MAKING MORE COWS... | Minecraft - Part 13

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I've found out the complex and bizarre process by which I can turn cows into more cows in Minecraft!
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Nathan Childers
Nathan Childers преди ден
My favorite part of this series is mark and lixian especially the celebration part
Conner Cai
Conner Cai преди ден
Imagine kids play Minecraft and don’t know where baby’s come from and then see how baby’s are made in Minecraft
wolf pawz
wolf pawz преди 4 дни
I got reasons why you shouldn't put your house in the ground! ^^ -its wood so if you hit lava it'll burn up -mobs could possibly get in more easier if it's in a cave -many many many many many many many many reasons why
Fuscous MC
Fuscous MC преди 5 дни
"I shouldn't be wasting diamond pickaxes." On what, mining? Isn't that the point of getting good pickaxes?
Kylie Forgie
Kylie Forgie преди 5 дни
He left the door open and a spider finally tried to kill him
Firdaus彡 преди 7 дни
mark : "next ep im gonna try redstone things" me : maybe consider to renovate your house first?
Mason England
Mason England преди 8 дни
leslie huerta
leslie huerta преди 8 дни
i absolutely love the interactions with lixian
Jon Doeson
Jon Doeson преди 10 дни
He forgot the hay
Aiden Dorsey-Carro
Aiden Dorsey-Carro преди 11 дни
"WHO WANTS TO MAKE BABIES!!!" -Markiplier 2020
BlueBellz преди 13 дни
I love marks editor xD
R N A преди 15 дни
I absolutely adore Lixian istg-
gallade gamer
gallade gamer преди 15 дни
The quest for cow 2: electric moogaloo
Sharketeer преди 17 дни
“Why can’t I get a robot to do this?” -the origin of Mumbo Jumbo
Gruze преди 18 дни
For anyone who is wondering, the song that was played during mark slaughtering the cow is "Mustaches and Martinis"
gallade gamer
gallade gamer преди 15 дни
Wait, mark murdered a bunch of cows? Man, I must've been distracted...
Lil.Shorty преди 19 дни
Markiplier : I'm just gonna put this door here now I know y this door comes in 3 Everybody else: don't worry markiplier we all tried to lay a regular door horizontally over a hole 😂 Lol
Danmacie преди 20 дни
12 blcoks.... but -5 for bedrock
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon преди 20 дни
Has mark heard of a trap door??
lowgfy ROBLOX
lowgfy ROBLOX преди 22 дни
wHO'S zZzZzZz Lixian? ZzZzZzZ
tommy springfield
tommy springfield преди 23 дни
Spider: oh hi mark
Kale Human
Kale Human преди 23 дни
L e a t h e r
Sonic Forces The Hedgehog
Sonic Forces The Hedgehog преди 25 дни
gamepad sparkle
gamepad sparkle преди 27 дни
*mark* and if you want to see more *darkiplier* you know what to do *me* yes....kill more cows
murray101 larry101
murray101 larry101 преди 28 дни
I love this Minecraft playlist you made
Willow Huffman
Willow Huffman преди 28 дни
I love how he "talks" to Lixian's animation, it feels so wholesome
D0S81 преди месец
mark why did you have to think of that. you know some game making jackanape is creating his own paywalled version of minecraft, but called *farmcraft* right now for google play.
D0S81 преди месец
why *do* minecraft doors come in threes? doors and door.....holes?....ways! doorways. doors and *doorways* in minecraft, are like hotdogs and hotdog holes in the real world, too many of one for the amount of the other.
MissMaddieMack преди месец
I know this is an older video, but please, press F3 to look at your coordinates, it helps so much
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty преди месец
3:30. Mark got Fire Aspect? Sweeeeet!
Luke Thacker
Luke Thacker преди месец
Looks like mark is having fun in farming simulator 2009
Macintosh C84
Macintosh C84 преди месец
This is just my day job If I had one
This is just my day job If I had one преди месец
When will he learn you can make golden food so you don’t DIE!!
