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We're finally at the end of Darkwood! What truths will be revealed when we reach the very heart of the forest? ...and what will we do when we arrive?
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the goose
the goose преди ден
Don Michael
Don Michael преди ден
So if I get this right, these woods are like the matrix, keeping people trapped for some purpose...
mighty moose
mighty moose преди 2 дни
gee wiz i watched every second of every vid
Izzy Lauman
Izzy Lauman преди 3 дни
damn, that game was crazy! definitely would love to see the alternative endings!
Nojus Mugenis
Nojus Mugenis преди 4 дни
CreepyPasta Reader
CreepyPasta Reader преди 5 дни
You're telling me Mark will replay until dawn to save Ashley from dying for Chris but wont replay this to save musician boy from turning into tumor monster wooowww Mark wow
Chanasin Salee
Chanasin Salee преди 6 дни
I would watch Mark play it again.
Kay Alvarado
Kay Alvarado преди 7 дни
I would 100% loVEEE to see another playthru of this by mark of he decided to do it i luved this series and it made me feel so much more better after our recent death (🖤🤍)
Unus Annus
Unus Annus преди 7 дни
This was an amazing gameplay. I really liked it.
Unus Annus
Unus Annus преди 7 дни
Mark petting the dog *b r o k e* me
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack преди 7 дни
Who else cried when they knew the musician is gone...
Peter Parlee
Peter Parlee преди 7 дни
Really wish that mark just went the hell home... wanna' know why? Because i wanted for his character to actually return home, and finally get a good night's rest instead of dying in the forest, alone, tired, and probably hungry...
Maja Wójcik
Maja Wójcik преди 8 дни
the way he read Dżemik as zEmik will make every Polish perso laugh out loud. We love you and your pronunciations Mark!
Domoss Gameplays
Domoss Gameplays преди 2 дни
As a fellow slav, it was very funny.
FamousCoozie преди 9 дни
The game generates a new map for you each time as well, so it's designed for you to play it several times. I would absolutely watch another Darkwood run.
Rocatex преди 11 дни
wait, why did that guy have a flamethrower at the end?
Jett Morgan
Jett Morgan преди 11 дни
This game fills me with envy
DIO преди 16 дни
*"In the tree. Part of the tree. In the tree. Part of the tree."*
Jesy Nyxan
Jesy Nyxan преди 16 дни
Assuming Google Translate is correct, Dzemik is either Polish for Wild Boar or Turkish for Regular. So either that jar contains wild boar "meat" or just regular jam. LOL
Jesy Nyxan
Jesy Nyxan преди 3 дни
@Kacper Piątkowski Well, then Google is wrong. LOL
Kacper Piątkowski
Kacper Piątkowski преди 3 дни
Nope wild boar is "Dzik". "Dżemik" in polish is simply diminutive of "Jam".
Eric French
Eric French преди 20 дни
The ending was SO SAD
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald преди 21 ден
The doom theme would have been perfect for that night of fire
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald преди 21 ден
Replaying with the musician path would be pretty damn cool
Chaosium преди 21 ден
The road to hell is paved with good intentions after all.
Caleb Kalika
Caleb Kalika преди 22 дни
Soo what do I do know delete this from my downloads or keep
Caleb Kalika
Caleb Kalika преди 22 дни
NOO, I fell back on this series, almost all of Mark's videos and when I came back the first thought was Dark wood and I restarted watching from part 1 and I saw part 16 the ending and I'm like noooo coz this series is incredible and so captivating and the way Mark plays it he makes it fun and laughable. Damn good series I really enjoyed it and I am really sad it has ended. Really sad but life is such. Good series enjoyed that, thanks Markiplier
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson преди 22 дни
I would love more of this series
Silivrengamer преди 26 дни
I bought this game as part of a humble bundle. And now I want to try it and see if things really CAN be played differently.
Kayten преди 26 дни
I haven't watched him in years, but I had to come back for this. These kinds of playthroughs are totally my favorite kinda videos from Mark.
PlayGamesAlot преди 27 дни
2nd playthrough with different choices
Jessica Mutch
Jessica Mutch преди 28 дни
Salatara Carpenter
Salatara Carpenter преди 29 дни
Alright I’ll say this, the dream thing was bullshit. However the fact that the game is unfair in your choices is quite brilliant. It feels real. Props to the devs
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods преди 16 дни
I dunno, I'd say this is the first game I've seen do the dream thing right
Call Ḿė Pete
Call Ḿė Pete преди месец
Extremely underrated game, thank you for showing this game to the world!
Chad Thundercock
Chad Thundercock преди месец
RIP Mark :(
Alexandra Phillips
Alexandra Phillips преди месец
Sad this is over now 😞 . I really enjoyed you playing this game. X
Altar147 преди месец
Clip the part where you eat the old lady!
woody ramdeo
woody ramdeo преди месец
This is similar ti the infinitetsukonomy from narutoshippuden and pls exquse meh bad spelling but all in all great game and i know for a fact we all enjoyed it
Honey Coughlin
Honey Coughlin преди месец
Thank you for this series I very much enjoyed.
