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This house is nothing but pain and suffering and also it can’t talk...
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Marie yvonne Collet
Marie yvonne Collet преди ден
48:56 BUY MY ROCK !!!😫😢🤣❤
Tuxx95 преди ден
Im giving this haunted house 2 stars on my yelp review, due to the gardener being too handsy, but the exhaust shafts blowing out that dank 420 is a nice touch 😆
Mayhemm **
Mayhemm ** преди 2 дни
Mark, playing a horror game: WHY WOULD YOU SCARE ME???!??
vegas dominic
vegas dominic преди 3 дни
desomorphine effects look it up.
MidNightMurder преди 5 дни
Balds basics just got an upgrade
Butter Voice
Butter Voice преди 6 дни
Have your hiccups stopped yet, Mark?
Project Error
Project Error преди 7 дни
Out of all the enemies in the game nothing compares to the hiccups
calico преди 7 дни
randomeuropeanguy преди 7 дни
the protagonist really REALLY needs to pick an accent haha
Captainkitty25 преди 7 дни
If you lower you brightness down all the way during the dark parts, it looks like Marks a floating head
Shy Coco
Shy Coco преди 7 дни
Mark is the surprised pikachu face when he rediscovers mechanics that a game has shown him before.
Aeris Shadoan
Aeris Shadoan преди 8 дни
color is a little off, but cosmo and wanda aint so slick at 5:20
Bi_Bean_Nb idkwhattoputhere
Bi_Bean_Nb idkwhattoputhere преди 8 дни
i like watching these when i wake up bc it gives yiur heart a little scare and it wakes you up✨😋✨
Gracie Powers
Gracie Powers преди 10 дни
he will say this in yesterdays video so uh hi from the future 04/02/2021 (i am a dead man that walks)
Ghost 2.0
Ghost 2.0 преди 10 дни
"I ran out of run"- Markiplier 2018
The Holy Toaster
The Holy Toaster преди 10 дни
the person who made the thumbnail is a legend btw check her out
Neko chan
Neko chan преди 11 дни
silent house wait...silent hill? Nah...
waffl3_ir0n преди 11 дни
Me: *sees the long table after just watching Who Killed Markiplier* come on. *pokes mark with a stick* make a reference
Devonn преди 11 дни
33:14 " AAAHH CUM ON MY HOLE!" - markiplier 2018
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler преди 12 дни
its so weird how much hes changed, i definitely prefer the more chill Mark
James Willie
James Willie преди 14 дни
Detective Gordon? Really? Not like that guys from Batman or anything.
Erwin Surya
Erwin Surya преди 15 дни
Its a old game hmmmm..
BitViper преди 15 дни
I was so on edge I go scared by a transition
ur ducked
ur ducked преди 17 дни
Mark be honest do you like those pixelated horror games?
Generic Protagonist
Generic Protagonist преди 19 дни
"I thought it was the drug known as *crocodile"* That made me laugh really hard, always look up pronounction before recording your lines.
Catherine Centea
Catherine Centea преди 20 дни
For anyone wishing to skip Mark's hiccup madness, or go to it I guess, it starts at 46:18 and ends around 52:52.
Alien_Trash_ преди 21 ден
new drinking game: take a shot whenever mark asked you to do something to support the channel so he could get rid of his hiccups
Zenon Empire
Zenon Empire преди 22 дни
Mark: I am a Dead Man who walks around Me: But Mark, haven't you heard? Dead men tell no tales.
tina Mohamad
tina Mohamad преди 26 дни
-46:30 Mark: "Aand into my hole.. AHH!! Oh come in my hole! uhh.. you're fast.." *cries from desperation* In reality, Mark says "Oh come on, My hole!" *pouts from yet another failure* ... I dont even know why I thought that in a horror game OMG 🤦‍♀️ sorry Mark..
