YouTube Just Gave Me a Strike...

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Markiplier преди 2 месеца
!!UPDATE!! BGpost has responded to us on Twitter. The videos are re-instated, BGpost admitted to their mistake, and even publicly apologized! There's obviously other problems that remain but this is a good first step in the right direction!
toastedcherries преди ден
Aspect преди 8 дни
GalaxyCreations преди 12 дни
D-Rex преди месец
Damien Blumreich
Damien Blumreich преди 2 месеца
I agree there are a lot of inappropriate videos that BGpost doesn't take down and there should be communication
Plant Gang
Plant Gang преди 3 минути
Mark: "Yeah where's my strike?" BGpost: Very poor choice of words
Cameron Fritz
Cameron Fritz преди 15 часа
Just two BGpost titans stepping up to the podium against BGpost itself.
Yasmin Fellows
Yasmin Fellows преди 18 часа
Same thing happened to Daz Black recently too. His vid was also 4 years old. It's ridiculous.
TheFuzzyGamer преди 21 час
what the heck is geztalt
MyFpsAreSuck преди 3 часа
gestalt is a type of german phsycology
WB Games
WB Games преди 22 часа
Good video. Would be a shame if someone made an overedited ytp of meme on this video
txnjiro преди 23 часа
Lmao after 4 years of being up it's gonna get taken down? It's not a violent video at all, it's just a joke i don't understand why it had to be a problem but whatever i guess. BGpost has done a bunch of stupid stuff this year so im not surprised.
Bread Phones
Bread Phones преди ден
I’m 12 and now I’m just experiencing puberty. I figured out by doing the “you know what” and “goody juice” came out all the sudden. I was shocked when it happened. I have no idea why I’m saying it here in the comments.
Rachael преди ден
i feel like youtube is like a highschool with dumb rules
SilverStone преди ден
corporate entity - but I'm a higher being, I mu-sent burden myself by conversing with mere ... ah ... civilian ... yeah, we're going with that!
SilverStone преди ден
almost a million likes on this video, youtube, we can drop everything and go to twitch in a heartbeat, its time to do something
SaragRosie преди ден
Ok but mark getting a strike after asking for one is kinda funny
Ember Firestone
Ember Firestone преди ден
Let’s be honest, BGpost really likes playing favorites, hence why markipliers video didn’t get a strike and critikal did, think about it, make has been youtubes golden child for the longest time, not saying that Mark is an asshole or that I dislike him, because I love his content and the person he is, but if something isnt allowed to be posted it should be informed and then taken down if they don’t comply instead of straight of taking it down without question, mind you this is how so many shitty channels get away with doing whatever they want, when they get taken down they just up and upload it again which means they can’t be striked again if they already posted it before and it was already taken down, reaction channels being the worst cause it’s literally someone else’s content being posted on their channel and “reacting” to it, and then popular ones not getting them taken down because they’re popular, BGpost needs to stop playing favorites and at the same time start paying attention to the other content being posted that goes against guidelines, warn them, and if they don’t listen, take the video down instead of being lazy and stuffing a bot in the once beloved site that is BGpost
The Austin
The Austin преди 2 дни
BGpost this is pathetic why are you doing this total little guys and most importantly why are you doing this crap to the big guys these stupid rule systems is going to kill somebody one day it's going to happen eventually and you ain't going to get anybody to blame but yourselves you're not going to have a platform very long if you keep this crap up you already got caught with Coppa and what would the terms of service did anybody's not in the BGpost partner program is getting screwed over y'all are out of control
The Austin
The Austin преди 2 дни
Markiplier I heard about you getting this copyright strike I have to agree with you one thing and one thing only BGpost is out of control it is not going to have a platform if they keep this stupid God forsaken rule system up at this point they're killing themselves
Ink Stain
Ink Stain преди 2 дни
Thats unfair!
TommyYaBoy преди 2 дни
Last night, I received my first ever... bike.
ExodusRBLX преди 2 дни
last night i received my first ever bike, and it was just right.
Swapna Saha
Swapna Saha преди 2 дни
BGpost has to take down all those fake animal rescue videos
IItZ_Infact преди 2 дни
The "2nd Video" In the description is deleted, or taken down by some reason, havent seen the video yet, but I need an answer to this.
Sofia _1709
Sofia _1709 преди 2 дни
There's a very similar situation that happened on BGpost Germany. A BGpost recalled justNero made several videos about animal abusers that still have their channels up, BGpost stroked his videos but the animal abusers still had their accounts up, some to this day. We reported them for weeks and nothing happened.
Banj преди ден
Well that’s highly questionable.
Fozzy Bear
Fozzy Bear преди 2 дни
So I went and did some digging so I searched try not to laugh 2 on my pc no luck change my ip no luck but I went on mobile and it's there try not to laugh 2 is on mobile
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra преди 2 дни
the Moist Man
FAIZ Harits
FAIZ Harits преди 2 дни
crazy! 1007
crazy! 1007 преди 3 дни
Can i report youtube for stupidity?
