I LOST EVERYTHING... | Minecraft - Part 8

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The Nether update arrived and ruined everything... I had to start over from scratch... And then things got worse...
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Zachary Tribenbach
Zachary Tribenbach преди 7 часа
I love lixian as Markiplier’s editor he’s so good and funny
Blankshot15 преди 16 часа
That slap is the funniest thing ever.
Haley Dominguez
Haley Dominguez преди ден
Poor mark he's just new to this game I thought he'll enjoy it.: (
JackChickenNugget преди ден
RSanimations преди 2 дни
12:43 This looks like a scene from a clickbait herobrine video
EggLandXD преди 2 дни
16:09 18:50 18:53 18:58 19:05 19:10
Gabriel Allen
Gabriel Allen преди 3 дни
move the portal farether
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf преди 3 дни
When he started singing who sang with him?
BLURP01NT BLANK преди 3 дни
MARK,the nether works in chunks and block,if you move 8 blocks irl mc,that's one block in the nether,you got the nether,so start another portal 300 blocks away from you portal and then itll bring you a few bits away from the portal,then you should get it
abraar hussain
abraar hussain преди 3 дни
You are the noobest player wver
Headphone Kid
Headphone Kid преди 4 дни
1000% knew
celeste parkinson
celeste parkinson преди 4 дни
Hi mark I've grown up with minecraft and I know you need to space the portal at least 20 blocks apart
celeste parkinson
celeste parkinson преди 4 дни
And not up or down
Keels Lacke
Keels Lacke преди 5 дни
I'm getting dangerous hee hoo vibes when Mark was in the jungle...
Nathan Childers
Nathan Childers преди 5 дни
Mark you had another bucket in your hot bar why didn’t you grab lava and then try putting out the fire in the least efficient way possible
WillShackAttack преди 5 дни
*Step 1.* Click name of Minecraft world without clicking play button. *Step 2.* Click Edit. *Step 3.* Click Open World Folder. *Step 4.* Delete DIM-1. *Step 5.* You get new Nether. -Too bad it's too late to tell him that.-
James Eames
James Eames преди 6 дни
15:37 Mark is a man with FIVE OVENS and SIXTEEN BUCKETS
Elizabeth Bonner
Elizabeth Bonner преди 7 дни
I hope you realized... YOU CAN HIT THE FIRE AND DESTROY IT!
Vanja Ciric
Vanja Ciric преди 7 дни
4:00 No sleep for me tonight, I guess
Emily Fronczak
Emily Fronczak преди 7 дни
Is this how heehoo came to be? Mark starting a new world and loving the jungle?
Owen Wyn Roberts
Owen Wyn Roberts преди 7 дни
this video wouldnt exist if mark had a brain
Blake Brown
Blake Brown преди 7 дни
anyone else notice minecraft brings out the young mark behaviour lol
Lost child
Lost child преди 8 дни
God he's stupid, but I love him, but jfc this beautiful man is stupid
grand admiral thorn
grand admiral thorn преди 8 дни
Kylie Forgie
Kylie Forgie преди 8 дни
Just gonna.... 10:17 Put this here...
Kylie Forgie
Kylie Forgie преди 8 дни
All the squids are feeling suicidal today
Spiritheart преди 9 дни
Mark: passes bushes without taking the berries* Me: wait thats illegal-
brisk преди 9 дни
i knew it was going to happen
Comedy Closure
Comedy Closure преди 10 дни
10:29 Amy: I'll show you love, heh.... **naughty Amy noises** .
Rawr plays games
Rawr plays games преди 10 дни
why didnt he just punch the fire xD
Abstract Fysics
Abstract Fysics преди 10 дни
I knew that was going to happen
Connor Lane
Connor Lane преди 10 дни
i'm 18 i swear
i'm 18 i swear преди 10 дни
can someone explain what that obsidian structure that he turned into a portal is?
Random Man
Random Man преди 10 дни
Every 1block in the overworld is 8 in the nether
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K преди 11 дни
Mushroom Island
Nellit McKerin
Nellit McKerin преди 11 дни
I'm dissapointed in you Mark. I was dissapointed multiple times in a single video.
Kayla Wilder
Kayla Wilder преди 11 дни
Mark's reactions to different sounds absolutely kill me from laughter.
