Memento Mori

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преди 21 ден

All we have left are the memories.

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Nakana преди час
Already wanting Unus Annus back.
Termulus преди 2 часа
I never really watched Unus Annus, what was it even about?
Highlighter преди 2 часа
POV: your crying because it reminds you how lonely you are.
Joshua Eberting
Joshua Eberting преди 4 часа
One year and three weeks feeling like it was yesterday, I don't think I'll ever forget the sound of that clock ticking...
BlueFox64 преди 5 часа
Memento Mori
bunny bimbo
bunny bimbo преди 11 часа
If Mark doesn't remember to come back next year, we gotta remind him. Keep the memory alive!!!
CJ Naseralla
CJ Naseralla преди 13 часа
Do it again?
Little Byrd
Little Byrd преди 15 часа
I heard the ticking and immediately thought of it as ‘nostalgic’. Like that’s the first word I thought. It’s already been entered into my brain in the same place that all the cartoons I used to watch everyday as a kid are. It’s over, it’s my past, and a very fond past at that. I can try to find clips online or even rewatch the whole thing somewhere, but there’ll still be no more installments. The look of it will slowly become outdated and charming, and as more years go by, more and more will those ticks just be ‘nostalgic’, not my everyday. No ones ever captured that feeling so quickly for me.
Mac Aroni
Mac Aroni преди 16 часа
I just want you to know, Unus Annus was a channel very dear to me, while I was going through a difficult time. It gave me a reason to want to wake up every morning, something to look forward to everyday, always putting a smile on my face. I’m so happy you and Ethan made that beautiful channel. It will forever be in my heart. 🖤🤍 thank you
Lieu Le Huynh Nga
Lieu Le Huynh Nga преди 18 часа
this feels slightly ridiculous to me because the videos were all insane and weird shenanigans involving our two best boys and I do love them and miss them and wish I could have watched each and every single one of them and then some. I understand everyone's pain and I'm kinda mad at myself for not feeling as sad as everyone else about unus annus's death, for having and still taking it for granted. This was the best thing anyone has ever made no matter what
Aiden Maas
Aiden Maas преди 20 часа
i wish it never ended :(
CalebRC преди 23 часа
All I need to hear to keep me here is the ticking sounds just makes me stay here with lots of memories
Hardcore Hunter
Hardcore Hunter преди ден
A reminder that these props don't just go away. Mark now has a small casket as part of his décor.
RubyColoredDiamond преди ден
It inspired me to make a video that uploads in one year, deciding the fate or revival of my channel. I don't know if anyone cares but, I really missed unus annus a lot.
pointlessFreddi преди ден
I get the point, I get why Mark did it, but I miss Unus Annus so much, I remember when I first found it, I was so confused by the timer at the start of all the videos, but I really like the channel, I learned about the timer, I stayed up on the last day to watch the livestream, and I cried when it was done, I passed out on the floor from how tired I was, Unus Annus was special, and there will always be a special place in my heart for it, and a dream that one day it will come back. What a ride, a ride we'll never forget, momento mori.
Mudshrooze преди ден
I wanna believe while a great actor he is that he was being honest with these words. This was emotional and I got teary eyed.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini преди ден
i'm really moved by the fact how Unus Annus made everyone happy especially in it's short time span. Thank you for making this masterpiece.
ObstructedFaith преди ден
"remember you must die" = "memento mori"
Griffin Burch
Griffin Burch преди ден
I thought this was going to be dbd lmao
Taylor Welch
Taylor Welch преди ден
No one will ever realize what the have had until it’s all swept away at random like life you could be driving home at the age of 23 not drunk or anything but you do everything right and life says screw your and a guy swerves and kills you and 3 others all that’s left at that point is memories
neko nightmare * girl *
neko nightmare * girl * преди ден
Aw fuck am crying 😭
neko nightmare * girl *
neko nightmare * girl * преди ден
@bilinas mini momento Mori 🤝
bilinas mini
bilinas mini преди ден
Momento Mori
funtime-cyan-gacha-wolf преди ден
What happened
Drover Z
Drover Z преди ден
I immediately thought of Lamb of God from the title
L преди ден
Biggest nostalgia of my life when I heard those ticks.
Darkizer преди ден
me too mark, i miss you bully ethan.
MysticalSpace преди ден
“You wish for eternal happiness yet we need pain and loss to move forward.Cause if we only felt one emotion do we really get to call ourselves human”
Becca Charlton
Becca Charlton преди ден
It’s called after life! Bring it back and say it’s the after life!🤷‍♀️😂😂 but goodness I miss it so much it’s weird to think it’s already been a year….
Becca Charlton
Becca Charlton преди ден
It’s called after life! Bring it back and say it’s the after life!🤷‍♀️😂😂 but goodness I miss it so much it’s weird to think it’s already been a year….
MrAliquam преди ден
And it will be ruined like a good movie gets ruined when it receives an unplanned sequel.
