Was I Put in this "Dating Game" WITHOUT MY PERMISSION??

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Welcome to Blush Blush... A "free" game where I'm apparently one of the character within it. It took 3 DAYS to get to the bottom of this mystery... but I found out THE TRUTH!!
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The Game in Question ► store.steampowered.com/app/777130/Blush_Blush/

Sowerz! xtx
Sowerz! xtx преди 7 часа
Is it just me or is mark being less energetic his old videos he was so energetic and he just talks slow and low now I'm just saying he seems way to different to me
Doggo person :3
Doggo person :3 преди 9 часа
I have a game like that its called Crush Crush but instead of furries its anime girls
Celeana Mas
Celeana Mas преди 13 часа
When ever you go on the coaster, it looks like your being strangled....
savage patch kids
savage patch kids преди 16 часа
ive played this
Dragon преди 17 часа
If you're a real hardcore time waster, you know that the bear Volks fights off has a name. Bearverly. She's from " Crush Crush " a game that follows the same premise as this one.
luci the jolteon :3
luci the jolteon :3 преди 23 часа
Hey mark!! Just here to tell you that the bear that was sharply dressed was named "Bearverly" and she's on the phone edition!!
Allie the goblin
Allie the goblin преди 23 часа
As someone whose soul was consumed by crush crush (the female equivalent of this game)I can say marks comment about Stockholm syndrome is... accurate...
wolfulss преди ден
Ima play it for the uncensored hopefully the other ones are unlocked its been a year
Luna_Playz Art
Luna_Playz Art преди ден
1:43:56 lady’s and gentlemen, Mark has finally lost it-
Kylee D
Kylee D преди ден
The arts not bad i will say Edit : why do I fell like there should be another game with they characters that is not a dating game idk why
Love Animals
Love Animals преди ден
I never even knew there was a Furry Dating game-
Jace Allnutt
Jace Allnutt преди ден
I expected Morkiplier to be the gaming one being a gaming channel
DarknessFromAbove преди ден
Alternate title: Furry simulator but I try finding myself
David Lopez
David Lopez преди ден
You are aaaaaaaa furry
Ricardo Javillonar
Ricardo Javillonar преди 2 дни
*Quietly Laughs In furry*
Erica Johnson
Erica Johnson преди 2 дни
Is mark okay
lucas keplinger
lucas keplinger преди 2 дни
Oh god it's crush crush for furry's
Erica Johnson
Erica Johnson преди 2 дни
"Okay I'm back. I did absolutely nothing to get ready for the day, but what can you do?" Me too mark. Me too.
SierraArtist преди 2 дни
Anyone else here after watching the Huni -cast where Micheal and Ashley are laughing at Mark’s reaction to Micheal’s impression of him? XD
Phoenix преди 2 дни
I don't know why youtube's been recommending this to me but it's officially my favorite mark video. so. thanks I guess algorithm?
Kameron Powers
Kameron Powers преди 2 дни
I would how markiplier feels about his video got 8.7 million views, and was it worth the time put in?
Captan Kazoo
Captan Kazoo преди 2 дни
Mark just really wanted to play this game so he had to cover it up with “they put me in the game”
Yæng Y/ñ
Yæng Y/ñ преди 2 дни
I'ma get this game not because of him of markiplier it's because I wanna say what's at the end- ;-;
Yæng Y/ñ
Yæng Y/ñ преди 2 дни
Sadly I can't get this game because I'm on mobile
Geneva Taylor
Geneva Taylor преди 2 дни
"I'll give him a magical sword alright" - Markiplier lol
Frollyboi преди 2 дни
Games like these...... i really want to meet the devs
Shark Max
Shark Max преди 2 дни
hehe boi Im dying
яυву преди 3 дни
Shelby Miller
Shelby Miller преди 3 дни
Why not an Auto clicker
queenvie808 преди 3 дни
Not a furry but humanized Volks cute
Marvel_Mischief VR
Marvel_Mischief VR преди 4 дни
Fun fact: The voice actor for Mark in the game is the voice actor of Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel :D
isekei life
isekei life преди 4 дни
this was my first markiplier video
Real Abyssal
Real Abyssal преди 4 дни
Akira Kingston
Akira Kingston преди 4 дни
Mark yelling while a picture of "himself" was on screen was an experience
Chaos K
Chaos K преди 4 дни
1:27:25 "My LaWyErS WiLL bE iN tOuCh!!! heh heh... nom" - mark
Another Lesley
Another Lesley преди 5 дни
"First off- This is Blush Blush." I never thought I'd hear this in this context.
dehlia_the_ wild_cat
dehlia_the_ wild_cat преди 5 дни
what is the name of the game
Darkness Rises
Darkness Rises преди 5 дни
Gay Furry Dating Simulator, ok markiplier...
