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Have you ever wanted to drive a truck? Sure you have! Everyone has! Well now you get to be an AMERICAN truck driver, hauling goods across the land!
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Markiplier преди 12 дни
Tried out Photoshop's new face tweaking feature for today's thumbnail... I think we can all agree that it works perfectly!
Caleb Treichel
Caleb Treichel преди 8 дни
Hi Markplier. How are you?
theawesome48fan hunter
theawesome48fan hunter преди 8 дни
}{y преди 8 дни
That volume was the same one one of my old TV's had
Autistic Gamer
Autistic Gamer преди 9 дни
Looks fantastic
Michael Hull
Michael Hull преди 9 дни
Please bring this back 🙏 This is amazing
Pagani team
Pagani team преди 2 часа
Wait until mark hears about **European** truck simulator
david waring
david waring преди 5 часа
in future mark remember when reversing a semi/big rig remember turn truck right to make trailer go left and turn truck left to make trailer go right you did well though congrats
Solid Leg
Solid Leg преди 6 часа
11:03 see ya next meal
Shank Mugen
Shank Mugen преди 10 часа
More please!
Jules Maneki Neko
Jules Maneki Neko преди 14 часа
If I ever start a trucking company I'm calling it "Railed By Jesus".
mutimateco преди 17 часа
Being an ex truck driver with 7 years of experience, you saying service is for chums made me feel so close to home
UnkemptBush343 преди 19 часа
I remember when I first played, loved it so much I went out and got my permit and looked for a place that was hiring people to get them their CDL. Couple months later I had my license and was painting the panties brown delivering pepsi around town haha. Great times.
Melon Cloud
Melon Cloud преди 21 час
Driving related tip not truck related. This just reminded me of bad driving- it’s actually easier to backup into a parking spot when parallel parking than it is to go forwards into the spot. No idea why, but I cannot do it forward to save my life, meanwhile backing up is ez pz. Im not a good backwards driver either, so I was shocked by the ease when I did it for the first time. It’s also ok if u have to leave your car to check how close u are to others, and if u only lightly hit someones bumper on accident it shouldnt damage someones car... but i mean only lightly and an accident, never do it on purpose ofc and always check if u need to leave a note. Ive done it a couple times bc i have horrrrible depth perception, it’s a terrifying experience.
Olivia Shultz
Olivia Shultz преди 22 часа
If Ive learned anything from watching this and farming simulator, its that mark has never backed up a trailer. Although, he understands the physics better now than he did in farming simulator 😅
Lorenzo Dawkins
Lorenzo Dawkins преди ден
Lmao mans was going 80 mph on a curve if he didn’t flip I would’ve been shocked
somnomania преди ден
i really don't get the appeal of these games, they're SO detailed and specific. i tried farming simulator and got overwhelmed by the number of things i had to do just to accomplish one task. i don't parry in dark souls because it involves an extra button (or is that blocking, i can't remember but i don't do that either). how does anyone do this.
Blue Fire
Blue Fire преди ден
I was screaming internally the whole time u tried to park. Ik how to back up a trailer, and watching u do it was painful. 😂😂😂
Barnaby Foyster
Barnaby Foyster преди ден
Fiiiiiiiiiive I know that number too
mariah reyna
mariah reyna преди ден
So is anyone going tell Mark that you can set google maps to be locked north?
Doctor Skipwith
Doctor Skipwith преди ден
"It's perfectly fine to make a California stop." * proceeds to completely *YEET* through the stop sign * Yep. That's Cali for ya.
Snowy Sapphire
Snowy Sapphire преди ден
*faces the void* I WANT MORE OF THIS PLEASE
Violetwinter 7
Violetwinter 7 преди ден
Neds more
Samantha Fitzgibbon
Samantha Fitzgibbon преди ден
Part 2? I was laughing so hard the whole time. Please, Mark! Still asking for it!
death day88
death day88 преди ден
Im a truck driver and the jack knife had me crying
knewtonwako преди ден
Water beds were mostly discontinued in the 90s
Mr. Bipolar Bear
Mr. Bipolar Bear преди ден
The whole time he was talking about how he doesn't like when maps change orientation based on which way you're going i was just thinking this guy is going 33 MPH in the left lane in a 65. lol
Q U A N T U M преди ден
If you choose any other language besides English when you start up this game, don't play it. YOU COMMIE.
