Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache

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After the events of Who Killed Markiplier, The Detective has never forgiven The Colonel for what happened in that mansion. After countless close calls, Abe's finally cornered the madman as his latest persona... Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache
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Producer - Levi Smock
Line Producer - Tyson Lindo
1st AD - Emily Shesh
Set PA - Gregory Bordelon
Asst. to Mark - Evan Bilda
DP - Daniel Marks
1st AC - Jay Dallen
Key Grip - Chris Boulos
Gaffer - Jon Boal
Sound Mixer - Matt Burgette
Costume Designer - Megan Lian
Hair + Makeup - Cheyanne Armstrong
Production Designer - Susannah Lowber
Caterer - Jon La Fleur
FBE - Harris Sherman
FBE - Benny Fine
FBE - Rafi Fine
FBE - Drew Roder
FBE - Nick Bergthold
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Aji Wendra
Aji Wendra преди 6 часа
the moral of the story is dont ever get too serious on something thats unnecessary or you will just throw your entire life away
worksmagic89 преди 18 часа
Markiplier is a damn good actor and so is the other guy
Shroom Creeper
Shroom Creeper преди 22 часа
This is my eighth time watching this
Arson Justice
Arson Justice преди ден
Both of their acting skills are insane !! So bloody amazing like I love this series so much
Cha_Michael // MF_150
Cha_Michael // MF_150 преди ден
“dont trust the seer abe didnt die” Wingleheimer: Well yes, but actually no.
Camryn Wolf
Camryn Wolf преди ден
I know Mark said the first dance scene was pretty improvised but damn is it smooth
Aaron Kiessling
Aaron Kiessling преди ден
I’m leaving this time stamp for me later: 3:33 remember, me, favorite part is at this time
Cult of E
Cult of E преди ден
12:36 that was the voices in damien
grimm breon
grimm breon преди ден
So is mark like a real life man in a fictional universe with a chaotic rule book that he controls
Redmonday 14
Redmonday 14 преди 2 дни
So this is what becomes of them after who killed markiplier
Liquid Inferno
Liquid Inferno преди 2 дни
The length of this video is the type of gun in the thumbnail.
Jacalynn Halbert
Jacalynn Halbert преди 3 дни
The Knightikins
The Knightikins преди 3 дни
“Life needed a little madness, but why should death be any different.” -This Asshole Jokes aside, that’s a really nice quote.
Roll4gin преди 3 дни
i just sit here and rewatch 3:24 to 3:50 Its just...so good idk why
T H E O преди 3 дни
No one is gonna talk about his dancing skills?
rand0m_k1d преди 4 дни
Alternate Title: The Detective says "ASS" for the rest of the video
Maura White
Maura White преди 4 дни
I’ve been wanting to know this ever since I first saw it...WHAT is that music in the disco place? It’s boppin and I want to listen to it all
John Wilbur
John Wilbur преди 5 дни
Video length:1911 Video based on: M1911 Nice one mark
gmona преди 5 дни
Am i the only one that swears the title used to be "Wilford 'MOTHERLUVING' Warfstache" before it was changed to "Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache"
Rasa Braswell
Rasa Braswell преди 5 дни
markiplier is an asian jim carrey: change my mind
Random Animations
Random Animations преди 5 дни
I'm sorry- Every time I hear that intro, I can't stop thinking of the cursed version
Silver преди 6 дни
Anyone know the name of the song at the end?
Hoobadaman преди 6 дни
his pistol sounds exactly like the 7 days to day tac assault rifle
vrg lab
vrg lab преди 7 дни
Guy's lets not forget we are actively part of the lore based on who killed markiplier we are technically darkiplier and the detective's last partner which he talks about, so yeah we are in the lore/story and a active and important part of the plot
Soreandscary преди 7 дни
After years, this is still such a masterpiece.
Marionette Sherrill
Marionette Sherrill преди 7 дни
In markiplier tv dark is celine and Damian in Mark's body while he has Damians he said that we want control back to warfstache who is the colonel and the detective tracked down the colonel to arrest him for the murders he didnt do
Frostykinkajou преди 7 дни
W: Did we date at somepoint? A: What? No! We didn't date. The hole is a metaphor for when you shot me in the... Stunned Silence W: CaR XD
ReyIsNull преди 7 дни
i cant stop thinking about how this is happening at the exact time DAMIEN is
Jojo Tributo
Jojo Tributo преди 7 дни
I swear Wilford is acting like dr who
Kuzey Aydın
Kuzey Aydın преди 7 дни
can someone explain me the ending of this? does abe turn mad? does he die?