RADXYBRO преди 3 дни
* Last night I received my very first B I K E, and it was horrifying * - The guy that got his very first bike edit; can someone make a subtitle for this
WB Games
WB Games преди 22 часа
Markiplier has a mental breakdown
ALI213 преди 3 дни
B U T T S buhuhuauaha p e n i s S H I T I do but i don't but heheHeH3h3hee
Mamba 116
Mamba 116 преди 3 дни
Szonip Games
Szonip Games преди 3 дни
Flying kitty made a good parody of this vid xD
Trashcontent преди 3 дни
Imagine a bike and a guy in the middle road ITS HORRIFYING
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin преди 3 дни
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin преди 3 дни
Adair Kettlewell
Adair Kettlewell преди 3 дни
lol, I'll admit, when he said he had nothing but respect for the moist, I broke xD
Demon king of salvation
Demon king of salvation преди 4 дни
This is not my first time here lol
HARIS Z SUPREME преди 4 дни
Yt copyrighted claim me even tho I placed a disclaimer oh my AMV ;-;
Jake S.
Jake S. преди 4 дни
Sort of like all the political BS censorship. Idiots
Jaim Diojtar
Jaim Diojtar преди 4 дни
because you are big imagine very small channels who arent giant like you they screw up on smaller channels
PsionicsKnight преди 3 дни
Sadly, I've actually seen something similar happen recently. A lot of ASMRists in the past month have gotten hit with "inappropriate content", ranging from demonitization to one channel getting taken down entirely with no warning. And in many cases, BGpost *doesn't* even explain what it was they did wrong. Heck, I just saw another ASMRist lose her first channel recently... and this was long after she deleted her NSFW work!
Fᴀᴢʙᴇᴀʀ Cɪɴᴇᴍᴀ
Fᴀᴢʙᴇᴀʀ Cɪɴᴇᴍᴀ преди 4 дни
Markiplier: posts a joke BGpost: jOkEs WeRe NeVeR aN oPtIoN.
KING Cr. N преди 4 дни
last night i got my very first BIKE it was horrifying
TrashDragon преди 4 дни
Watching ‘markiplier has a mental breakdown’ ten times and then coming to this was a terrible idea
Larissa Harvey
Larissa Harvey преди 4 дни
i like this video it was good
Jony 1991
Jony 1991 преди 4 дни
Poor russian man... xD
Will Burtz
Will Burtz преди 4 дни
I’m surprised this happened to everyone I saw Charlie have the same video taken down I’m glad to support you, but this is too far BGpost. ITS TIME TO STOP
Paige Nordstrom
Paige Nordstrom преди 5 дни
I feel like Mark would be a good lawyer high ki
TheMinionShrek преди 5 дни
I can imagine that the one who copystriked Mark is a new employee. New arrived: "Yeah? What do you want? Do you want a copystrike, what's your name? Markiplier? TSK. Here's your copyrstrike! hahahaha" Old one: "WHAT DID YOU DO? OH SH- SUSAN (the one who helped Mark before) WE DID IT AGAIN. WE MAKE MARK ANGRY. HELP"
Jimuel Gorre
Jimuel Gorre преди 5 дни
Flyingkitty bought me here
Pitiful преди 5 дни
Last night I received my first ever *B I K E*
Yaniv Rubin
Yaniv Rubin преди 5 дни
Mark: "hey youtube! When will I get a strike?" BGpost: *strike* Mark: *suprised picachu face*
NONONOLANCP преди 5 дни
we will listen to you beautiful man
Unknown Entity
Unknown Entity преди 5 дни
BGpost has insane one sided bias towards things. If they don't like it regardless if the video or topic in the video is everywhere else they will give you a strike
chisskywalker8 Roblox
chisskywalker8 Roblox преди 5 дни
"I received my ever bike, and it was just right"
ShpeetyTF2 преди 5 дни
ThomasIsMissing преди 6 дни
Algorithm moving in strong
Spifler преди 6 дни
This is one of the reasons why I changed my mind about becoming a youtuber. I'm nervous and a little scared to post anything because of youtube themselves :(
C J преди 6 дни
The things he says is really different when you watched FlyingKitty's video.
Officer Tom
Officer Tom преди 6 дни
BGpost is just so embarrassing... -__-
JAcK E pYros
JAcK E pYros преди 6 дни
hmm i feel like they piss there path hearing this
Gino Baeza
Gino Baeza преди 6 дни
Try not make poop jokes Challenge
Brenno Rossi
Brenno Rossi преди 6 дни
BGpost turn into a censorship tool...
Sebastian Ortiz
Sebastian Ortiz преди 6 дни
0:28 I am so sorry but you get another strike
Sam Luten
Sam Luten преди 7 дни
3 years ago i saw a "funny" cat video and some were in the middle of the video i saw someone threw a cat off a three story building in to a pool and last year it was still there.
Sepia преди 7 дни
i call what youtube does is bullsh*t (They don't remove accounts dedicated to sexual content, animal abuse, anything like that) and yet its a *joke* i call it stupid that youtube doesn't open they're damn eyes and actually remove the damn videos that dedicate to *animal abuse* *sexual content* DAMN THEY LET *SEXUAL CONTENT CREATORS POST* and it pisses me off. mark and cr1tikal's video should have never gotten a strike.
