NO THANK YOU!! | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 3

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преди 27 дни

I would rather not be in this part of Amnesia: Rebirth holy crap no thank you.
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Ana Montanez
Ana Montanez преди 14 часа
I can't wait until part 4♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Queen_Keisha RSN
Queen_Keisha RSN преди 14 часа
I always look forward to the ending of every video he makes - what scene will he use? :D
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger преди 15 часа
33:00 54:00
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober преди 19 часа
Botulism is a rare but potentially deadly illness caused by a poison most commonly produced by a germ called Clostridium botulinum. The germ is found in soil and can survive, grow, and produce a toxin in certain conditions, such as when food is improperly canned.
Arn преди 21 час
me hearing about the pulsating red flesh: *_SCP-610?!_*
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer преди ден
Ramsey Kretchmer
Ramsey Kretchmer преди ден
FUN FACT: "Atua" in Tahitian means God.
My Name Might Be Connor
My Name Might Be Connor преди ден
55:10 so the aliens are part of Monsters Inc
Leah Sutherland
Leah Sutherland преди ден
Doctor: stress is bad for the baby. Tasi: baby? What baby? Mark: me. I'm the baby.
Amirah Osman
Amirah Osman преди ден
I was so surprised to hear the monster at the end speak Afrikaans >.
The Doctor
The Doctor преди ден
So Vitae kinda like adrenochrome?
TheSuperiorGolem преди ден
1:01:31 reminds me of a monster from outlast
Tamlyn Fung
Tamlyn Fung преди ден
Oh wow I was so shocked and proud to hear afrikaans in tbe game. The 'ek verstaan nie, ek weet nie" part
Cheif_Of _Spirit
Cheif_Of _Spirit преди ден
14:55 - 15:09 Humans doing things like this, is why humanity can't have nice things. And also why aliens won't talk to us.
XxSuperDeadlySniperxX преди ден
Being baby and mum is :visibleconfusion:
TrayCaddyyy преди 2 дни
So the vitae is like the yellow energy canisters in Monsters Inc. Fear.
Simone Filter
Simone Filter преди 2 дни
Goodness, I did not expect Afrikaans..
COSGUK преди 2 дни
41:20 That doctor is so sus!
benicia nicolau
benicia nicolau преди 2 дни
mark: “ seems peaceful down here 😀👍 “ ***sees what’s in the room*** mark: 👁 👄 👁
Johnny Reed
Johnny Reed преди 2 дни
Brave Cheesecake
Brave Cheesecake преди 2 дни
Anyone else at 49:30 get reminded of Paarthurnax from Skyrim?
Evan Wheeler
Evan Wheeler преди 2 дни
Is the monster voiced by chappie?
Zoogla5 преди 2 дни
The "other world" place kinda gives me Soul Cairn vibes, from Skyrim
Madison Tracy
Madison Tracy преди 2 дни
unplugging her gives me serious soma flashbacks
Ziren YT
Ziren YT преди 3 дни
33:23 I think he said...'original' it makes more sense and also I heard it first, and only 'regional' when I read the subtitles :D
yolomaster plays big games
yolomaster plays big games преди 3 дни
mark this game ooh intresting mark in visage I DONT WANT VIAGRA
Kaweebo преди 3 дни
Vitae is adrenochrome.
GamePapa преди 3 дни
Mark's refusal to light the torches he casually walked passed gets a bit frustrating at times. All I see is darkness, which I guess is kinda profound.
GamePapa преди 3 дни
Mark: Love your sun! Me: Don't ever talk to me or my son ever again!
Lenore Le`Strange
Lenore Le`Strange преди 3 дни
"It's alien... Well they have oil!" The us: "welp, look at the time, it's invasion time again..."