Samantha Kuznik
Samantha Kuznik преди месец
Ik I’m totally late to this, but the best place to start strip mining is coordinate y-11
Asterio Icawat
Asterio Icawat преди месец
SkyrimBarbie преди месец
Mark not knowing that his crops won’t grow if he’s too far away from them kills me
Harrie Goston
Harrie Goston преди месец
This lets play is like the polar opposite of dream.
KateWolfStar преди месец
Mark made a tiny little house and I'm building a fricking castle that will take about, idk, 5000 stone bricks?
Toniry6y4uyuy Madrid
Toniry6y4uyuy Madrid преди месец
Do more minecraft videos please
JoelJoestar преди месец
Right as Mark found diamonds I found diamond too but instead of celebrating I immediately burned in lava because of fucking gravel
Thing Master
Thing Master преди месец
10:29 Do u mean netherite armor
Lyric Myers
Lyric Myers преди месец
not mark leaving a diamond behind
captain sticky beard 2.0
captain sticky beard 2.0 преди месец
Why do you never see Lixion's feet
The_Old преди месец
So no one is gonna tell him how to know at which block he is at?
Alliyah Ishaq
Alliyah Ishaq преди месец
Is it a stupid question to ask who lixian is? Lol I'm imagining its Mark's imagination?...😂
ろく преди месец
@Alliyah Ishaq You're welcome!
Alliyah Ishaq
Alliyah Ishaq преди месец
ろく преди месец
It's his editor. The cartoon dude that he talks to.
Cristian J.
Cristian J. преди месец
Lixian could've had ANYTHING jab mark in the eye, I'm just glad it was just a ribbon, lol.
Retro Guru
Retro Guru преди месец
Sometimes I would enchant crap with 1 level just to make a different enchant appear when enchanting something else. Because the thing is, when you want to enchant something, the table will stick to the ones shown until you enchant something else which will then scramble the mixing table and give you a new set of random enchants.
Conrad G
Conrad G преди месец
He should’ve gotten the hay bales
Elísa Ágústsdóttir
Elísa Ágústsdóttir преди месец
Fun Minecraft fact spiders don’t try to kill u when it’s day time only if u attack them in daylight
Ella Lewis
Ella Lewis преди месец
we should tell him about afking soon
Eggy преди месец
Mark, Press F3, and keep looking down along the left side, until you find “block”, then look across at the 3 numbers. The second number will be your hight.
grimthedeathlord преди месец
Im not sure what he's going on about, for me farming is the best part of Minecraft.
Dylan Jordan
Dylan Jordan преди месец
At 2:35 he sounds just like Tenzin from LOK
KingPwnzer преди месец
Probably a little too late but Mark. Unless you want villagers to ruin your farm, put a fence around it. Villagers harvest crops and only replant it like 80% of the time. and it's not always just replacing everything equally. I've had a huge wheat farm turn into a field of beetroot because of villagers. not fun.
Christopher Saacks
Christopher Saacks преди месец
Mark sounds like joe swanson from family guy
Evie Gray
Evie Gray преди месец
Mark: 20 wheat for emeralds? i should get on that Also Mark: walks right by stacks of hay 9:33
Exalin преди месец
btw the water can help the wheat 4 blocks away (yes more than 2 blocks its 4!!!!!!)
jaden yuki
jaden yuki преди месец
how do cows make babies if all cows are female
aelores преди месец
i fucking hate this lets play this the most agonizing series ive ever watched and yet i continue to watch and like im so mad
Cole Hoffner
Cole Hoffner преди месец
Can I please tell him what to use gold for? XD
ChaotiX преди месец
whens someone gonna tell him that one water block can fertilize up to 4 dirt blocks away?
