THE LADY ASKS FOR MY HAND | Resident Evil: Village - Part 4

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Lady Dimitrescu asks for my hand! How could I possibly say no?
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Chihiro Fujisaki
Chihiro Fujisaki преди 33 минути
“Hello my name is ✨Bagamum✨”
Peeplsiswerd преди 2 часа
Can I just say that I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t killed the third daughter and is almost to the boss fight
EntirelyBonkers преди 3 часа
Everyone jokes about the piano but I assumed it was a self playing one and Ethan just had to play the first few notes, which he could easily do with even just one finger.
Preator_Vallum преди 3 часа
Anyo nen else feel like the sound effects of getting slammed into the ground aren't loud enough? Idk the sound in general just sounds off.
Joe Mathews
Joe Mathews преди 4 часа
Grey& Selene
Grey& Selene преди 4 часа
Mark: *flirting with someone whos about to finish him off* Tall vampire lady: *chasing him*
X_kiwi_X преди 8 часа
“People really don’t like me having hands” Ethan: GOOP JUICE FIXED MY HAND AND EVERYTHING ELSE
ItsZapples21 преди 8 часа
20:00 scared the crap out of me 😂
Joshua Ea
Joshua Ea преди 10 часа
Video game logic
Dawson Wilson
Dawson Wilson преди 12 часа
People getting utterly bent out of shape for how he chooses to play this game… there are more serious issues in the world to concern yourselves with.
Djay B
Djay B преди 13 часа
"Hello everybody, my name ih bagamum-"...what?!
Aeden Winkel
Aeden Winkel преди 14 часа
1:36 Mark: why is the music so dramatic? Me: I HEAR BOSS MUSIC
CountDEE Moooney
CountDEE Moooney преди 14 часа
Hahaha I like the resident evil 4 mentioned ( what’re ya buy in). From that merchant
Stephanie lomeli
Stephanie lomeli преди 14 часа
WolfDenUniverse преди 15 часа
😂😂😂😂😂 Mark: Excuse my seemingly BITCHISHNESS screaming that was totally masculine
Mr. Kitty Saves The World
Mr. Kitty Saves The World преди 19 часа
Whether you like snipers or not is irrelevant, you WILL use that gun, or you won't get further in the game. He's either going to begrudgingly buy it back later when he can't kill anything, or fail to realize why he's losing and painfully struggle his way through every battle and then complain about game balance.
Moubarek Hassan
Moubarek Hassan преди 20 часа
Man ,the intro is so funny
Anvarynn преди 20 часа
I too place artificial and arbitrary value on random items and keep them for a whole playthrough.
Mowothman преди 20 часа
wowowowowowoowaaaa,,, miss Lady Dimitrescu,,,,,, wwwwwoww,,,,,
Puro преди 21 час
Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith преди ден
Mark loves a woman who can kick his ass.
Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith преди ден
Definitely magic liquid...
Jinx _
Jinx _ преди ден
ZHC M0NST3R преди ден
That monster falling from the sky so causaly
Henrique Béjinha
Henrique Béjinha преди ден
"What're ya buyin?"
Cailynn Ruiz
Cailynn Ruiz преди ден
“hello everybody my name is bagurmum”
Jeremy Fields
Jeremy Fields преди ден
I wish Mark would use the gun more than the knife and also just shoot the tall lady who acts like she is the female Freddy Krueger
snotball преди ден
hello everybody my name im bagabum
Miamicra преди ден
Jesus, you break into her home, destroy and steal her stuff, murder her children, mock that they're not actually her kids, and Then have THE GALL TO ASK WHY SHE'S MAD?!?!? Not going to lie that really pissed me off. I shouldn't be, it's not influencing my life but it does.
Ivy McKinley
Ivy McKinley преди ден
Not me waiting for him to call it “goop juice”
me me
me me преди ден
so basically lady is jack in resident evil 7
The Music Man
The Music Man преди ден
HuLlo MaA nAme IzZ bAgUma
Ben b
Ben b преди ден
dang Markiplier you should be a singer 28:19
OdyTune преди ден
My best friends last name is Dumetrascu... and he's Romanian
Nishita Praharaj
Nishita Praharaj преди 2 дни
0:00 "Hello everybody ma name in baginbum" ~Markplier 2021
wade saun chan
wade saun chan преди 2 дни
*hand get cut off* -seconds later- *hand comes back on in seconds*
Malcolm Williams
Malcolm Williams преди 2 дни
Mans is down so bad and I love it
Gabriel Chastain
Gabriel Chastain преди 2 дни
that hand sealing back onto his body was hillarious XD
alex ceballos
alex ceballos преди 2 дни
Quang Huy
Quang Huy преди 2 дни
Ethan: Gets his hand chop off Some random med liquid: "This is barely a scratch"
KLegacy Kid
KLegacy Kid преди 2 дни
We need Cory on this game with the jukes
Sierra Noplis
Sierra Noplis преди 2 дни
Elena Vandermeuse
Elena Vandermeuse преди 2 дни
I feel like Mark was an opera singer in a past life
OperatorEcho преди 2 дни
Hello Bagamum I’m viewer
T-max преди 2 дни
MY MAN Just sell his sniper rifle WOW
uiopwue преди 3 дни
that's not healing liquid THATS FLEX TAPE'S: FLEX GLUE!