Et Gt
Et Gt преди 11 дни
Good bye channel
Kay Lowe
Kay Lowe преди 14 дни
Im sitting here yelling at mark because every ruined portal has a chest that MAY have obsidian in it
loverofmusicality преди 14 дни
oh. oh mark. oh, you can just. click on the fire to put it out. you don't need water at all...
azrael2744 преди 14 дни
18:53... In the next episode of BGpost ball Z. New power awoken super markimu.
Harley Cannon
Harley Cannon преди 15 дни
Mark literally stares at the new mob. WhAt ARe yUo? If I HavE to reStaRT mY gAMe
TAKETHE18SHOT преди 15 дни
I love how he completely restarted his game when there is literally a button to reset the nether which I believe then applies the update 😐😑
Derek Strachan
Derek Strachan преди 16 дни
Can we get an f in the chat for that squid at the start.
Joselynn Gallagher
Joselynn Gallagher преди 16 дни
Mark: What is that!? “Mark looks at at forest” Mark: That’s a spooky forest!!
Josiah Villareal
Josiah Villareal преди 16 дни
22:17 Is one of the Top Ten Anime Plot Twists
LazyLoftGuy преди 16 дни
How can he be so bad?
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA преди 17 дни
it takes 9.1 secs to mine obsidian
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA преди 17 дни
u are will die mark in not life real ko
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA преди 17 дни
infinite likes=77777777 livez for markeplier
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA преди 17 дни
i is said that e cause u die i mean creft
Sucks to Succ
Sucks to Succ преди 17 дни
You know i thought markiplier could use his knowledge that he got from his old world but this is just...nah
Potato Queen
Potato Queen преди 18 дни
22:21 THE FACEE! *insert weezing
lemon. jewel
lemon. jewel преди 18 дни
21:48 that’s some dream moment right there
lemon. jewel
lemon. jewel преди 18 дни
So is no one gonna talk about that his eyes are MOVING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION!?!?? (It’s 4:00)
lemon. jewel
lemon. jewel преди 14 дни
@Tyler 324 oh
Tyler 324
Tyler 324 преди 14 дни
Its called editing... 🤦‍♂️
trillibytes преди 20 дни
Thank you for making me laugh on a bad day.. :D
gallade gamer
gallade gamer преди 20 дни
m e l o n
DarkBlade51224 преди 21 ден
he'd have togo into the nether, break the portal from that side then die, spawn at his bed and then make a new portal then he wouldn't spawn at the same one
Emily Collier
Emily Collier преди 22 дни
So no one is going to mention all the fish dying when he came out of his hole?
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon преди 22 дни
They might have updated it just for him, not know he’s currently doing a rerun let’s play of the game Also I think the end could use an update too, like the old nether it’s kinda bare
Wild Doggo
Wild Doggo преди 23 дни
He could've just replaced his nether by deleting it in his save... Then next time he goes in, it'll generate a new nether.
Antania Harris
Antania Harris преди 24 дни
it's okay Markipiler (:7-cool face)
Antania Harris
Antania Harris преди 24 дни
you have to delete the other nether portal
Antania Harris
Antania Harris преди 24 дни
to get the new nether update
Mr souvalki
Mr souvalki преди 24 дни
19:10 the best scream I've heard in years.