Jessyca Stoepker
Jessyca Stoepker преди 27 дни
If I had a dime for every door he opened I would have ten thousand dimes
You will suffer
You will suffer преди месец
Mark: HIDE UNDER SOMTHING!!! Also Mark: **walks past like 4 tables**
Oishin 'Ash' O'Hara
Oishin 'Ash' O'Hara преди месец
2018 - "Jimmy, please no have mercy-" 2021 - "JIMMY PLEASE NO--"
Guadalupe Piña
Guadalupe Piña преди месец
como cuando eres latino y ves a un coreando hablando en ingles :/ latinos muestrense!!!!!
Fflur Jones
Fflur Jones преди месец
Why is Mark with hiccups one of the funniest things ever honestly XD
TheGhostKillz преди месец
Why is this video in 144p only?
TheGhostKillz преди месец
This is just a joke calm down :)
Miura Mew Mew
Miura Mew Mew преди месец
I love pixelated games. There's something about them that just looks so admirable to me. I think it's because of Undertale. It's just a lot better-looking to me than other games, especially 3D games. 2D > 3D
Bunny Estrada
Bunny Estrada преди месец
The voice actor sounds like the guy from Final Nights 4
Longfei Wang
Longfei Wang преди месец
I hope Lixian edited those hiccups
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler преди 12 дни
i dont think lixian edited this
Olivia Colon
Olivia Colon преди месец
"where am i? am i in the closet?" idk but i am B)
Quen L
Quen L преди месец
Who is Jimmy!?
SammyGecko_ преди месец
You know, this house doesn’t seem that silent
TBallard преди месец
This game started out good and the story was interesting, but then seemed to turned into a slog. Maybe it is the art style, environments start to run together and I could barely tell rooms apart. I have no idea how you managed to find you way.
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson преди месец
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson преди месец
was this before Lixian?
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor преди месец
mark in the thumbnail has hee hoo vibes... r.i.p unus annus momento mori.
Lea преди месец
why is youtube telling me that mark is playing fnaf?? xD
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell преди месец
There is way too much crimes going on in Providence and in Pawtucket and it seems to me that we need stronger protection against street criminals. because things are bad enough this year without these gangsters coming along selling drugs shooting people. I see and read the news sometimes we know some criminals will play the hate card to avoid going to jail not surprised when these things happen. I worked at an agency which is a shitty place for anyone to work at these guys thinking they are salt of the earth the greatest gift to the female genders have been fired due to bad behaviors. I told others about Buddy Cianci stealing money from businesses putting state workers out of jobs. because that crooked son of a bitch couldn't keep his hands in his own pockets. and of course in life he would play the sympathy card. the puppy eyes apology look to gaine public trust from Rhode Islanders. he didn't fool me at all. so the business I worked at is still a bad place to work because many employers are still gonna pull fast ones and be a group of sneakers towards others. and every year the same damn things keep happening where I'm at. an apartment complex has drug dealers and whole bunch of bad people there. a dirty employer at a Quiznos restaurant smoked a cigarette in the bath room left his dirty soda can on the rim of the sink and did not wash his hands afterwards. a Walmart boss demanded employers work the night shift. one night a guy operating the fork lift feel asleep because that poor guy was tired and he pinned another Walmart male employer against some boxes it crushed him to death it's a sad thing to live with. and folks never do business with a man named Greg Unison he is a monster and hurt many females that dated him. I sense alert messages letting others know what an asshole that guy is. watch videos to find out why it's better to be a customer than to be working at Game Stop it is stressful believe it. don't trust Pawn Brokers they will cheat out out of values. this fat disgusting Pawn Broker man lied to me about the value of baseball cards I had they are interested in making a lot of money. may those scum bag liers goes out of business and that goes for any web scamers out there as well. now guys you all that log into these adult Chatlines stop doing that do not call them or log into them.seriously I've seen these greedy sites for myself the hot girls on screen are greedy and will not always respond to you. Stop feeding the greedy they don't care about any of you so why bother. we need to think smarter because even some dating Websites are fake with profiles that are not real at all. Publishers Clearing House, Lottery, Mc Donald's Monopoly, each and every one of these are completely full of shit do not fall for any of them just ignore them things. humanity can survive our world is going to heal but if we want it to heal faster than we've gotta start working together remember this all life matters. Gal Gadot is a very nice person for real and Brie Larson isn't so Hollywood and Disney understand this fans are always important and not just because we spend lots of money buying merch.