Unus Annus
Unus Annus преди 7 дни
Katherine Longfellow
Katherine Longfellow преди 7 дни
bruh but megan’s missing isn’t taken down 😭
Deminize Lopez
Deminize Lopez преди 7 дни
I'm finna strike BGpost across the face if they strike you again
Paul Klumpp
Paul Klumpp преди 7 дни
You literally the only BGpostr I watch Mark and there has been some shit that has been taken down but I dont care but out of everything that got taken down why that?? That was one of the best ones too and that was literally nothing.smh🤬😡
Dark angle Dark
Dark angle Dark преди 8 дни
He forgotten about fnaf
Deven Stanger
Deven Stanger преди 8 дни
Any horror game you have ever done should get a strike if that’s the case lol
Blue Baron
Blue Baron преди 8 дни
........I’m sorry, but how is that NOT snitching? Am I the only one that doesn’t understand that part? Can someone explain that to me?
TariTV преди 8 дни
markiplier: *crying* I DON’T WANT A BGpost STRIKE youtube: THEN WHY DID YOU ASK FOR IT
Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolate Milkshake преди 8 дни
Mark could be telling me to commit arson and I’d just listen his voice is so soothing
Kevin Nowlin
Kevin Nowlin преди 8 дни
Well said!
Freddy Fazbears
Freddy Fazbears преди 9 дни
*B I K E*
JustAGamerPerson преди 9 дни
Mark: *shows a clip of some guys beating up a Russian in a non-violent way and gets a strike* Fact Fiend - With Karl Smallwood: *shows clips of The Thing, a guy getting half-digested, and a guy’s skeleton climbing out of his body, but not recieving a strike*
Matthew Lorque
Matthew Lorque преди 9 дни
But, what happened to the bike?
Tristan Aditya Rahman
Tristan Aditya Rahman преди 9 дни
imagine... a bike
hans and hars channel
hans and hars channel преди 9 дни
Me:sees title Me:hold me back
Enjay Nicolay
Enjay Nicolay преди 9 дни
The original has 1 million views. It got my view because of of your vid.
DavidVonDestruct преди 9 дни
did anyone see the flyingkitty ytp first and this looks really weird
Meliodas DaPro
Meliodas DaPro преди 9 дни
That video was hilarious and I still remember it
Hadi преди 9 дни
Justice for mark
arsaic преди 9 дни
a video i had to watch for drivers ed which shows someones actual brains smeared on pavement after a car crash is still on youtube to this day lmao. youtubes broken.
Momento Mori
Momento Mori преди 9 дни
How dare..
Robert Ernest
Robert Ernest преди 9 дни
The 2nd video is unavailible
SuperMario231 преди 9 дни
If Cocomelon became 1st place, then BGpost will remove all violence.
Harris Burdick
Harris Burdick преди 9 дни
I think I once got a warning for using Panzerleid in my video
Tech Vlogs
Tech Vlogs преди 10 дни
few days later Flyingkitty:Last nitght i got my first ever bike
Faithful преди 10 дни
MM, your speech is so good. Lol I agree Mark
Quadisimo V2
Quadisimo V2 преди 10 дни
Better than what I had, channel got hacked. When I got it back. I had not 1, not 2, not 3. But 73!!!!! Strikes
Slurp Studios
Slurp Studios преди 10 дни
Last night I got my first ever BIKE
EgamerX14 преди 11 дни
Last Night, i recieved my first ever *bike*
strange pops
strange pops преди 11 дни
I must point out that anyone who sees videos that go against the community guidelines like abuse aren't going to report it.
Rakurai Taiyo
Rakurai Taiyo преди 11 дни
I'm just waiting for the day when our big BGpostrs get tired of being "so thankful to this platform for giving them their start" and they make their own. Maybe it will fail. Maybe it won't. But rn BGpost is basically a monopoly; it could use some competition to bring it down a few pegs.
Mínístry of Sound
Mínístry of Sound преди 12 дни
I think BGpost is paedophile and pervert. Lot of women making inappropriate videos of tongue ASMRs and little girls doing yoga spreading their legs. BGpost NEVER delete these channels. WHY.. well because they are a bunch of perverts and paedophiles working all together.
Hawk UP
Hawk UP преди 12 дни
God youtube sucks
Hector Voskin
Hector Voskin преди 12 дни
If I had a nickel for every time I had to deal with BGpost bullshit, man...
AAI6718 преди 12 дни
Someone flagged it as inappropriate for violence. Then, someone at youtube took the flagger for their word and sent you a strike. These people who process all these flagging complaints are busy and don't always have the time to watch the video and judge it in context. They get paid to handle flags. That's it. You are a nobody.
JetBlazethunder преди 12 дни
No you that VIDEO!?! That was a long time ago are they really mad about that!?!
Thaoenos преди 12 дни
I like how they remove this but they don’t remove the 911 videos that are literally showing it happening after 14 years on BGpost
Sum Dum Shit-Poster
Sum Dum Shit-Poster преди 12 дни
So this is what flying kitty turned into a YTP
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