Flubber преди 25 дни
you could of just gone into your worlds folder and delete your nether data
William Wall
William Wall преди 25 дни
11:00 Y E S
NeezPrestige преди 26 дни
so u get a safe nether spawn away from hoglins n piglins n not go anywhere, find the new gold ore n say its the same
NeezPrestige преди 26 дни
minecraft clever with maths, 1 stack = 64 ,1 chunk = 64, a chunk is a 9x9 block n 32 half 16 quater 8 8th clear
NeezPrestige преди 26 дни
use ur loaf that area of nether is generated, u wanna see new stuff, move, generate a new area
Jacob Reshel
Jacob Reshel преди 26 дни
4:00 Markiplier scares the shit out of me with his weird eye movements
Jacob Reshel
Jacob Reshel преди 13 дни
@Tyler 324 Well it’s very well edited then
Tyler 324
Tyler 324 преди 14 дни
He's not even doing it... its edited
Just a Emo Hooman being
Just a Emo Hooman being преди 27 дни
2:57 rip squid the second
Just a Emo Hooman being
Just a Emo Hooman being преди 27 дни
Dumb God
Dumb God преди 27 дни
Thermitemain преди 28 дни
Mark: “I feel one with the jungle” Me: *welcome to the jungle starts playing*
Et Gt
Et Gt преди 28 дни
What u call box is called a chest
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin преди 29 дни
Mark lights another nether portal underground. It's the same area. *[bruh moment]*
Natalia Eden-Winn
Natalia Eden-Winn преди месец
i knew that was gonna happen because he built it within the same proximity without getting rid of the original lmaooo mark i love you but ahh
Natalia Eden-Winn
Natalia Eden-Winn преди месец
mark couldve just moved the original portal lmao
Anant Paz
Anant Paz преди месец
you needed to just explore more your nether you idiot
Brandi Leigh
Brandi Leigh преди месец
Why is nobody talking about the portal that... Appeared? Uh.. That's new to me.
gHBMOHNSAI90]Fam преди 23 дни
lakaboss 931
lakaboss 931 преди месец
The most shocking thing in this video was seeing Mark place two large chests right next to each other.
Siréna P
Siréna P преди месец
Can we pray for the octopus?
app преди месец
Honestly I don’t mind him starting over from confusion because the beginning of the game is my favorite in Minecraft.
Alpab13 преди месец
Love the change of tune at 22:20
Yassin Salam
Yassin Salam преди месец
18:50 that sacred the shit outa me
Wizaard _
Wizaard _ преди месец
Wait until he relizes.. that he need to load new chunks to be able to get to the new nether update
D0S81 преди месец
watching mark ''put out'' the fire was stressful man, i'm like ''what are doing man!? just punch it to put it out! use the windy windyness-ness of windy breeze stuff from the momentum of your arm to put it out''
D0S81 преди месец
0:47 I loved the first version of the one with harley quinn in it, and will smith as deadshot, so when i heard they were doing another one, i was a bit apprehensive. But i gotta say, i'm actually loving this new version of Suicide Squid.
Arda G.
Arda G. преди месец
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty преди месец
12:46. A gold brick, stone and obsidian....a Minecraft Secret, mayhaps?
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty преди месец
11:32. Veggietales fans get this, lol.
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty преди месец
11:01. Times such as this, I see old Mark and feel at right at home. Nothing against him, but I feel like now he...acts too silly at times, not naturally goofy as he was. Maybe this is just me, months after not watching him....IN ANY CASE! I have returned, and will watch what I have missed that tickles my fancy. Farewell, from this dramatic ham of a maiden!
Sniper x23 Hernandez Avalos
Sniper x23 Hernandez Avalos преди месец
Hi un by to no ya no un by TV by ya g sh has wey en
Sniper x23 Hernandez Avalos
Sniper x23 Hernandez Avalos преди месец
Your funny
Lazygamer1017 преди месец
I don't now why everyone is disappointed with Mark's playthrough comparing it to Jack because this is great
Macintosh C84
Macintosh C84 преди месец
he needs to break the old portal
Kiki The Kpop and Kdrama Fanatic
Kiki The Kpop and Kdrama Fanatic преди месец
Mark: I DONT WANNA START A NEW WORLD ToT Me: 😐...i have to change worlds many times due to a bug that makes me leave the Minecraft app *while I'm playing*. Also when i have pets, when the bug happens again and when I join back into my world, at least 1 pet is there (one time i had 4 dogs, 2 cats, and two birds....bug happened, went back on, ONE DOG LIVES AND REST ARE GONE)
GenericWhiteGuyGaming преди месец
Quality Shit Edit
Quality Shit Edit преди месец
Cody West STUDENT преди месец
...Yet the common assumed actions were false
Campulungeanu Cristina
Campulungeanu Cristina преди месец
You delited your world for no reason
Luka the person
Luka the person преди месец
Mark: “So I’ve only got one shot at this” My stupid brain: “I am not throwin away my, shot!” (If u don’t get this reference ur weird)
Dylan Lawrence
Dylan Lawrence преди месец
10:50 he turns into the lorax lmao
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