Benjamin Plumb
Benjamin Plumb преди месец
I really wanna see a horror game where it has all the hiding mechanics and their directions implemented into the game with prompts but there's absolutely no monsters in the game
Wingardium Lachancla
Wingardium Lachancla преди месец
The opening music is so beautiful
Dewey40k преди месец
Nah crocodile drug is made first in Mexico with petrol liquid concrete some meds dont remember wich one (well i do but i dont think its thé same name in english ) and it isnt à drug you shoot up between your toes you shoot it anywhere you can but People Who take this dont have any veins left so they shoot in feets or stuff like that if they cant arms legs etc (and it makes your arms legs etc fall off slowly in 2 years after first injection you die even if you did 1 time (and as it makes scale like skin and rot your whole body thats why they call it crocodile drug)
bad content
bad content преди месец
I though crocodile was the drug that made you eat people's faces
christian palses
christian palses преди месец
I wonder if mark ever checks his notifications
cowboy преди месец
this game makes me feel like anything can happen at any moment. whenever mark just turns a corner, for example whenever mark was turning around all those bookshelves or whenever he goes down those stairs & turns to the left or right. but then I remember that mark is there with me. his silly personality comforts me whenever I watch him play a scary game. thanks mark for making me laugh a lot every time I watch one of your videos =).
zombies4dinner преди месец
Why does the intro sound like wade
_.zoe_tng._ преди месец
19:17 xD 20:44
JiJi flipclip
JiJi flipclip преди 2 месеца
I think this deserves markiplier out of context compilation. 33:12
No thoughts, head empty.
No thoughts, head empty. преди 2 месеца
"Come on, my hole!" *~Markiplier, 2018*
Jamieden преди 2 месеца
Actual game: The Silent House BGpost: Five Nights at Freddy’s
Patriotic Princess
Patriotic Princess преди 2 месеца
I saw a snail in 28:13 wat
Tatourice Reaver
Tatourice Reaver преди 2 месеца
Man that axe joke... So much axeperience with it... I'm axehausted of it.... Sorry for hitting these axeactly on point.
Jacqueline Gutierrez
Jacqueline Gutierrez преди 2 месеца
The ripe farm cytologically chew because thistle prominently waste with a old index. joyous, closed step-mother
Constança Almeida
Constança Almeida преди 2 месеца
why tf is Levi voicing the game
Triangle Man
Triangle Man преди 2 месеца
Mark should make tiny box tim merch a keychain would be cool
Andre преди 2 месеца
Scream (hiccups) screams louder
Blue Claws
Blue Claws преди 2 месеца
I'm subscribed and gave the video a like!! I couldn't stop the hiccups, Mark! I tried, man! I triiiiiiieeeeed!
dorkymarkie преди 2 месеца
its the face mark gets whenever hes in an awkward situation... i laughed my ass off
Tommys Aesthetics
Tommys Aesthetics преди 2 месеца
Don't you love it when your headphones are broken and your tryna watch this and your parents start yelling at each other =} , anyways, how are you all today?
A M преди 2 месеца
PILLZHERE 234 преди 2 месеца
the silent house sounds like if you called the twilight zone, the scary door.