Denise Moreno
Denise Moreno преди 7 дни
11:57 Are we not going to talk about that😂😂
Evolutia преди 7 дни
The edges of his moustache are beginning to turn pink
SleepyKimo преди 7 дни
"We were like two naked men running on a treadmill." Perfect
Akish преди 8 дни
This is just Mark’s version of Joker
Crazy Crave
Crazy Crave преди 8 дни
You, warfshtache have change my mind of reality and I've been chasing on something that does not exist and being in an unknown world.
HaloManGaming преди 8 дни
I don't know why but this video makes me think of Max Payne
John Galanakis
John Galanakis преди 9 дни
damn I never knew mark got dem movez
Kaden преди 9 дни
Wilford apologists how we doin?
Madi Allender
Madi Allender преди 9 дни
I headcanon Warfstache as pansexual
GarbagePanda преди 9 дни
Re-watching this after watching who killed Markiplier I realized, Wilford mentioned how his heart still beats for Celine.
Wilford Warfstache
Wilford Warfstache преди 10 дни
Ah, Dave. The times we've had together.
•Funtime Artística•
•Funtime Artística• преди 8 дни
Travis Montgomery
Travis Montgomery преди 10 дни
Dear god, absolutely amazing.
wafflesareyummy преди 10 дни
Nugget ._.
Nugget ._. преди 10 дни
Alright. Wilfred Warfstache is an eldritch entity, who does seemingly chaotic things to meet an agenda that mere mortals cannot understand. The detective is not dead. He is now insane. Warfstache blended the detective's mind to shove him off the trail, so that Warfstache's true nature could not be determined by the masses. That's my take on all of this.
Raeanne Curtis
Raeanne Curtis преди 10 дни
I feel like I’m renting a movie illegally
Scientist Clone Gaming
Scientist Clone Gaming преди 10 дни
This single video has inspired so much of my writing it’s just amazing and whenever I have a writers block I just need to watch this and I’m inspired.
CaptainFry24 преди 10 дни
13:52 he fled the country to springfield
Aubrey Hardy
Aubrey Hardy преди 10 дни
This should be a movie
Momba250 преди 10 дни
I've watched this video seven times in the past 3 days
Sillas Lucena
Sillas Lucena преди 10 дни
Years later and that is still a masterpiece!
Noelle Caraway
Noelle Caraway преди 10 дни
I love how he goes from smoking a cigarette, to a cigar, to a juul
Gracie D.
Gracie D. преди 10 дни
So like.. have we been sleeping on Wilford being another form of the Colonel? That that's his origin story?
The Foolish Jester
The Foolish Jester преди 11 дни
I was messing with a quarter while watching this and as soon as they showed warstashe I realized I balanced it on its side. Warstache is magical.
Apex_gamer 543
Apex_gamer 543 преди 11 дни
The acting amazed me!! Great work
Páraic Sharkey
Páraic Sharkey преди 11 дни
what the hell I did not expect this sort of stuff from the funny screaming, gaming guy that has a nice voice
Grim Grim
Grim Grim преди 11 дни
3 years later this is still so beautiful and I dont know why
Js Shorthouse
Js Shorthouse преди 11 дни
Mig 0.00% good
Mig 0.00% good преди 11 дни
This video shows many many things about Wilfred he's indestructible is everywhere and nowhere can transcend through space and time going either in the past or in the future remembering things in the future that hasn't happened yet all at the cost of his sanity what happened that day the day he just snapped what could have happened to him
Emily .V
Emily .V преди 11 дни
3:30 Dang Mark got moves
nonnycboo _official
nonnycboo _official преди 12 дни
Hey, anyone know the name of the music for this? I mean the piano part. Jw
littlefnafxz преди 12 дни
no bc wilfords brown hair looks so amazing in this movie omg
Ti9erLilly преди 12 дни
This is my second time watching this, and it's still making my laugh my ass off and choking up. I fucking love this. A true masterpiece. 💜😂
Soze Stone
Soze Stone преди 12 дни
How the fuck did it take me 2 years to find this video. The film noir, the dialogue, the art direction of this project is truly amazing. Great Mother loving Video Mark & co.