DJ No Serotonin
DJ No Serotonin преди 3 дни
The game giving mark a moral dilemma and Mark just "yoinkus!"
gecko преди 3 дни
the name Tazi gave the child "Amari" could have the meaning "my moon" in Arabic "قمري" but I'm not sure if it was meant to be understood that way
The Minion Scraper
The Minion Scraper преди 3 дни
44:29 why did see that in a different perspective
Leena Jayaseelan
Leena Jayaseelan преди 3 дни
ATUA???? Like,,, danganronpa Atua???? Omg
cutehulhu преди 3 дни
(Spoilers) For those interested: The voice you are hearing before the labyrinth (and also while inside) is speaking Afrikaans. In order, they say: “I don’t know, I don’t understand” “Hungry, always hungry” “Where is...” “I have you, you are mine”
IAMA Tabble .
IAMA Tabble . преди 4 дни
*L I N E S....*
KillerCaitie преди 4 дни
"That looks like a dick & balls-" You mean the "Not-A-Puh-N'ise" Mark? :P
Bxby Dragonix
Bxby Dragonix преди 4 дни
she spoke afrikaans the heck XD 52:46
Grim Reaper Studios
Grim Reaper Studios преди 4 дни
I got a theory, What if tasi is carrying an alien baby but the alien baby somehow stays in this dimension and becomes the empress. After that her human side starts to show where she starts a grow old or decay but in this race that are immortals. Since tasi child is half human, she starts to grow or "decay". Tasi child was curious about the human body so she started to get specimens out of the Earth and start testing on them but the human body reacts to this as a cancer and trys to get it out or sickness. The reason Tasi can see this is since it's in the Future (where this theory takes place) Tasi child killed of the entire human race and build technology to get more specimens from the past. Then tasi child sent the monster to collect bodies so they don't have to worry about the chemical, but Tasi starts to have a connection to this monster and starts to see from their perspective. I don't know why I just thought of this and it sounded super cool
Kale Saint Amour
Kale Saint Amour преди 4 дни
Mark after making a morally questionable choice impulsively and not weighing his options first: "Did I have to do that? I'm gonna assume I had to do that..."
the dweller sill
the dweller sill преди 4 дни
Mark if you want to know what the red mist is called it's called the guardian and is from amnesia dark decent (sense now you have the orb it hates who take the orb so it is hunting you)
Raccoon Empress ÙvÚ
Raccoon Empress ÙvÚ преди 4 дни
3:14 LINES!!!!!
Vinny Art
Vinny Art преди 4 дни
Mark: Hopefully it's more like milking it... and not something else... Me: JACKING OFF
Topatobean преди 4 дни
damnit, Todd Howard did it again... Those are very clearly Dwemer ruins! He just sold Skyrim again but in the form of a horror game!!
Braai Bok
Braai Bok преди 4 дни
That moment when you hear Afrikaans and it's shocking, daai het my fokken aand gemaak😂
Nanukk Luik
Nanukk Luik преди 4 дни
Nikooo преди 4 дни
Mark really has to up the brightness on these things. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be afraid of!
Meli преди 4 дни
Lixian giving us the definition proves that he is the best editor out there. CAUSE HIS CUTE ASS AVATAR BROUGHT IT IN.
Tibo Mango
Tibo Mango преди 4 дни
As someone from Belgium, i am slightly insulted by the bad Dutch in this game. Allow me to correct you. It is actually: Ik versta het niet...ik weet niet (i don't understand...i don't know) (52:46) , Altijd honger (Always hungry) (55:42) , Ik heb jou - jij bent van mij! (i got you - you are mine!) (58:31)
cutehulhu преди 3 дни
It’s not Dutch, it’s Afrikaans.
Eline преди 4 дни
Wow! The creepy dude in the end was talking dutch! It's really weird when you're watching something in English and suddenly you hear someone talking in your first language :)
Amy Miles
Amy Miles преди 5 дни
Did anyone else see the Afrikaans at 52:49? "Ek verstaan nie... Ek weet nie (I don't understand, I don't know)"
6piecesofcrispychris преди 5 дни
This is honeslty so funny for me to see Afrikaans text in a video game such as Amnesia 👀
Nina Plummer
Nina Plummer преди 5 дни
Any other afrikaans people feeling mildly superior understanding what the man said?
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary преди 5 дни
Wilfredo Pellot-kreider
Wilfredo Pellot-kreider преди 5 дни
didn't she wake up on a plane?