Kitsune Hellscythe
Kitsune Hellscythe преди месец
How to pronounce iron: EYE-run How Mark pronounces iron: EYE-urn
that one dude
that one dude преди месец
That sound affect when the skeleton shot you made me jump
Youssef Osman
Youssef Osman преди месец
Mark: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO
Declan Blue
Declan Blue преди месец
"This gold crap is probably used for something but I just don't know" *laughs in piglin*
SCP-176 The Sculpture
SCP-176 The Sculpture преди месец
Mark: *talking about getting lots of diamonds to kill dragon* Me: N E T H E R I T E Netherite is found by doing boom boom in Nether
Sm0k3turt13 преди месец
Is this, a psychological horror Minecraft let’s play? I’m here for it
Marlana Nance
Marlana Nance преди месец
Dude I have never broke a diamond pickaxe EVER
Swai Awai
Swai Awai преди месец
Oh No
Oh No преди месец
2:26 markiplier_nazi_zombie.mp4
Logan Repasky
Logan Repasky преди месец
stop making things family friendly
Thunda преди месец
When will mark realize.... The bookshelves are all in the villages
Aiden Daff
Aiden Daff преди месец
take the hay bails
The Matisss
The Matisss преди месец
Pewdiepie: ikea tower Mark: wizard tower
Sophia Caruso
Sophia Caruso преди месец
Pretty sure he missed a diamond
Sophia Caruso
Sophia Caruso преди месец
Mark if u make wool into carpet then put it on a fence u can hop in and out of the pen but the animals can’t go in and out
Griffin Farmer
Griffin Farmer преди месец
You think that too two small Shaq ever compared to a real Pro Wizard Tower you've display me Markiplier I watch to channel before and you failed me at Minecraft
Edward преди месец
SteelYouFeel преди месец
“My wizard’s tower shall give fru- *aeugh*- fruits soon.”
Ralph Herman
Ralph Herman преди месец
Why does his house have to be so bad while jack’s first house is literally a castle
Ty Sipes
Ty Sipes преди месец
I'm in FFA and I'm jealous if Mark's ranch lmao 🤣
Mason Williams
Mason Williams преди месец
you can make golden apples with gold. if you don’t know/remember, golden apples can be *very* useful.
kale kurtz
kale kurtz преди месец
“well this isn’t nearly as many good weed that i thought i’d have at this point” ah yes, markistoner
Zoe Tremain-Woodcock
Zoe Tremain-Woodcock преди месец
Lv20 white boy Sud
Lv20 white boy Sud преди месец
Mark left a diamond behind
Tyler Rodrigues
Tyler Rodrigues преди месец
Gold is for not being attacked by piglings tip dont mine gold near them
Go Go Steel ball run
Go Go Steel ball run преди месец
your exp goes down when enchanting
J50 productions Trey Stewart
J50 productions Trey Stewart преди месец
Mark: no one ever said that I was an idiot “I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move.”
Alexx Casanova
Alexx Casanova преди месец
Alt title for the playlist: Lixian is scarred for life many, many times.
Eloy Vega
Eloy Vega преди месец
The spider came into Mark's house... while his door was open...and he was in bed...see where I'm going with this?
Joseph Emerson
Joseph Emerson преди месец
just wait until he discovers elevators
BaconPlxyerPlxyzツ преди месец
Zydranous преди месец
without lxian editing. then its just a man talking to a wall.
Melanie Horowitz
Melanie Horowitz преди месец
The poor baby cows saw so much murder 🥺
Charles Holbrook
Charles Holbrook преди месец
feed the cat a raw fish
kööl aïd
kööl aïd преди месец
does he know trapdoors exist????
Quarantine Tea
Quarantine Tea преди месец
If you get a farmer he will re plant your weet
Hexa Swift
Hexa Swift преди месец
Ah, nothing like happy-tapper dancing music to drown out the screams of slaughtered cows....
Mohamadfaresi преди месец
Gold Is Used For Armor and tool BUT Piglin Loves Gold Like This There Is Gold Ore In the nether so if you made a golden armor piglin will not hurt you because they will think that you love Gold So Yea and also you can trade them if you throw the golden ingot they give obsidian and ender pearl and leather and more not the pig that you killed in the video its the pig that wears clothes and has crossbow and golden sword That's why gold is important in the nether.
• PBnJellyfish •
• PBnJellyfish • преди 2 месеца
lixian is the zombiemold of this series
cherrylollipop__ преди 2 месеца
So who's gonna tell him that the cows he feed is probably a Momma Cow and an adult Baby Cow making babies
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