Patricia pat
Patricia pat преди ден
if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps, I appreciate you man
DarthJones преди ден
Loved the play through, but man I wish there’s less editing it’s kinda annoying
Jon Bica
Jon Bica преди 2 дни
markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE
Kintaro преди 2 дни
He should play firefighter simulator
Parker Chernoff
Parker Chernoff преди 2 дни
my dad used to work as a semi-truck driver and i'm just. this is painful to watch lol
Cotton Gamer
Cotton Gamer преди 2 дни
Mark: Ima call it: mArKiMeRiCa Me: Of course lol
ǝɯ llıʞ ǝsɐǝld
ǝɯ llıʞ ǝsɐǝld преди 2 дни
mark shifts like like every honda civic owner does at 3 am.
Devon Sevon
Devon Sevon преди 2 дни
I love this games demo I wish I could get it
Sonicorp преди 2 дни
14:59 "Does anybody do a WEEEEEEEEED!"
shiroplayzzz преди 2 дни
part 2!!!
Ace and Dawg
Ace and Dawg преди 2 дни
"Trailer damage? Well it's not my trailer so who cares"
Ace and Dawg
Ace and Dawg преди 2 дни
Red lights are just a suggestion right? -Markiplier 2021
Idk anymore
Idk anymore преди 2 дни
I would really want to see what would happen if Mark tried to transport explosives without them evaporating his truck
Iz Khalifa
Iz Khalifa преди 2 дни
i wanna see mark try Digital Combat Simulator and fly fighter jets, he should dogfight an experienced real life F16 pilot. That would be hilarious to watch.
Richie Rick
Richie Rick преди 2 дни
Watching mark be afraid of his truck is basically everyone's first experience when driving a semi
lexi davis
lexi davis преди 3 дни
watching this with my dad was an experience for him, it was the most i seen him laugh and trying to explain things like mark can hear him. he was a truck driver for over 30 years. he loved this video thanks mark loved it!
YourNormalJester преди 3 дни
I appreciate how mark still wears unnus annus merch
Jesse Riche
Jesse Riche преди 3 дни
One of my favorite let’s plays you’ve done
iChedd95 преди 3 дни
I literally relate to spending an hour and 15 minutes just trying to reverse a truck and doing the same thing and it not going anywhere and I wonder why 😂😂
Midnight преди 3 дни
Mark: How many times can I do the same exact thing and expect it to be any different? Me a driver, everytime I try to back my truck in any drop in California that isn't a big DC. And then feeling like I ran a marathon after trying to back up after 34 minutes.
Esther Wells
Esther Wells преди 3 дни
it's funny cause my dads a truck driver... and he sounds like the stereotypical *cough* 'Merican
Deandra Hurt
Deandra Hurt преди 3 дни
when are you going to play At Dead of Night again? @Markiplier
Maddie Ramshaw
Maddie Ramshaw преди 3 дни
weirdly anuffe i have the buss one and all the truk ones but the only that is good zat it is my day TWT
luke peterson
luke peterson преди 3 дни
Should play bee simulator
Brynn Humphries
Brynn Humphries преди 3 дни
Mark handled going over the curb just like me XD
KeyBoard Prizim
KeyBoard Prizim преди 3 дни
and you make me laugh so hard🤣
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan преди 3 дни
Cumbersome shifting. You get used to it.
KeyBoard Prizim
KeyBoard Prizim преди 3 дни
KeyBoard Prizim
KeyBoard Prizim преди 3 дни
Jenna преди 3 дни
17:33 "What would happen if I speeded just a little bit?" **Is flipped over on the highway like 2 minutes later**
Jenna преди 3 дни
Imagine your just working and the truck comes in to drop off supplies. You're on lunch break and you just hear the driver outside yelling "PUSH BABY PUUUUSH"
TheEpicGamerSquad преди 3 дни
locking your differential makes it so your wheels on both sides have to spin in unison so u dont have 1 spinning and 1 not
Coopa Troopa
Coopa Troopa преди 3 дни
Please just go to 18:45 and watch from there you will not be disappointed 😂😂I’m crying I’m laughing so hard
Saito Kazuma
Saito Kazuma преди 3 дни
since you played ATS you should try ETS the actual game that everyone unanimously loves
Mopac Man1982
Mopac Man1982 преди 3 дни
I was genuinely happy to see him play this.
Cotton Candy Sweet
Cotton Candy Sweet преди 3 дни
"you've been hit by" "you've been struck by" *truck*
Barnaby Foyster
Barnaby Foyster преди ден
Do dodo dododo do dododo do
Jack Quinn
Jack Quinn преди 3 дни
Charlie M
Charlie M преди 3 дни
This simulator is inaccurate. He didn’t get break checked by an asshole in a minivan even once.
Maxwell Iacono
Maxwell Iacono преди 3 дни
Is that an Unus Annus shirt?
Jmepic преди 4 дни
Most American thing said "Well it's not my trailer so who cares."