Noah Jensen
Noah Jensen преди 5 дни
Monster is Alex or whatever the missing guy’s name is
Cole Finley
Cole Finley преди 5 дни
You know the more I watch Mark talk, the more I realize he sounds like Kronk from emperors new groove. Just me or...?
Mane Shaker
Mane Shaker преди 5 дни
I must say, the part with the laboratory where was the orb and the vitae, that place was something H P Lovecraft would have written about! The place where the traitor was with the vitae and that kind of city behind him was a place where I would expect to find Chtullu or an Old God
alastor and angeldust fan
alastor and angeldust fan преди 5 дни
okay but why is no one talking about richard and alex 🥺🥺💗💗 the representation 🥰!!!
krisanthemum H.
krisanthemum H. преди 5 дни
Didn’t Alex die? Bury your gays 😞
James Matthew
James Matthew преди 5 дни
When that unknown monster started talking in Afrikaans I was killing myself laughing🤣 no so spooky when you understand what he is saying
Colby Patrick
Colby Patrick преди 5 дни
I'm glad it takes me weeks to finish one video, so I can just go to the next one when I'm done with the one before ☺️
YeetitsMark преди 5 дни
Am I the only one that got some Lotr vibes? That creepy guy sure seems a lotta like Smeagol (Ghollum)
Emily Wym
Emily Wym преди 5 дни
Vitae is just cortisol
Gucci Heichou
Gucci Heichou преди 5 дни
giggling at the Afrikaans towards the end
RaineWuzHere преди 5 дни
/removes life support for genocidal scientist/ "Well, it seems like he was a bit of a dick anyway..." What a massive understatement, like the rest of 2020....
Dr. Fandom
Dr. Fandom преди 5 дни
Amari is the french pronounciation of America
Jade преди 5 дни
If people don't know "ek verstaan nie, ek weet nie" at 53:04 is Afrikaans for "I don't understand, I don't know"
moon 404
moon 404 преди 5 дни
"Is this earth, hi nice balls!" Is how aliens would really act if they come to earth.
DontMindMe преди 6 дни
Mark saying honger like that makes me think of the houngry hog
Otku Corner
Otku Corner преди 6 дни
When did you end up on the DOOM ship?!
Danielle Nel
Danielle Nel преди 6 дни
Did anyone realize that the monster was speaking afrikaans and that it was a South African actor's voice ?? Or was it just me 😅😂
KhAoSKiTTeH преди 6 дни
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that creepy voice, that was Afrikaans!!
Az преди 6 дни
I'm surprised the writers with all this lore and other dimensional stuff still found time to bury their gays. Seriously, that was one of the fastet gay burials I've ever seen.
Az преди 5 дни
@Mega Rayquaza No worries! You're very welcome. Nobody can be expected to know everything about everything. 😌
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza преди 6 дни
@Az oh so that's what it means, that's actually interesting thank you for telling me the Dumb Guy here fam
Az преди 6 дни
@Mega Rayquaza The concept of "bury your gays" is a disgusting media trope that basically sums up to "If you're going to introduce a gay character they have to die." I'd give examples but it's EVERYWHERE. So in this case they introduced two characters, said they were gay, and within a minute or two you find the dead body of the first of the two (a few minutes later the other one dies, see my comment on the next video for more ranting on that even worse one). So basically the gay has been "buried". If it's not a concept you're familiar with I'd suggest googling it, it's an extremely notorious trope, probably up there with "the black guy is always first to die" and similar tropes, and is probably way more common too.
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza преди 6 дни
Yea-- wait what?
Anonymous Ragnarok_22
Anonymous Ragnarok_22 преди 6 дни
51:55 Did anyone else think of Nyarlathotep?