TheNickelKnight преди ден
Yo guys chill, it's a BGpost channel.
diluc ragnvindr
diluc ragnvindr преди 2 дни
im literally crying, actual tears rn
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov преди 2 дни
being there for us when we’re needing the happy, golden retrievers disguised as a humans we see everyday. 🖤🤍💙💗
RageKitten 29
RageKitten 29 преди 2 дни
We miss it too. 😢 We looked forward to each episode. And cherish the memories. Thanks guys. 🤍🖤🤍🖤
E- Boy
E- Boy преди 2 дни
i just love this guy
Stefanos Christodoulou
Stefanos Christodoulou преди 2 дни
Momento Mori
yourLoca._.Babycholo преди 2 дни
WWWWAAA They come back? 👀 (pls let them come back again next year😩🙁)
Spencer U
Spencer U преди 2 дни
man i came into the the channel more than half way through the year, but found myself entrapped by it and just watched it and watched it endlessly. was so good
Psycho Fangirl_04
Psycho Fangirl_04 преди 2 дни
Time doesn't feel real- It's seriously been over a year since Unus Annus died :((( RIP to that legend, it will never be forgotten
Kai Wall
Kai Wall преди 2 дни
Harry Potter vibes
BobotOMG преди 3 дни
I loved it. I really did. Together with my Girlfriend.
Kyu Sei
Kyu Sei преди 3 дни
I still remember the conversation under the stars. How it was just three people together, on one planet, in the vast expanse of space, making such a meaningful project that impacted thousands, maybe millions, destined to last a single year. Three specks in the whole universe, making thousands of hearts burn, thousands of laughs ring as they talk beneath the stars. I think I commented before that that was my favorite video, and it still is.
- SaltedOtaku -
- SaltedOtaku - преди 3 дни
Who here also missed the hype and only found out after it was deleted.
Git Memed
Git Memed преди 3 дни
I'm just imagining Ethan is in there trying no to laugh
You Tube
You Tube преди 3 дни
Hearing the clicks gave me chills
William Newman
William Newman преди 3 дни
We need a unis annus resurrected
Olivia Shelton
Olivia Shelton преди 3 дни
i didn’t get to enjoy Unus Annus but god this video and the comments are making me cry god. i love mark he really is light in my life, he has genuinely saved me and i’m so greatful
surliestofstews739 преди 3 дни
Man I hope they do sum like this again. 😭 The LORE in the ticking at the end unus anus is only sleeping 🙂😢.... right??
Anica преди 3 дни
Just found out Unnus Annus recently and this reminds me of that one quote " Don't be sad that it ended, be happy that it happened." - T_T
Kyle playz
Kyle playz преди 3 дни
It sucks I missed memento mori
Kyle playz
Kyle playz преди 3 дни
Sorry unuss onuss
LegendFury преди 3 дни
that clock ticking noise at the end felt nostalgic.
Snailwrathias преди 3 дни
Somethings, are better left, in the box. Less we forget their importance.
Parking Chicken
Parking Chicken преди 3 дни
the last couple years have been such a hard thing for me. especially losing my step mom last September. you guys have always been such inspirations to me and having unus annus and your channels to help cope with it really make a difference. I've always loved your guy's channels and it's insane to think that its been this long since the end. I watched unus annus all the way through. from start to finish I was there every day. the emotional Rollercoaster that I went through with not only this channel but myself in the process is something that I will never forget. I loved being apart of it and I loved being able go say I was there. I wish it could have been an experience for more people because there's something really special about what you guys did. I love you guys and thank you for everything. Momento Mori
Damien Hardy
Damien Hardy преди 3 дни
Remember everyone memories are forever
zyriz преди 3 дни
It's a shame that I wasn't around during that time.
Dara Wright-Dixon
Dara Wright-Dixon преди 3 дни
This was so incredibly beautiful to watch
Austin Brown
Austin Brown преди 3 дни
I cry. and i cry again. this is the one thing I wish my terrible memory would hold onto better before I lose what is left in my mind.
max stars
max stars преди 3 дни
I got my memento mori tattoo shortly after unus annus ended , I miss it so much
PixelFoundry преди 3 дни
Unus Annus 2.0?
Will0w YouTubes
Will0w YouTubes преди 3 дни
Its been so long since I've seen Unus Anuus this made me cry
Emberflame 777
Emberflame 777 преди 3 дни
I started watching Unus Annus exactly a month before it was deleted and managed to finish it in time to watch the livestream on the last day. I wish I would have been there since the beginning but at least I got to watch all of the videos before it ended.
Sir WetSpoon
Sir WetSpoon преди 3 дни
Part of me hopes he keeps the same coffin over the years so we can see it deteriorate with age but I also want it to stay pristine
guess преди 4 дни
Floy преди 4 дни
Unus annus was the BEST youtube channel to ever hit youtube.
Almond Joshua Albaladejo
Almond Joshua Albaladejo преди 4 дни
4:55 made my heart skip a beat with captions on
Floy преди 4 дни
I really miss unus annus honestly, it helped me through so much I really hope you'll do more video's with Ethan similarly to the unus annus style of comedy, that's just my take seeing how much you miss it, we'd all love for you to do videos in that style.
AmandaLynn StieberLilly
AmandaLynn StieberLilly преди 4 дни
Hey I know you probably won't see this But Would you like a cinnimon roll with that?
