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By watching this video you hereby agree to let me teardown your house with a sledgehammer. No take-backsies. It's already too late. I know where you are and I'm ready to sledge.
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SwaffyX преди час
Ah yes, a voxel game.
Pedro Pacheco Baptista
Pedro Pacheco Baptista преди 3 часа
i want more of this game
ZedSoloMid преди 4 часа
22:31 that red chair kindda sus doe
IMA POOOIOIP преди 5 часа
The fire extinguisher sets the fire and blows up ironic
DeeJay преди 6 часа
6:22 the dickbreaker strikes again!
-XD_Crafter- 117
-XD_Crafter- 117 преди 14 часа
15:23 didnt he say a few minutes ago sth about Battlefield, now i wonder what hes done there 😂
Holy Water
Holy Water преди 15 часа
The Dickbreaker is the ultimate villain
Tristan E
Tristan E преди 17 часа
Ooo yes happy you are playing this, been loving it on Smi77y’s channel
mathieu bost
mathieu bost преди 18 часа
honestly i would wanna see more of this game LMAO
Umbra eXe
Umbra eXe преди 18 часа
I ate so many fruit leathers watching this lmfao
Alexandria Lilith
Alexandria Lilith преди 19 часа
Austin Hull
Austin Hull преди 22 часа
Marks tree is smitty’s tredmill
Jay M
Jay M преди 22 часа
am i the only one who noticed the metal on the safe changes colour the more you blowtorch it...which I assume means you blowtorch it until it melts completely to get whatever's inside...never played the game, but that's what my guess is lol
KillerPotatoZ преди ден
Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful BGpostr! Hope you have a good day. :3
Sejote Khan
Sejote Khan преди ден
Richard Dakazo
Richard Dakazo преди ден
Mark: "I hate the ocean, I'd rather die in space than live in the ocean" Also Mark: 4:55
RebelChild42 преди ден
Please do more with this game
Blaklizted Joker
Blaklizted Joker преди ден
8:08 Mark: “IT CAN CATCH ON FIIIIIRE!!!” *smoke detector beeps in concern in background*
Eric Willett
Eric Willett преди ден
I need more of this game on this channel
Tomijones преди ден
More teardown
Edward Scott
Edward Scott преди 2 дни
More! More Teardown! More teardown!
Reyquiem преди 2 дни
Instructions: "Throw safes in the ocean to destroy ownership contracts" Mark, for 10 minutes: "What do I do with these safes?"
Assignments преди 2 дни
At 30:14 I absolutely lost my mind and laughed like a hyena for about an hour before my oxygen ran out. It’ll be okay Mark
SFM2 преди 2 дни
The Kronk of Demolition
Molly McKenna
Molly McKenna преди 2 дни
Too bad you can't 'Press B to blow'
Jason's Outdoor Mischief
Jason's Outdoor Mischief преди 2 дни
Please make more episodes it is such a cool game
Santiago Costemalle
Santiago Costemalle преди 2 дни
Can... can we get a part 2 of this?
Dimitri Lore
Dimitri Lore преди 2 дни
please play more of this
mbriel преди 2 дни
Break Literally Everything - foot included!
Joe Cepeda
Joe Cepeda преди 2 дни
Imagine mark playing this in VR
Fire Blaster
Fire Blaster преди 2 дни
Objective: Open The Gate Meanwhile mark over here fricken a tree.
Starry преди 2 дни
Bruh I need more of this
Dear LalondeBii
Dear LalondeBii преди 2 дни
I would actually really like more playthroughs of this game, it’s fun to watch
Iz Not. .Me-
Iz Not. .Me- преди 3 дни
Me: "Mom, can we have minecraft?" Mom: "No, we have minecraft at home." *Minecraft at home* :
Jared Matthew Kroo Reichenbach
Jared Matthew Kroo Reichenbach преди 3 дни
Is it *Top of The Mornin'* coffee? ☕
Jared Matthew Kroo Reichenbach
Jared Matthew Kroo Reichenbach преди 3 дни
*"People better watch out-- I got some kind of powers..."* -Markiplier, 2021
ParasiiteV преди 3 дни
You help me fall asleep at night not because your videos are boring but because it takes my mind off life I enjoy watching the videos much thank you.
Ajwsome преди 3 дни
His foot:
Dutch Plan Der Linde
Dutch Plan Der Linde преди 3 дни
Is no one gonna acknowledge the meme potential of the thumbnail? Could be the next *E*
Charles Brotherton
Charles Brotherton преди 3 дни
6:56 LOL
Rubb3r Lizard
Rubb3r Lizard преди 3 дни
Hey mark, have you ever shot a gun irl. You should if you haven’t already. It’s pretty fun if you can handle loud sounds.
Kaizen Kazma
Kaizen Kazma преди 3 дни
its hularious you jumped off and said AH MY LEGS I just gone done watching you stream about your broken foot lmao
Cam 420
Cam 420 преди 3 дни
Who else came to this video after Mark just broke his foot? 😂
TonyTheCat1 преди 3 дни
1:56 Pete Weber: "I AM!!!"
Just Me
Just Me преди 3 дни
Alternate title: Man terrorizes city with destruction
marqui sparks
marqui sparks преди 3 дни
Markimoo, please play more
Makaela Brown
Makaela Brown преди 3 дни
i did the exact same thing with the safes when i played the first time too. so sad. lmfaooooo
고슴도치 преди 3 дни
GameShift преди 3 дни
I can't wait to see the animated version of this!
Via Stansbery-Dobbs
Via Stansbery-Dobbs преди 4 дни
Please play more!!
we'll be right back !
we'll be right back ! преди 4 дни
I want to see the not-a-peni again!