Legend Owl
Legend Owl преди месец
I'd watch him play this again. So he can finally give bread to the Musician.
SpacePlant1999 преди месец
The poor musician! Apparently the only people food you can give him is bread and meat, and I don't think Mark had either of those with him
Chase Jensen
Chase Jensen преди месец
A second playthrough sounds nice.
Вадим Ляховенко
Вадим Ляховенко преди месец
Mark is not going to do another series of that, just because this has too small interest of others. I don't know why people don't love it, like here is only 50K. But it was awesome. One of the best playthrough that I've seen.
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons преди месец
Music starts: Mark: Biggie smalls: IT WAS ALL A DREAM
Andrew Sanner
Andrew Sanner преди месец
Maybe Mark could watch "the true ending" and show us a reaction of Darkwood's end
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods преди 16 дни
This is the true ending.
FooTeePrint преди месец
so glad I was able to buy one of the 5000 copies super rare games released in physical form.
vernon daley
vernon daley преди месец
I was holding off of watching this cause I didn't want it to end, but all things must come to an end, and it was worth the wait. Like really well done game and had a really compelling story. If you think of recording another playthrough I'd definitely watch it. I'm thinking of getting this game myself and playing through it. It was so fun to watch. Usually I don't play a game again, nor even start after watching a playthrough (money obviously plays a part too), unless it's really good. This is one of those games.
Kmfkang 89
Kmfkang 89 преди месец
Mark is showing us how to not play the game lol, this whole series
Introverted Gamer
Introverted Gamer преди месец
I don't really like playing horror games... I much rather watch other people play... But I played Darkwood and I love it. Just finished the wolfman route. About to play it again!
Emiliano Barvagelata
Emiliano Barvagelata преди месец
I went directly to sleep. If this was real I would have been part of the tree, part of the Matrix.
Thunder Stride 1 Gaming
Thunder Stride 1 Gaming преди месец
I wonder. If you hadn't turned the musician kid into a monster, could he have run away and live?
nefariou5 преди месец
I don't understand why 100 videos about minecraft is ok, but one more playthrough for a short indie game isn't and needs to be offline?
Lewd Donut
Lewd Donut преди месец
Second play through please :0
AirAssault7 преди месец
This reminds me of Plato's allegory of the cave...
Sarah Guhl
Sarah Guhl преди месец
omg it does
Piskelo10 преди месец
If you do another playthrough please record it im dying to see you play this again
Piskelo10 преди месец
Everyones asking for it, do another playthrough pleeeease i cant stand to see the boy be a monster ): plus there are so many choices you can make in this game id love to see you play it again
Avreal Valkara
Avreal Valkara преди месец
If you haven't played it yet(and if you ever see this), you should check out The Long Dark
NoobiePlayzGames преди месец
If you did a play through again to get a different ending and all of that.. Then mark I 100% believe a lot of people would watch that play through too. This is a awesome game omg. but if you want to play it by yourself go ahead :3
Chloe Li
Chloe Li преди месец
I’m scared so I play along with mark and watch him suffer-
Shei? преди месец
that was some major big brain energy
Christian Barrera
Christian Barrera преди месец
Man I miss this typa content from mark I think we can agree that this comment section is more of his older audience
KapteeniKetza преди месец
Its a bit weird that during entire playthrough the Mark didnt bother to explore any hideout throughly. Not a single one. Did not even use some skills at all. Wasnt bothering to build shotgun immidietly when avaible, did not use hunting rifle a single time and now you want me to believe that Mark somehow is suspicious about whats gonna happen if he goes to bed? Sorry but I dont think player like Mark would suddenly changes so rapidly about his awareness. He checked the wiki & video and saw someone pulling the sofa. Then was suprised did not see the roots first and tries to figure out how can see act like this is his first time. But in the end it was entertaining to watch this play-through overall
Buddery_Popcorn преди месец
If Mark plays this again, he should add an "Oh No" counter
Mike Taco
Mike Taco преди месец
Mark PLEASE don't play serious games like this without knowing what you're doing it makes me want to kill myself
Ajino преди месец
post the whole playthrough of "fake ending"
Broken Disc tv
Broken Disc tv преди месец
I loved this play through so much and I would absolutely love to see you replay the game and do different options BUT I respect your choice on playing it on your own time.❤❤ If you're reading this hope you're having an amazing day or night~💙💙💙💙💙
Razale преди месец
These kinda play-through's of these kind of games...this is why I love watching Markiplier
S̶P̶I̶N̶E̶Z̶ преди месец
as Biggie smalls once said it was all a dream
Rochelle Henare
Rochelle Henare преди месец
Mark if you ever play this again can you do a mini game play to show the infected boy who is staying at your base alive cause I was highkey sad when he was like that
GamerGirlCommics преди месец
Deadass, if mark did another playthrough Or a stream Id watch cause this game was fucking incredible
Jusere преди месец
Poland makes the best games ever
k_froggy преди месец
Loved this series. The long ones that grasp my attention this well are rare but damn when they do its so worth it.