TheBassettTrack 01
TheBassettTrack 01 преди 5 дни
it's 2021 and I've found myself coming back to this video watching everything without skipping anything. I really need to get a life lmao
Todd-y-bear, Wait!
Todd-y-bear, Wait! преди 5 дни
Ichiban in Japanese means Number 1
Keigo Tamaki
Keigo Tamaki преди 6 дни
I just watched almost two hours of Mark turning mananimals back into men and then saying shit in a seductive voice. WORTH IT.
Jen преди 6 дни
The character has similarities to jacksepticeye too. The green hair and blue eyes are jack, also the entire face looks nothing like you... yes I see the similarities in some of the dialogue. But you don't actually own the sentence "hello my name is..."insert name"... it's a very common sentence. I had fun watching this and I really like you but this was a bit narcissistic lol
mr twick
mr twick преди 6 дни
ääääähhhhhh 😶😐😅 wat i dont even now wat that is wat ever
DonnieBoi TV
DonnieBoi TV преди 6 дни
wtf is this furry shit lmao
G tg
G tg преди 6 дни
Play crush crush
Goldfish преди 7 дни
I watched the whole video and i hate myself for it
Username Was Taken
Username Was Taken преди 7 дни
mark raged before? woah
Jennifer Paige
Jennifer Paige преди 7 дни
The fact that Ichiban is voiced by Michael Kovach makes this so much better. Edit: "Is that your impression of me?" 1:44:36
M.K. McGill
M.K. McGill преди 7 дни
I can’t believe I’ve actually made it this far into the video (much less that Mark made it this far in the game and is now intensely talking about strats), but the sound effect at 55:40 totally sounds like the whistle song from Tokyo Drift. Edit: I just realized this sound effect is used way more often. I don’t know what it was about the one at 55:40, but that’s when it clicked. Now I can’t unhear it.
Killer Puppet
Killer Puppet преди 7 дни
Ok but why do I like it?
glass mermaids
glass mermaids преди 7 дни
I hated the pegasus guy like pls just call me a slur
3Xferoz преди 7 дни
By the second day, i think Mark actually forgot what he was doing and started to take the game seriously lol 😂
DeeLee The Oddity
DeeLee The Oddity преди 7 дни
If you have time, play the first game in this series, Crush Crush. It’s pretty fucking hilarious.
Connor Seto
Connor Seto преди 7 дни
Garret is a himbo. Change my mind.
Serpentyme Entertainment
Serpentyme Entertainment преди 8 дни
shadow_pon3 преди 8 дни
It looks like you and jack man lol just sayin
Shiroi Myuto
Shiroi Myuto преди 8 дни
The for VA for Ichiban is Michael Kovach
Mya’S Life
Mya’S Life преди 8 дни
Nimh: I don’t know. A magical sword , or a quest or something? Mark:oh... I’ll give you a magical sword Me:NO *orderers stuff off Amazon* NOW I HAVE HOLY WATER, A CROSS, AND CLORAX BLAECH AND I KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!
Ash преди 8 дни
are you gay
toxic turd 2
toxic turd 2 преди 5 дни
Ataume преди 9 дни
Honestly starting to like Markiplier more and more. Also, this is why he is a pro gamer. Three days. Dayum. I would've given up on day 1. Watched the entire video and the end was so totally worth it! xD
Summer Montrone
Summer Montrone преди 9 дни
What’s the name
Addison W
Addison W преди 9 дни
at least there is the one redeeming factor that bearverly is in the game
Kaida The Leopard
Kaida The Leopard преди 9 дни
Ive seen it all now :/
Marshmallow UwU
Marshmallow UwU преди 9 дни
Mark be discovering furries lol he needs to calm down "I DONT WANT TO DATE A HORSE" Oh- Ok.