Muteman 26
Muteman 26 преди 4 дни
Darc Devel
Darc Devel преди 4 дни
This is something developers of all kinds need to learn. When something frustrating occurs, if it's the fault of a lack of realism, that's when all interest in the product dies. The example in this video is Markiplier destroying the base of the house and instead of falling apart, it just drops down a bit, completely intact. Players understand that devs have technical limitations on what you can do, that's why Mark was probably expecting the devs to take a shortcut in that area. For example, if enough of the foundation is destroyed, the house plays a collapsing animation and you win the level.
Big Sheep
Big Sheep преди 4 дни
This man woke up and chose violence
Evan Boone
Evan Boone преди 4 дни
i want to see more of this
Ttayw Murc
Ttayw Murc преди 4 дни
im making this comment before watching the vid. if there are no Gmod BOXXESS!! references i will be rather displeased.
Rockstar Ninja
Rockstar Ninja преди 4 дни
Can we really, truly acknowledge how unique this game is in the means of pixel art? Like, sure, you COULD say it's minecraft-esque, but it's a LOT more complex and in general it looks amazing, like... If you crossed pixel art with Skyrim lol. Kudos to the creator!
CT преди 4 дни
Mark is very tame in terms of destruction compared to Smii7y
phoenix_hawk преди 4 дни
This totally has Minecraft textures
SaTuRoChAn преди 4 дни
just coming back to break the tree XD that had to be done XD
Probably Rachey
Probably Rachey преди 4 дни
Trav Pots
Trav Pots преди 5 дни
Great job
Abdu Aro
Abdu Aro преди 5 дни
my rampage of destruction has reaches its natural conclusion. I now have a gun. beautiful quote
Trav Pots
Trav Pots преди 5 дни
Good job
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown преди 5 дни
The illustrious forehead dolly sprout because retailer orly boil including a ceaseless maraca. milky, reflective margaret
Cat Saphira
Cat Saphira преди 5 дни
Mark struggling with his hair, telling it to stop then tucking it behind his headphones is that most relatable thing to me XD
Kimberly Rutherford
Kimberly Rutherford преди 5 дни
Okay I love this game
EARTH преди 5 дни
8:18 im THE B d
Nate chaotic
Nate chaotic преди 5 дни
Mark: EXECUTE 4:45 Idk why but that made me laugh
slvystr преди 5 дни
omg you finally played this
pb_x преди 5 дни
play this again mark
Skyett преди 5 дни
the fact that BGpost automated captions has the word "dickbreaker" is golden
Andrea Rottman
Andrea Rottman преди 5 дни
A Gustafsson! @ 0:28
Lynette Mar
Lynette Mar преди 6 дни
U should play little nightmares 2
MethLab преди 6 дни
Alternate Title: Mark is a Destructive Shinobi
Mikko Översti
Mikko Översti преди 6 дни
This is the most entertaining let's play I've seen.
Manic Manic
Manic Manic преди 6 дни
A quote by markiplier “I’m the breaker of Dick’s”
saleem imtiaz
saleem imtiaz преди 6 дни
Normal police:you have no right to do drugs Nobel police:you have no right to be so pretty I don’t have time I am spouse to blow up things
Anders Repsher
Anders Repsher преди 6 дни
This was awesome oh mighty void pls record more
insidiousss преди 6 дни
What did you have the alarm set for?
myhappyhappy преди 6 дни
everything is free if you can run fast enough
Mikeeboilies3600 преди 6 дни
“What does this say? Orphanage?” Technoblade: I’LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK
Flyin43 преди 6 дни
Me, after watching Smi7y play this game for several episodes: Yes Mark, join the cult. DESTROY THE TREADMILL
Anime_League преди 6 дни
LMAO Markiplier the "Dick Breaker". 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm so done. LOL
Stephen 2515
Stephen 2515 преди 6 дни
you should play this game more
Rex Chai
Rex Chai преди 6 дни
The slippery knife therapeutically type because wilderness notably tumble via a wacky nancy. sassy, rhetorical place
Sakura Daidouji
Sakura Daidouji преди 6 дни
6:55 literally laughed out loud at this..
Starla Jones
Starla Jones преди 6 дни
I'd highkey love a full playthrough of this
Ping Pong
Ping Pong преди 6 дни
More Of This!!!
Melly Moore
Melly Moore преди 6 дни
laughed so hard I have a headache
Legendaryplayer 424
Legendaryplayer 424 преди 6 дни
Zackary Maddy
Zackary Maddy преди 6 дни
crap my house is gonna get sledged now...
-The Sisi-
-The Sisi- преди 6 дни
Me: *hears brother watching video* Mark reading message: lee is- My Hamilton obsessed a$$: ChArElEs LeE?!?! oMg MaRkIpLiEr MaDe A hAmIltOn rEfErEnCe AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Jacob Woodruff
Jacob Woodruff преди 6 дни
Lol he didn’t read directions
Hannah Martin
Hannah Martin преди 6 дни
so this is why Texas has power outages...
Broken dick piece of shit drill
Broken dick piece of shit drill преди 6 дни
Doop namnam
Doop namnam преди 7 дни
Can you play brick rigs please?
CadenDoesFrags YT
CadenDoesFrags YT преди 7 дни
I W A N T 2 C A U S E P R O B L E M S
Lebendiges Gespenst
Lebendiges Gespenst преди 7 дни
“I now have a gun and it can only go downhill from here”
stebbi stufur
stebbi stufur преди 7 дни
One of my fav games so it would be awesome to get a full series of it
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