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Back into Raft. Brand new island with brand new mysteries to explore and discover so we'd better get to work!
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Dranix Jeannie
Dranix Jeannie преди 5 часа
17:14 “Dirty knees,look at these”?As in that RACIST song:”Chinese,Japanese,dirty knees,look at these”?...Does Wade know what was saying?
Joan Miro Dela Cruz
Joan Miro Dela Cruz преди 10 часа
"Hey we got chicken" M: "Ooh Cool" Wade: "AM I MUTED?" 50:20
Joan Miro Dela Cruz
Joan Miro Dela Cruz преди 10 часа
Lol if me and my friend is playing Minecraft and stole my items then lies its his this is my reactions 46:35
BD Gamecenter
BD Gamecenter преди 11 часа
Idk why, but at the end where it's looping him jumping into the water I just pictured a reaper leviathan jumping out like "HeLlO!!"
Shit ass but in real life and hungry
Shit ass but in real life and hungry преди 18 часа
Should have put *I'd rafter not*
Slycerr преди 22 часа
Am i the only one irritated by mark not drinking anything?
Jocelyn Seifert
Jocelyn Seifert преди 2 дни
the fact bob is saying "babe" WOT DOES DAT MEAN-
Ali Noland
Ali Noland преди 2 дни
Mark is me when I play Minecraft with friends: Spends SO much time organizing chests and takes a lot of pride in it just for it all to be mixed up by the people I'm playing with XD
Gamer_Girl Jenny
Gamer_Girl Jenny преди 2 дни
He needs some milk
Gamer_Girl Jenny
Gamer_Girl Jenny преди 2 дни
Nice Ron
rozie преди 2 дни
mark: finds tophat *visible excitement* mark: starts to talk like a douche then DIES i love mark so much
Madison Miller
Madison Miller преди 2 дни
Ngl He kinda sound like hisoka from hxh and sebastian from black butler when he does that voice thing or whatever that's called if it's called anything
How not to fall
How not to fall преди 3 дни
1-10 Satisfying shit - not shit for a week Is my new scale
Cooper Brunes
Cooper Brunes преди 3 дни
They should add proximity chat to RAFT
Larissa Harvey
Larissa Harvey преди 3 дни
i like this video it was good
Bella R
Bella R преди 4 дни
Poor wade LOL
Adriana Lapierre
Adriana Lapierre преди 4 дни
This is what happens when you put 2 men and a Wade in the middle of the ocean
Hannah_Rama преди 4 дни
'There's so many crises happening right now, I can't even... emotionally handle this...' - 2020 in a nutshell.
mEEp nope
mEEp nope преди 4 дни
Lackadaisical is the word o’ the day!
Mike Robson
Mike Robson преди 4 дни
Does Markiplier know walls exist in Raft and that you can stick boxes to walls in a stack saving space?
[BLANK] преди 4 дни
the way Mark had a breakdown over his organization system is what I would do plus throwing things off board and killing bob then quit the game
Alec Munro
Alec Munro преди 4 дни
The constant lack of foresight gets annoying after a while 😂
Lil Hay
Lil Hay преди 5 дни
out of context some of what they say sounds like an adhd conversation lol ifykyk
Gay Baby Jail
Gay Baby Jail преди 5 дни
Honestly... seeing items where they shouldn't be and the labels all being changed to random Wade things upsets me as much as it upsets mark. It just hurts to witness
Chloe Couch
Chloe Couch преди 5 дни
Bob’s laugh makes everything 10x funnier and better
Caleb Wong
Caleb Wong преди 5 дни
If I had a friend like wade I'd wait till he left the raft and turn the engines on so he can try his hardest to catch up to the raft for like 10 minutes then just turn them on full speed and leave him behind never turning them off
Caleb Wong
Caleb Wong преди 5 дни
99 percent of this comment section is people just doing that Name: Name: Name: Joke and it's so fucking annoying
NvrStpGaming преди 5 дни
Real talk I want to know Mark's logic around his organizational system
C_Turtle0923 преди 5 дни
Of course, we need infinite explosives.
Apex_gamer 543
Apex_gamer 543 преди 5 дни
The most terrifying words is all” but it throws rocks!”
Dooder39 преди 5 дни
Major Tom = David Bowie reference?
Fermented Cabbage
Fermented Cabbage преди 5 дни
24:32 EMF level 9 lol
Dorian Shaffer
Dorian Shaffer преди 5 дни
I know he destroyed the stuff for the content and for the bit, BUT IT FUCKING PISSED ME OFF!