Daniel Banuelos for president
Daniel Banuelos for president преди месец
Mark is in ads now?!
Hiccup Haddock
Hiccup Haddock преди месец
“It’s probably that punk from the third floor” The staircase only leads to a second floor... there is no floor above it.
Pokenopoly преди 3 дни
@Solomon Bardalez its part of the illusion
Solomon Bardalez
Solomon Bardalez преди 7 дни
Andrew Spiess
Andrew Spiess преди месец
Now that you have played darkwood. You should finish up rain world...please 0^0
RohiasPlayz преди месец
Mark turned into tf2 pyro
SodaShark преди месец
Mannn I'd love to watch him replay this, it's been so fun to watch what horrors mark encounters and again to see if he could get a different ending would be amazing
Hydro Phoenix
Hydro Phoenix преди месец
A replay on stream would be super cool to see the process of how it goes down more in depth
Unknown Person
Unknown Person преди месец
There’s more endings mark
Dr. Spice
Dr. Spice преди месец
If you replay is on your own can you at least show us saving the Musician?
Altronbee преди месец
there was a large humanoid figure in the giant white thing... interesting...
PlatinumDestroyer преди месец
Great playthrough with amazing editing, I would watch another with the different choices
Dussel преди месец
Wait... spoilers ahead for the actual endings of the game What if they made a no mutation ending? No ending like that exists that I've heard of, so...
June Eclipse
June Eclipse преди месец
But again, we need more meaningful gameplay with Mark. Not saying his regular content isn't jsjs •∆• this one just ominously hit close to home.
Jaden Braithwaite
Jaden Braithwaite преди месец
You should video the second play through. I think myself and many other would like to see it.
CurZed 7997
CurZed 7997 преди месец
Outy Banjo
Outy Banjo преди месец
This is very similar to the WAU's version of the Arc in SOMA. Only the WAU preserved people, and the heart of Darkwood consumed them. In both cases, they are part of the bigger system, pacified in their blissful dream world.
Master Tejas
Master Tejas преди месец
You not only killed the musician once, but you killed him twice in reality.
Triscuit 907
Triscuit 907 преди месец
You can record you playing it again like "Darktwo part 1"
Darrelkun преди месец
Please record your next playthrough, even if you're chill and just having fun. I'd love to watch you play it again!
Arsin At Dawn
Arsin At Dawn преди месец
I would absolutely love to watch you play through this again
M0ND4Y преди месец
Mark enjoying petting the doge makes this a 10/10 playthrough, would spend hours watching again just to see that relief of being able to pet the pupper instead of smack the pupper
Bardia Fattahi
Bardia Fattahi преди месец
Nice dude ❤❤❤🖤
YamiAngelOfTheNight преди месец
I’d be down for watching this again
Mateo Elhard
Mateo Elhard преди месец
i know this is a very serious ending, but the smoke near the end looked like berd
حسين علاء
حسين علاء преди месец
Mark there's a new spooky house of jumpscare update that completes the story you should try it
sid Collins
sid Collins преди месец
The entire time he was in the real world I thought, " Flamethrower, just burn it all! Please give us a flamethrower!" (Gives Mark a flamethrower) "OH FUCK YES! I KNEW IT!"
Ahsoma преди месец
I would be down to watch you play it again! This is one of my most fav games :))
Dr_saibot132 преди месец
I know that was the ending of the game. And yet, there is still so much secrets. What happened with all the doors with codes? Whats inside them? Whats the whole story of the soldiers who went to destroy the thing on the forest? Who is the protagonist? Who is the trader at the begging of the game? How he knew so much about the forest? ("All roads lead deeper into the woods" "on the last hideout watch for an exit under the floor") Only delusional character recognized the photo of the old road as "the road Home". The protagonist also claimed that it was the road home and the whole journey was to find it. So, is the protagonist insane? How much of the journey was actually real?
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy преди месец
Ooh play it again!! :D
Bailey Bolt
Bailey Bolt преди месец
I would love to see a whole nother play through where you see and explore all the secrets in the game, see what happens if you make different choices.
Shapshoter 489
Shapshoter 489 преди месец
The scene where mark pets the doggo..... I cried. Just because of the part in the prologue where Mark kills the sickly doggo AND the other first few encounters Mark had with dogs in the game. :( ......... I would LOVE,
itsphoenix 27
itsphoenix 27 преди месец
They really put a meaning in “don’t let the bed bugs bite”
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