Maxine Morris
Maxine Morris преди 6 дни
Mark: 4:47 Angie from dr 2: PrAyS aTuA
Ashish Sabat
Ashish Sabat преди 6 дни
I get that less exposition is "da way" but I have no clue wtf is going on, who was that dude??wtf is that compass watch thing she has on her??? So MANY QUESTIONS
Ethan WheatThin
Ethan WheatThin преди 6 дни
Mark: “BABBBYYY! BAAAAABYYY!” Game: “Mama” Me: 👁👄👁 -19:52
Rikka's Haven
Rikka's Haven преди 6 дни
In the tone of unus annus, "I can't read this, I can't read this.." Memento, mori😢
FoxFighter 144
FoxFighter 144 преди 6 дни
Mark: *sees statues with arms uplifted* AYYYYYY!!! Me: ... Archviles from DOOM, anyone?
keiti преди 6 дни
Mark talking as the baby has me yodeling with laughter LOL
The Glitched Gamer
The Glitched Gamer преди 6 дни
The video is awesome, but how is nobody talking about how the punches in the outro sync with the music?
Goose &Fish
Goose &Fish преди 6 дни
Winky Moo Moo!!
Evan Allaire
Evan Allaire преди 6 дни
Whats the name of that guy they was in love with Alex agien I forgot
Edgar Sarabia Hernandez
Edgar Sarabia Hernandez преди 6 дни
what my parents hear when im in the kitchen in the middle of the night: 27:48
Sinai преди 6 дни
Oh don't mind me I was just saying from the very beginning that Alex and Richard were together yet I'm still getting excited about the gay representation and the fact that I was right for a change (:
Winter Green
Winter Green преди 6 дни
Memento Mori.... Unus Annus.... will be never 4gotten....
Winter Green
Winter Green преди 6 дни
@Riley Cooper Memento Mori my friend...
Winter Green
Winter Green преди 6 дни
@K.P. Alpha Memento Mori my friend...
Riley Cooper
Riley Cooper преди 6 дни
They will live in our hearts always
Riley Cooper
Riley Cooper преди 6 дни
Never forget
K.P. Alpha
K.P. Alpha преди 6 дни
🤍never forget🖤
The Savage Gamer 64
The Savage Gamer 64 преди 6 дни
Bart Simpson's new catchphrase 54:39
rod riques
rod riques преди 6 дни
Does anyone else remember Leon the monster sounds like him
bigbadboy2001 преди 6 дни
What's in the can?? Human beans in human bean sauce! Yummo!
Fishfirecat преди 6 дни
aaahh they used one of my favorite fonts (megrim) for the english versions of the alien(?) writing :)
leahsencore преди 6 дни
in the maze thing with the thing walking around i closed my eyes so many times it made me jump every time
Ricky k
Ricky k преди 6 дни
The guy at 15:25 sounds like that voice pewdiepie does
Lucius Ian Ludik
Lucius Ian Ludik преди 6 дни
The language the unknown monster spoke was Afrikaans
Deanna Rolke
Deanna Rolke преди 6 дни
Game: "Every step we take it feels like were further from home." Me: If I take one more step....
LC 2020
LC 2020 преди 6 дни
Ok so I’m really happy to recognize the language at 52:48! It’s Afrikaans and it’s one of the eleven languages spoken in South Africa! The rough translation of the words is ‘I don’t understand... I don’t know...’ Also at 55:40 is another Afrikaans sentence which is translated into; ‘Hungry... always hungry...’ 57:25: ‘Where are/is...’ 58:30: ‘I got you - you’re mine! You are mine!’ Hope it helps! :3
joon ._
joon ._ преди 5 дни
Thank you for translating :)
khwezi masuku
khwezi masuku преди 5 дни
I recognized it too! Glad I found this.
Gabriel Henderson
Gabriel Henderson преди 6 дни
1:01:54 me when I'm reading a book about hygiene and skip over the comma
Jason van den heever
Jason van den heever преди 6 дни
that language at 53 min is Afrikaans, they also used it in Lucifer....if anyone is curious it translates to"I dont understand, I dont know" why is my mother tongue always used for monsters XD
Skullis Bones
Skullis Bones преди 6 дни
i'm 2 weeks away from catching up on All of mark's videos since 2015 (and some posted before that)
AbaddonArts преди 6 дни
How did I not put it together. Alys. Alys in Wonderland. It's so obvious, they even mentioned she read the book a while ago in a flashback.
Kristen Schrag
Kristen Schrag преди 6 дни
Mark: "It's some kind of wireless power transmitter" me: it's the lasers from portal 2
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