Toast Sandwich
Toast Sandwich преди 3 дни
Good to know that Mark can read sheet music.
Drew Lester-Nieves
Drew Lester-Nieves преди 3 дни
It's just genuinely frustrating to hear her say "ungrateful" to Ethan right at the beginning because WHAT THE HELL HAS SHE DONE FOR HIM BESIDES TRY TO KILL HIM, OR TRY TO KILL HIM? Like he's a DAD who lost his kid, and your kids tried to kill him, so he defended himself, and now you're mad cause you're a mom who lost her kid? you should understand how he feels more than anyone but no, he's the one in the wrong here.
The Emerald King
The Emerald King преди 3 дни
Love how he makes Daniela sound so (as Lupin once said) Ridiculous!
Zero omni fox lonely eldest god
Zero omni fox lonely eldest god преди 3 дни
The antidote is probably vampire blood and it could be probably Dimitescu
Yoda In A Suit
Yoda In A Suit преди 3 дни
Reject family return to dimitrescu
J Harris
J Harris преди 3 дни
4:30 Tell me why that scared me after rewatching this multiple times ;-;
Spirit Wolfy
Spirit Wolfy преди 3 дни
i wish he played with eye tracker on
shoaib ahmed
shoaib ahmed преди 3 дни
Are we just going to ignore the brain fart at the start? *ello name is bagamum*
Orçun Kaan ACAR
Orçun Kaan ACAR преди 3 дни
Hello everybody my name is Begamum BFHBFHBFHBFH
rider преди 3 дни
he put his fguckung hand back.. wizard
G Becker
G Becker преди 4 дни
Uh ou spegetio
Mar Mar
Mar Mar преди 4 дни
Mark is just one of my favorite youtubers to watch😂😂
Whats-My-Fandom преди 4 дни
0:01 WHAT!?! 2:14-3:06 JFC the giggling is killing me! Had to watch twice! You've got it bad man lol 20:14 The best kind of glitches!! 25:26 ..Oh boy.. 32:36 That is terrifying! Never had them both in the room at once! 36:20-36:22 My lord that was some bomb!
Shiny Chen
Shiny Chen преди 4 дни
I don’t understand is Ethan not human or is that healing liquid so magical it can reattach a severed hand
rider преди 3 дни
GRØNÅS (JarAxe) преди 4 дни
Mark literally had an Eef-moment in the beginning there
SparkelzGirl преди 4 дни
0:01 This isnt Mark, this is Bagamum.
jafmeru tomursom
jafmeru tomursom преди 4 дни
The high-pitched claus spatially strengthen because stop intriguingly scatter since a aloof gymnast. berserk, sudden bucket
Emo_Raccoon преди 4 дни
Mark: "I really dont understand why she's mad at me. I've been nothing but respectful to her." Also Mark: *has killed two of her daughters, destroyed a ton of her windows, vases, etc, and has stolen many of the items in her house* Yeahh... i dont know why either mark....
Shadow Boss 1017
Shadow Boss 1017 преди 4 дни
Mark: has a sniper and a shotgun aslo mark: uses a knife as his main weapon
V1G1LANTE K9 преди 4 дни
mark i know the magic goop is powerful. but remember ethan has the mold in him. it regenerates like it did in RE7 obviously getting hooked in your legs and dragged across the floor would probably destroy a humans legs and make them unable to walk but yes the Mold and Goop is powerful lol.