Vielka Barnes
Vielka Barnes преди 9 дни
i love it
Lillian Sams
Lillian Sams преди 9 дни
This fucking game has been on my steam recommended for like 3 months and I don't understand why?!?! but now I'm considering downloading it... fuck
Aiden Stargazer
Aiden Stargazer преди 9 дни
Is it weird to say I kind of like this game?? 😳😳 I like the art and the plot is decent
Amanda Soika
Amanda Soika преди 9 дни
jackspeticguy miked with markiplier
Twilight Da Neko
Twilight Da Neko преди 9 дни
Subtitles: daddy scares favorite thing to do Markipler: that is Garrets favorite thing to do 55:15
x Blossom Tea x
x Blossom Tea x преди 10 дни
That's kind of gay
We_Finna_DieX_X преди 10 дни
So no ones going to talk about how he said "Ill give you a magic sword alright~😏"
nagihoe ꨄ
nagihoe ꨄ преди 9 дни
Aidil Farhan
Aidil Farhan преди 10 дни
Anon sounds like Arnold
LuHeartSwarm преди 10 дни
the only reason to watch this is because you like mark and you like to see him suffer i need to pour some chemicals in my eyes now thanks
A M преди 10 дни
Private Dino
Private Dino преди 10 дни
Weird game
gummie beez
gummie beez преди 10 дни
I prefer crush crush but blush blush also bussin'
gummie beez
gummie beez преди 9 дни
@nagihoe ꨄ yee
nagihoe ꨄ
nagihoe ꨄ преди 9 дни
Da gurls 🤌
Juliana Atteberry
Juliana Atteberry преди 11 дни
I wonder what ever happened on the legal side of things with this...
William Stephen
William Stephen преди 11 дни
Wait...the unicorns name is Eli? *inhale* That’s my name, there trying to frame me to liking this game.
nagihoe ꨄ
nagihoe ꨄ преди 9 дни
Cursed Wolf
Cursed Wolf преди 11 дни
Good lord he even sounds like he's trying to talk like Mark
baby bear
baby bear преди 11 дни
Oh no dont do that..no...stop...your making a mistake.
Woxy0w0 преди 11 дни
Nark: im really goof at tapin:( autoclicker mode on)
Katherine Rasmussen
Katherine Rasmussen преди 11 дни
The moment Mark realized there was an uncensored version was the moment he lost faith in humanity.
Funtime Candy
Funtime Candy преди 12 дни
I just watched a 31 year old man date furries for two hours
xXzuzu_lucyxx преди 12 дни
Um but
xXzuzu_lucyxx преди 12 дни
I feel the same now
xXzuzu_lucyxx преди 12 дни
22:40 y just y
xXzuzu_lucyxx преди 12 дни
...did i h
Chantz Ham
Chantz Ham преди 12 дни
I'm back, gg. Proper game. Gonna play it... eventually.
DarkMagicSeptember преди 12 дни
*gasp* Mark hasn't heard of Caramelldansen? D:
Grace Towner
Grace Towner преди 12 дни
This popped up on watch next right after unnus annus was deleted
TRD Gaming YT
TRD Gaming YT преди 12 дни
Piano doesn't give you diceplin but it makes you good at maths for some reason
TRD Gaming YT
TRD Gaming YT преди 12 дни
Hasenpfeffer=rabbit pepper
Incant Souls
Incant Souls преди 12 дни
So I just looked it up, and it says his "personality" is Markiplier and it says that quotes were even taken from Mark, if you wanna know what exactly I looked up, I typed in "is ichiban from blush blush markiplier" and clicked on the first thing. BTW IK this is from like a yr ago but I just thought to do this
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart преди 12 дни
When's the next mincraft video
M.Naufal.Dwi.P преди 12 дни
Why am i watching this furry thing
Isaiah Fernandez
Isaiah Fernandez преди 13 дни
ohhhhhhhh so if ur dating guys ur gay
Isaiah Fernandez
Isaiah Fernandez преди 13 дни
ShadowBrine 16
ShadowBrine 16 преди 13 дни
I Can't Believe I am Watching This
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez преди 13 дни
His wolf voice sounds like will Arnett 9:20
Oscar Sky Trooper. Unknown Last Name.
Oscar Sky Trooper. Unknown Last Name. преди 13 дни
I'm gonna play the uncensored version someday.
Feyona Sarah Bindraban
Feyona Sarah Bindraban преди 14 дни
Do you support furries?
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