Kayla Skez17
Kayla Skez17 преди 12 дни
I love how Wilford is fine all the way through as long as he has his drink
kk and pictures
kk and pictures преди 12 дни
woulda been more funny if he said ' get down on the ground' and he started dancing on the ground spinning
Buttery fellow
Buttery fellow преди 12 дни
Ok so this is genius first of the entire altitude of willford now knowing what's going on but is already two steps ahead saying oh this hasn't happen yet and said a "spoiler" as well as shhhing the gun and saying the grownups are talking it's a brilliant character from what we're used to he went insane and cause of this everything is meaning less which is a great dynamic with the detective who thinks everything has meaning and when the world crumbles by the end us as a viewer got one story while there could be many many more if you look hard enough and i think that's what makes marks videos so good he puts thought and time into and comes out with masterpieces like this
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown преди 12 дни
Wilford warstache and Rick Sanchez are the two most hidden broken men I have ever seen
Cody Tharpe
Cody Tharpe преди 12 дни
i cant comprehand what i just f ing sall
Euge Quiroga
Euge Quiroga преди 12 дни
WOW I've loved the video!! It gave me The Sinister Island vibes
Lunus преди 12 дни
Still one of the best Character intros out there 3:28
Not_Synx преди 12 дни
Why does the intro remind me of bo3 zombies beginning
NeyaThings Official
NeyaThings Official преди 12 дни
My favorite part 3:12-3:46 he killed it tho period🤣
Awesome Bread
Awesome Bread преди 12 дни
I love how this is just a backstory of Wilford, the character we all know and love.
Big Man Boris
Big Man Boris преди 12 дни
cocosweet156 преди 12 дни
I saw this thing more than 10 times and I'm still standing up clapping at the end. What a true masterpiece
Kong Jet
Kong Jet преди 12 дни
"Life needed a little madness,so why should death be any different?" -Wilford
littlefnafxz преди 13 дни
willford seems so innocent yet so insane. it's a confusion, but we will find out.
GODGAMER преди 13 дни
O free show that's actually 4k
Rafael Esteban Nasisi
Rafael Esteban Nasisi преди 13 дни
I still don't understand " who killed markiplier" can someone with free time explain it to me
thatoneguy преди 13 дни
I don't know how we didn't have to pay for this its so good
Cobal преди 13 дни
Gotta say, my favorite video on BGpost, and that’s saying something
Clay Dykes
Clay Dykes преди 13 дни
I can’t believe how under appreciated this is and how I’m just now seeing this what amazing performances from all the actors this genuinely blew my mind
Offensive Operatives
Offensive Operatives преди 13 дни
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody преди 13 дни
Well, hes an animatronic now
Treeslawood преди 13 дни
The Detective is my favorite character in this interconnected universe thing. He's just... so gay? And I love that? And Mike plays him so well
Pandymeez преди 13 дни
It's crazy how seeing that crowd so close together makes me immediately think "no, you're breathing on each other... Covid ☹️" I wonder what I used to think before. I can't even remember.
QueenDiscombra преди 13 дни
The whole memory thing makes more sense after WAIA
THE Animator
THE Animator преди 14 дни
why is this not a show
Gameover Gaming and more
Gameover Gaming and more преди 15 дни
It's like batman and Joker.
Connor B.
Connor B. преди 15 дни
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Mark’s PERFECT disco dancing?
littlefnafxz преди 11 дни
Dr. No
Dr. No преди 15 дни
Word to the wise: Don’t watch this when you’re high.
Mewcat преди 15 дни
Why has nobody mentioned 5:09? Is that.. Not important? *_we're just gonna ignore that?_* *_In the background?_* I mean I know stuff like that is normal because of timelines crossing and stuff but why was he there
HAMMERFALL преди 15 дни
pourquoi satané ?
Bob Chris
Bob Chris преди 16 дни
I liked the part where they ate alot of potato salad and then Burglor showed up.
sssamurai преди 16 дни
To make something this deep, with this many emotion hidden within it, with characters that make you aware and afraid of problems both real and fictional. This is art.
Meerah преди 16 дни
Why'd the music stop?
Psycho Fangirl_04
Psycho Fangirl_04 преди 16 дни
Anyone else here after the WAIA videos?
Andre Luiz Salero Andrade
Andre Luiz Salero Andrade преди 16 дни
"How long were we stuck in the snow for?" "Spoiler alert for later: we all did it" I love me some Agatha Christie reference
Gracken преди 16 дни
why does wilford remind me of the tenth doctor
Trash Goblin
Trash Goblin преди 17 дни
Mick... Did you wipe? Flush? Did you even wash your hands after the toilet?!
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