrescue
Yes преди ден
Did the duke die in the explosion..?
Purple • Seal
Purple • Seal преди ден
Mark... They wouldn’t be able to put the crystal dimitrescu there... She was exploded
Kerdan преди ден
I didn't know Mark speaks Simlish
TracyCool преди ден
Mark! Play a horror game named ”Erica” it’s almost like jimmy’s game thingy
ibe blazen420
ibe blazen420 преди ден
Play skin walker and witch hunter
Whats-My-Fandom преди ден
12:39 That sweater!? THINK OF THE DIAPER! (Although she was in pieces for a good while..) 23:00 LMFAO THE MUSIC!
freakyskull516 преди ден
ethan winters: he was the protagonist of 2 whole games yet he was 1/3 of a character then got killed off. "the father's story" could have had a little more of the father in it.
lil'bean преди ден
im so temted to click dislike the video to make the number 600
Hot Dog God
Hot Dog God преди ден
I think mark just forgot that his sniper rifle has a scope.
Savage Juicebox76
Savage Juicebox76 преди ден
Ethan has gray with strands of black hair and Mia has black hair then rose has blonde, I think someone is cheating here
Hannah E.
Hannah E. преди ден
Miranda really just did the dance of Italy
Yoda In A Suit
Yoda In A Suit преди ден
Love the ending with teenage Rose top tier and with Ethans sacrifice, such an honour
Yoda In A Suit
Yoda In A Suit преди ден
Legit almost cried
Cameron J. Smith
Cameron J. Smith преди ден
Why would Mia be asking Chris where her husband is? He told her the last time he saw her that he was dead.
Esther Levi
Esther Levi преди ден
That ending though…YEEHEE. Mark are you okay? 😂😂😂
mutalord преди ден
now someone will make Mark "cannon" of Lady Dimetrescu a manga
Human Kiwi
Human Kiwi преди ден
ethan died with dimitrescu
SonicDashie759 преди ден
Mark........... I just kept shaking my head this entire playthrough whenever he simped over the tall lady.
Terra Marzec
Terra Marzec преди ден
Mark: This is a real tearjerker Me: *absolutely sobbing at Ethan's death*
Hannah Shockley
Hannah Shockley преди ден
Are you going to finish dark deception
Radical Rino
Radical Rino преди ден
Mark: skips important cutscene Me: 😐🤔😤😭
Jared Penny
Jared Penny преди ден
Maybe it's just me, but I hate how little of a character Ethan was to the point that he didn't even have a face. "I need to save my daughter/girlfriend," is probably all I know about him.
3llaCannxtCxmpare преди ден
50% Simp for Lady D 49% Badass 1% crying over RE 8 ending = A Mark Pie
Mezcon преди ден
The Voice actress sounds she the same one that played the role of the witch in Narnia?
Blastmdead преди ден
Megablast преди ден
Bye lady dimitrescu
[disgusted noise.]
[disgusted noise.] преди ден
I’m thanking the ones that talked about the letter Mark wrote in the description cuz it was the best thing about this finale lmao
Riley Hine
Riley Hine преди 2 дни
RE9 and Security Breach are games to look forward to from Marks spectacular content
Finley Herrmann
Finley Herrmann преди 2 дни
i like how when all the dramatic things are hapining, mark is just sitting there waiting for him to be able to play again
Savorra zervochi
Savorra zervochi преди 2 дни
Spoiler alert, that person walking is Ethan. Someone entered the photo mode and the person's hand was in view along with the vehicle riding towards him. That hand, missing 2 fingers and bandaged up all bloody, exactly like Ethan's
kevin matthew opena
kevin matthew opena преди 2 дни
Dave's Gaming
Dave's Gaming преди 2 дни
21:00 markiplier pretending to cry while i'm actually sobbing
random account
random account преди 2 дни
“Did you change my eyeball settings?” -Markiplier 2021
Diegouuu awax
Diegouuu awax преди 2 дни
We're is huniepop
just an alt acc
just an alt acc преди 2 дни
Miranda: "Hold still... " Mark: "no"
small sophie
small sophie преди 2 дни
it’s taken me a second time to see this end credit scene to realise they were ready to shoot rose if she got too violent- just dangerous fungus baby things
MintyGalacticTea преди 2 дни
You should play around the corner at Bikini Bottom! It’s a new sponge-bob indie horror game!!
Sleep Deprived Artist
Sleep Deprived Artist преди 2 дни
Mark your a cultured man.
British Penguin
British Penguin преди 2 дни
If u zoom on on the man walking by the jeep at the end of the game it is ethan
RiceChu преди 2 дни
Poor Rose is going to grow up with the fear of trees
Evan Sizemore
Evan Sizemore преди 2 дни
Did anyone else actually read Mark's farewell letter? It feels like an era has come to end... quick--someone find this man a new obsession!
Matthew McMatthewson
Matthew McMatthewson преди 2 дни
suklaalaatta преди 2 дни
Mark:i have a lot of good Juice Me:its not good Juice its alcohol
chandler dimick
chandler dimick преди 2 дни
when mark read the mercenaries rules, it cracked me up so bad i kept randomly bursting into laughter 30 minutes after he read it lmfao
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