Mika Shea
Mika Shea преди 2 месеца
Oh shit that was so funny. I’m in so much pain 😂😂😂😂
G0rey _ Gutz
G0rey _ Gutz преди 2 месеца
Personally I think And I'm going Out on a limb here maybe the Killers are Blind Or (TW GORE) Ripped their eyes out and use their sense Of Hearing to Find the player and I heard most Blind people can use echolocation And have better hearing :>
G0rey _ Gutz
G0rey _ Gutz преди 2 месеца
They could have Ripped their eyes out to try to prevent themselves from killing
Yumm преди 2 месеца
Nobody: Literally Nobody: Markiplier: I ran out of run!
はじめちゃちょー преди 2 месеца
I love how at the end markiplier screamed expecting a jumpscare
Himiko преди 2 месеца
Those hiccups really murdered mark lmao
Shawn Cormier
Shawn Cormier преди 2 месеца
me : poor mark he has the hiccups lol mark : hELp mE bY HiTtiNg tHaT sUbScRiBe bUtToN! RiNg ThAt BeLL! RiNgAliNgaDiNg ThAt bELL
DraconMonster преди 3 месеца
Mark: Who's moaning? We can't be moaning 2 minutes into the video here! Me: 3 actually
Madison Rees
Madison Rees преди 3 месеца
"what a long dining table for all those friends you don't have."
anime weebs
anime weebs преди 3 месеца
Yay you picked up a key
evan griffith
evan griffith преди 3 месеца
The yellow pigeon regretfully bleach because ground characteristically form of a wiry square. faded, actually tip
wren преди 3 месеца
mark: all of the MOANING in the HALLWAY me: sounds like my school
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark преди 3 месеца
Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is going to be fun.... Also me: WHY DID IT SAY GORDON THAT'S MY GD NAME!
DJtheGamerXIII преди 3 месеца
48:06 "you picked up an axe!" "You picked up an axe!" Me: *dual wielding axes let's gooo*
Puppy Paw Studios
Puppy Paw Studios преди 3 месеца
Poor Mark, so many scares and hiccups! XD
Funtime Foxy
Funtime Foxy преди 3 месеца
41:52 & 41:56 Mark using UWU language
Ryo Stonewell
Ryo Stonewell преди 3 месеца
I totally get it. Low res games that 're act'ly good, they give me some nostalgia fr'm the ol' days, 90's 'n' maybe... very early 2000's.
Shadows Star
Shadows Star преди 3 месеца
27:39 "Are you a hoggler? How's your wood?" _Mark immediately looks towards the bodies shorts._ Okay, mark.
Icekachu Taiga
Icekachu Taiga преди 3 месеца
Brian Regan??? "The moaning!! All of the moaning!!"
goodbye преди 3 месеца
I stg Mark talks like Ned Flanders sometimes
H0rr0r Cr0w
H0rr0r Cr0w преди 3 месеца
“Hello!...well that’s...*weird*”
Chosha преди 3 месеца
Hannah nightshade wolf
Hannah nightshade wolf преди 3 месеца
when Mark said reapers From Mass effect 3 I sat there for a second and thought about how that game broke me
Pixel Fuzbear
Pixel Fuzbear преди 3 месеца
Can we just talk about how BGpost thinks this is a Slenderman game, lolz
evil_potato12 преди 3 месеца
mmm dont u just love krokodil and it's side affects :)
Elena_Andrea_ ÚwÙ
Elena_Andrea_ ÚwÙ преди 3 месеца
2018 - nah 2019 - still nah 2020 - perfect time
Yaoi Yuri
Yaoi Yuri преди 4 месеца
Isn't it so weird that I got rid of my hiccups right as Mark started hiccuping? Lmao
LancerAnimates преди 4 месеца
42:28 was that the bite of 87?!
minnie 99
minnie 99 преди 4 месеца
guy with the blade: runs towards markiplier markiplier: runs istead of hiding in the closet for 30 min. confused?????
SadAvery's_randomnessð преди 4 месеца
3:19 me: ur mom😌
yasmín east
yasmín east преди 4 месеца
bruh the hicups
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