De Leon Jerick
De Leon Jerick преди 5 дни
Mark throwing a tantrum was the most hilarious thing I've seen today
Charles Mc.Fluffers
Charles Mc.Fluffers преди 5 дни
Not gonna lie I would've done more than break a few tiles and destroyed only one engine if I were in that situation... *I seriously would have...*
soggycookie Crumbs
soggycookie Crumbs преди 5 дни
my favorite part of my life is......... when this three people playing games together..
TheLittleHollow преди 5 дни
“Sweep Net is not shoulder” is one of the best things I’ve ever heard.
Jillian Smith
Jillian Smith преди 6 дни
Mark: you know like ground control to maigre tom Me: *starts freaking out*
TSG StoneyD440
TSG StoneyD440 преди 6 дни
At 29:00 I took a bite of ham lol, sorry bob
Legendary Lego Dude
Legendary Lego Dude преди 6 дни
I really want to see Bob and Wade's POV's of mayor mark
RiverBerry преди 6 дни
Mark: Puts on hat also mark: you just activated my mayor card
Gage Reed
Gage Reed преди 6 дни
Very inspirational words from wade: I'm weewee
SHY- NS преди 6 дни
Bob: “I am sorry that your STUPID naming offended me” * Mark will remember that *
Draco Phoenix
Draco Phoenix преди 6 дни
Hears Major Toms flash back to good old Chaotic days!
Goldgamer 679
Goldgamer 679 преди 6 дни
I love the fact that Bob said "melk" Which is legit our language's way of saying milk
CmelonGames преди 6 дни
The way wade loves the goat is the same way I love my cat and my gf hates it
Ian Weaver
Ian Weaver преди 6 дни
41:02 that entire section had me giggling like an idiot.
Shyanne Watson
Shyanne Watson преди 7 дни
I'm connected to her phone technically
Shyanne Watson
Shyanne Watson преди 7 дни
This is my mom's account so my mom's face is on
Shyanne Watson
Shyanne Watson преди 7 дни
Hey Markiplier please bring back that red hair also I like your channel it's the best in the world and I'm only 10
Grimslade Leviathan
Grimslade Leviathan преди 7 дни
* Mark's water running thin * Me: I'm sure he's gonna go back to the boat to get more water Mark: * ziplines to the other areas * Me: Um... * water is out * Me: Um Mark... * goes the complete wrong way from the boat * Me: ...
E Jones
E Jones преди 7 дни
was it subconscious or did mark really consciously put clay in the knees section because you have to knead clay
Lil' Peridot
Lil' Peridot преди 7 дни
Oh god my ankles...
Diego Alejandro
Diego Alejandro преди 7 дни
Mark should react to the Mystery Skulls series
gisa jäger
gisa jäger преди 7 дни
i like how mark tells wade he couldve gone back to the boat if his inventory was full but throughout this whole video mark has only gone back once to empty his inventory and just drops the rest of his items on the island.
Iron Sevs
Iron Sevs преди 7 дни
Lol what a tantrum
Wraith Gaming
Wraith Gaming преди 7 дни
What's wrong with Bob and wade. Honestly pisses me off. I woulda just quit for the day when wade messed something i spent lotta time doing even if its in a game. Well.. Glad Marky took it in a light spirit.
•PufferFeezh •
•PufferFeezh • преди 7 дни
i'm a nice pufferfeesh- don't be scared of me :)
talk shit get hit
talk shit get hit преди 7 дни
Mark: *finds hat* Me, who watched the deathstream: ...mark’s new hat?
Poop Frields
Poop Frields преди 7 дни
Mark read the dam notes they help getting parts
Poop Frields
Poop Frields преди 7 дни
At 7:11 almost sounds like he talking about subnatcas boomfish
Sycodelic -pineapple
Sycodelic -pineapple преди 7 дни
44:11 the way he says it
frog boy
frog boy преди 7 дни
Wade is the bottom energy I need in my life
The mayo Lord
The mayo Lord преди 7 дни
Now u gotta do reddit 50-50 Anyone understand?
The Thoughtless One
The Thoughtless One преди 7 дни
38:30 XD Nice one Lixian When Bob said shut bob he knows who we are Lixian subtitled it as Wade: Shut up, Bob. He knows who we are. XD
The Thoughtless One
The Thoughtless One преди 7 дни
But It's even more awkward when he thinks that he got the titanium from the Mayor's chest when he really got it from the safe him and Wade dug up with the metal detector.
yoonibu преди 7 дни
11:25 I’m weewee
Mr. Cookie
Mr. Cookie преди 7 дни
"Wade, before you do anything, let me come watch." -Bob
David Harder
David Harder преди 7 дни
The episode that literally broke Mark.