Elf Boy
Elf Boy преди 5 дни
Perfectly executed intro Mark! Keep up the good work! 👍
Noah Wattel
Noah Wattel преди 5 дни
You know... each of the busts has this neat little text on it that says exactly which mask it needs and where to find it. 31:52 Fair enough XD
Noah Wattel
Noah Wattel преди 5 дни
4:10 somehow everyone forgets Ethan already reattached multiple limbs with that fluid in resident evil 7
Noah Wattel
Noah Wattel преди 5 дни
You can sell all stuff that is *only* marked *valuable* (don't sell if it says combinable)
_MAAAX_ преди 5 дни
hello everybody my name ib bagambum hello everybody my name ib marbiblier
WolfSong913 преди 5 дни
Mark who's never played RE4: *gets merchant reference to RE4 merchant* Jack who was super excited how like RE4 this game is: *gets nothing*
Fallen преди 5 дни
The ultimate sadness
MmntoMori преди 5 дни
"Hello everybody! My name is bagamum. Whahuhuh-? Hello everybody, my name is Marpiplier..." Much better
the gaming chef
the gaming chef преди 5 дни
mark:"i love you, marry me: lady Dimitresceu:"filthy man thing"
HBGaming преди 5 дни
15 videos later, I have still not liked the video.
kendra lin
kendra lin преди 5 дни
“Hello everybody my name is BÆGÅUMBÜM” *when “welcome back” and “markiplier” get mixed together*
Danny Enns
Danny Enns преди 5 дни
The magical healing fluid is vicks
an emotional vivi, most likely
an emotional vivi, most likely преди 5 дни
3:27 now, i watched both jack and mark’s of RE7, so i can confidently say that this is in jack’s rather than mark’s, but you see: in mark’s play through, it is only ever used on his hands, and it was used on nothing else. though in JACK’S play through, he has a run in w/ the father of the family, and ethan’s leg comes off, so jack uses the first aid on his leg to stick it together. and this is from what the father says, “you can use this to fix your leg. you can do it!” i have a very interesting memory-
loverlyqueerbunny преди 5 дни
magic liquid apparently only works if you have the missing piece, the missing fingers stay missing XD
Dre So
Dre So преди 5 дни
32:38 the way he stopped shooting when she was in the way...
Mugen_ZZ преди 5 дни
It's WD-41, Flex Tape, Weed Juice
gabe преди 5 дни
*day 26 of coming back here to hear mark say he's "bagamum"*
Ash преди 6 дни
16:54 me when 😀😀😀😄😄🤨🤨😔😔😔😩😶😶😐😐😲😲🤮🤮🤮
Zedrik Xyie Nacino
Zedrik Xyie Nacino преди 6 дни
He ligit hase more money to buy the pistol and one attachments Edit:has
Zedrik Xyie Nacino
Zedrik Xyie Nacino преди 6 дни
charge преди 6 дни
Hey bagamum how are you?
R. H.
R. H. преди 6 дни
Mark:god I have to watch this again * intensely watches with a smile*
pico luvss !
pico luvss ! преди 6 дни
cc : dont you love me ?! bAd bOy : why would i love you 🙄😐😳🤔🤨
Thunderkrux преди 6 дни
Strange, Ethan still has the mold from RE7 it seems, but idk if I missed something. Why did the Bakers seem to recover well from severing limbs but now ethans hand doesn’t recover? Can anyone help me out? And by his hand, I’m referring to his left hand with the missing fingers
Neko Paul
Neko Paul преди 6 дни
Markiplier: I won't use the Sniper rifle MarkIplier less than in 5 minutes: uses Sniper rifle
mArTi FaBiAn
mArTi FaBiAn преди 6 дни
"Hello everybody my name is blagimum"
TheCybercoco преди 6 дни
Only reasonable explanation for how severed hand can magically be reattached is the same one for how Ethan was seeing hallucinations of Eveline in the prior game. Ethan has the fungus disease.
Ches_ shire707
Ches_ shire707 преди 6 дни
Sniper rifle is my main weapon😭 pistol is secondary, shotgun third
Braden Swindale
Braden Swindale преди 6 дни
His hand was cut off by a chainsaw and that’s what fixed it
Crocket Man
Crocket Man преди 6 дни
“Hello everybody my name is babidom... buheheh.” That was the best part of this I my opinion
AWC преди 6 дни
Ethan Hunters? More like Ethan Skywalker
Sam Eastman
Sam Eastman преди 6 дни
I think Mark's game was glitching a bit during the gargoyles and how lady D got that close to the safe room? Never seen that..I love how he has the worst luck.. boosts my confidence 👌
Wyatt Webb
Wyatt Webb преди 6 дни
Rumor has it that Markiplier bought Amy a pair of stilts and a white dress so he could feel the power irl.
J. Rabbit
J. Rabbit преди 6 дни
Mine I love Bagabum 0:01 and his alter ego Marblelier 0:04
Lunartic преди 6 дни
“Why is the music so dramatic, not like anything terrible is happening here. It’s all perfectly normal, nothing to worry about” Gets hand sliced off 1 second later 😂
KaniSerio преди 6 дни
Lady shows her love in a violent way ;w;
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