Jaxon Leal
Jaxon Leal преди 4 дни
Oh my gosh he has a ranboo shirt
• e d e n • h e l e n e •
• e d e n • h e l e n e • преди 4 дни
Alternative title: Road Rage Road Trips with Markiplier
Christopher Hancock
Christopher Hancock преди 4 дни
As someone trying to get their CDL, this video is like a roller coaster of anxiety. Still entertaining nonetheless!
Zak Quinn
Zak Quinn преди 4 дни
Finally mark played this game.
kriglar преди 4 дни
I love this game and seeing mark play it was so incredibly fun
Santino Castano
Santino Castano преди 4 дни
Mark in another video: "Me big brain all time" Mark here: *calls the cab the cockpit*
Amirspelar преди 4 дни
Nisa ünal
Nisa ünal преди 4 дни
Nice T-shirt Mark :’)
Robynn.Ninjah преди 4 дни
I now have questions about California highways and interstates! (in particular, interstate 5) Is the speed limit ACTUALLY only 55? I live in Texas and our highways and interstates are almost always 75 miles an hour- unless they're 80 (with a 5 mile an hour maximum bumper in order to "keep up with the flow of traffic") 🤣 I HAVE QUESTIONS CALIFORNIA! Someone from Cali comment!
Robynn.Ninjah преди 4 дни
Obviously I AM aware that large trucks and semis tend to stick about 5-10 miles under speed limits for safety. So please help my confusion if I'm wrong!
John Willis
John Willis преди 4 дни
I've backed trailers all m life since I was a kid. This video cracked me up lol
short stuff gaming
short stuff gaming преди 4 дни
I've been extremely depressed about my ex and idk how to deal with it i need advice
Rando Nut
Rando Nut преди 4 дни
I have an icy roads mod I am so not used to rn lol! I still have a while before my state comes out.
Abram Olvera
Abram Olvera преди 4 дни
You should do another episode of American truck simulator ad buy and customize your truck
im 2
im 2 преди 4 дни
This game is really relaxing I also like the radio feature.
Name not available
Name not available преди 4 дни
Mark in a nutshell
XxSilverFangxX TheSilverFox
XxSilverFangxX TheSilverFox преди 4 дни
So at 30:28 I noticed you were having trouble backing into the loading bay due to the truck turning off to the wrong angle...but did you try to just back the truck in without turning? (also big fan, love your stuff 😁)
Josiah Meachem
Josiah Meachem преди 4 дни
have you ever played arma 3
Vanque333 преди 4 дни
Being a truck driver watching you "try" to back up is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. But you got it in there! 👍
Ralph Claypool
Ralph Claypool преди 4 дни
Mark do everyone a favor please don't get a cdl hahah
Cody D
Cody D преди 4 дни
anobn moose
anobn moose преди 4 дни
31:45 nice :)
anobn moose
anobn moose преди 4 дни
19:00 well there goes your license. whoopseees LUL
UVA P-town-44
UVA P-town-44 преди 4 дни
markiBRAIN 2.1K
Shawn Dyl
Shawn Dyl преди 4 дни
Mark being a trucker myself I have to say you should be a certified Swift driver. Also that's not a good thing
Smudgebird преди 4 дни
him trying to back the second time is JUST like students fresh outta school im cackling.
Nikolay Tekuchev
Nikolay Tekuchev преди 4 дни
You gotta shift more slowly... If you move from gear 1 to gear 12 so quickly you will most propably accelerate like a snail.
Kaoz Ray
Kaoz Ray преди 4 дни
please continue playing this.
Kaleb Byrum
Kaleb Byrum преди 4 дни
Mark, 0:56 would make a great name for your next Tour around the States! “The Tour or Markamerica”
Aviator Jax
Aviator Jax преди 4 дни
Play more!
Pepsi Co
Pepsi Co преди 4 дни
Everything in this video is AMERICAN
Slapjack Dan
Slapjack Dan преди 4 дни
Lol when he said I gotta go to Yuma, Arizona, I about gacked my kaks 🤣🤣I live here 😂😂😂😂
SnyperWulff Gaming
SnyperWulff Gaming преди 4 дни
As a former semi driver... So much anxiety was caused by this playthrough mark! Oh... Dear God...
SaTuRoChAn преди 4 дни
that flipping over when you crashed looked so scary XD and how do people park with a truck in real life XD looks so hard and my brain can not go along with it XD
UnknownJenkins преди 4 дни
🤦‍♂️ so many mistakes. It bothers me.
James Beckman
James Beckman преди 4 дни
Marky mark didnt pick truckiplier.... rip
Solar Plays
Solar Plays преди 4 дни
jimmyzor преди 4 дни
play euro truck please
Rodrigo T
Rodrigo T преди 5 дни
Me: *Replays Mark hitting the other truck and screaming 1000000 times and always laugh*
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