Jack's Backyard BBQ
Jack's Backyard BBQ преди 8 дни
Someone needs to make an animation on the whole naming system ordeal
Hi Tom
Hi Tom преди 8 дни
40:51 it was feckin one of yez
Hi Tom
Hi Tom преди 8 дни
the editing makes it better :)
Hi Tom
Hi Tom преди 8 дни
not saying mark is bad
Derik Thompson
Derik Thompson преди 8 дни
I don't know how Mark was so calm at Wade and Bob messing up his organization system. I would have grabbed my machete and hacked at them and not revive them. I would have left them on the island if I was in Mark's situation
ArtWizardSam преди 8 дни
Mark's mental breakdown is so much funnier from Bob's perspective!!
WingedFish 117
WingedFish 117 преди 8 дни
God it sucks how mark put so much effort into sorting the items just to fuck it all up with stupid names
Bold And Brash
Bold And Brash преди 8 дни
Skip to the end the rewatch the video, I learned this from my hero.
NervousBunnyGaming преди 8 дни
OneBillionTacos преди 8 дни
I love how much Mark loves fancy hats, first he gets one in raft then one in real life and it's just so delightful.
jada aflaha
jada aflaha преди 8 дни
Bob: I'm sorry for your stupid system Mark: *turns into doom guy*
Bratty преди 8 дни
Hi mark
SuperFireLuigi преди 8 дни
So where’s the rest of this?
Lucky-kyun Art
Lucky-kyun Art преди 9 дни
im sure mark wants this to be proximity chat too.
xionix4 преди 9 дни
I have bad news, everyone. I was crunching some numbers, and if we take the 120 day break between episodes 9 and 10 as an outlier and then model the timing of episode releases with either a normal or geometric distribution (different outcomes, but result still just as sad), then we have officially passed 3 standard deviations above average wait time for the next episode. I conclude that this is either the end of the raft series or, with some hope, that we are entering yet another outlier-esque wait period.
xionix4 преди 8 дни
I am so happy there was another episode literally the next day after I wrote this! ^.^
xionix4 преди 9 дни
If we don't take the 120 day period as an outlier, then we may expect to see an episode by January 6th, barring interference from holidays, etc.
Riley Crow
Riley Crow преди 9 дни
I’m gonna be honest....I don’t know the difference between bob and wade....I know what they look like but idk which username is who or who’s face is who or who’s voice is who....
Jonathan G. Rosario Burgos
Jonathan G. Rosario Burgos преди 8 дни
Wade typically has the username LordMinion777 and Bob's is Muyskerm
Mehvish Irshad
Mehvish Irshad преди 9 дни
Mark went totally postal and that energy was awesome as hell
Mehvish Irshad
Mehvish Irshad преди 9 дни
Mark went totally postal and that energy was awesome as hell
Mebuic 89
Mebuic 89 преди 9 дни
Wade:I think Dlive told me about it. Mark:What?that guy lies all the time. Dlive:-Sad dlive noises
Shayne Baker
Shayne Baker преди 9 дни
Picturing Mark standing on the boat with his tophat and flippers killed me.
WifeOf Korekiyo
WifeOf Korekiyo преди 9 дни
Mark playing the game is like the definition of wut my brain working looks like: Fucked up and can't work right
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer преди 10 дни
Amanda Goyke
Amanda Goyke преди 10 дни
Can u do more please
Dragosaurus_Rex_Gacha преди 10 дни
Watching mark makes everything seem ok on the world
Guy Williems
Guy Williems преди 10 дни
Any more RAFT vids 🥺👉👈
Gamemon YT
Gamemon YT преди 10 дни
Dang. I’m sad they didn’t get the Major Tom reference.
ThatOneGirl преди 10 дни
If they don't want to separate everything, you can make a storage container called "Drop Box" and they can put all the stuff in there for you to periodically go through and separate.
Gamemon YT
Gamemon YT преди 10 дни
Wade: “Look, the Bicycle-shlong machine, but be careful, rocks are raining from the sky” Rocks: proceed to rain from the sky
Okari преди 10 дни
Poor Wade... :(
d1n0. s4ur
d1n0. s4ur преди 11 дни
43:52 *"okay, wade a minute"*
Besartplayz преди 11 дни
Are you making a other video of raft?
Spoopy Dragon
Spoopy Dragon преди 11 дни
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