Krystle D
Krystle D преди 4 дни
Howl Lol :]
Howl Lol :] преди 4 дни
that clock was ticking.
alida flus
alida flus преди 4 дни
so much went by, it really- I can’t think of a good word but it is an eye opener and really harnesses that “Memento Mori” spirit. Rest In Peace Unus Annus
Jonathon McKeel
Jonathon McKeel преди 4 дни
Please for the love of God and everything Holy! Unnus Annus part II 2022!
Dragon Relm
Dragon Relm преди 4 дни
mark you need to let it die, it has fulfilled its goal and is longer needed. we can't dwell on the past but must move forward
Leland Hernandez
Leland Hernandez преди 4 дни
gosh those kobes are crazy
Theo (FrogBoi) :D
Theo (FrogBoi) :D преди 4 дни
Memento Mori
alida flus
alida flus преди 4 дни
Memento Mori Unus Annus.
SNIPER MONKEY преди 4 дни
Memento mori
the gaming cobra
the gaming cobra преди 4 дни
unus annus Unas Annus UNUS ANNUS
Shinigami преди 4 дни
Dont cry because its over... cry because it happened- MOMENTO MORI
Vasto преди 4 дни
When unus annus got deleted live( I was there for the whole live stream) it got deleted on my birthday so uh yeah
Brittney Welsh
Brittney Welsh преди 4 дни
R.I.P Unus Annus.
CrazyinsanityGAMEZ преди 4 дни
M-mark I can't stop sobbing... I missed that channel so much i cried laughed and got mad at it before.. the memories are so... deep I love you mark, and mark if you ever get to read this I know its a comment out of 40k of them. but mark I hope you get to see this and feel the endless love coming from this comment ik its sad but me and you and the fans can get through this!, love you markypoooooooo
ChronosXIII преди 4 дни
Mark Edward Fishbach you have absolutely no fucking idea how much your work had impacted my life, i was in a really dark place at the time that you started Unas Annus with Ethan and Amy, i was spiraling down a path of depression and addiction but there was one thing that i could always look forward too ,your videos, there was a certain level of comfort that i got from them, a certain level of hope i got, because i just felt so alone in the world and seeing you and Ethan release these videos day by day. Idk it really struck a chord with me. Honestly speaking it was my Life line, and the day that the channel was delete, i felt a deep sadness but in the day after, the message finally hit me, it's ok to grieve, it's ok to hurt but at the same time the only way to truly heal is to let go, letting go doesn't mean forgetting that anything ever happened, it's accepting that this is just a chapter in you life and that nothing lasts forever, everything that lives must die and everything that exists has an end. I just can't thank you enough for the help that your content has provided and has continue to provide, i'm by no means a 'hardcore fan' that watches every video that you upload but still i hope that this message can somehow reach you through the thousands of comments that you get on a daily basis.
xBlueWolf преди 5 дни
A legendary idea, a legendary channel, and still 2 legendary people.
BrimmFate преди 5 дни
Sorry, I never watched the channel that went with momento memori, heard it was good and guess I never will watch it. However I get how this would feel for someone who did watch it.
diluc ragnvindr
diluc ragnvindr преди 2 дни
i watched it for a few months and then unfortunately forgot about it, and i watched the stream of it getting deleted funfact i actually said to myself i would watch every video of unus annus before it got deleted and i never did ☹️
Kyziee999 преди 5 дни
Please play One Night at Flumpty’s 3
Canoupy преди 5 дни
imagine finding out in almost 2022 that you will never be able to experience Unus Annus
Kiara Czeto
Kiara Czeto преди 5 дни
Can we appreciate that there are absolutely no dislikes on this video? 🖤🤍
Rose 🌹
Rose 🌹 преди 5 дни
Memento Mori Unus Annus.
T R A S H W E E B преди 5 дни
Unus annus was real good channel r. I. p
Kindu White
Kindu White преди 5 дни
You mark did it ever occur to you that the idea of trying to do a bit about "nothing lasts for ever" on the INTERNET was not a bright idea? I know you try to take down the re-uploads but realistically you just chose a bad medium for such a premise.
Melissa Hunt
Melissa Hunt преди 5 дни
Goremejy преди 5 дни
I love Mark and the emotion put into this video, but if I’m being totally honest I despise the idea of Unus Anus. Not making a video every day or the videos themselves, but deleting it all after a year. What about the people who didn’t get to see them all, or never even knew about it until it was to late? It just comes across as pointless to delete all that content for no actual reason
MD Farhan Ahmed
MD Farhan Ahmed преди 5 дни
what happened?
PikerZ преди 5 дни
Damn, I really missed out...
Najam Ul-Hassan
Najam Ul-Hassan преди 5 дни
It would be so cool that mark makes another youtube game that would lead to a few different endings and they depending on the ending unus annus would be revived
[FF] Tower, The Calamity
[FF] Tower, The Calamity преди 5 дни
Took you away, and now they're gonna get it, all I have You know now, You're gone, and I Just wanna have you back again
seiom jvony
seiom jvony преди 5 дни
One of the best parts of the series was seeing their beautiful friendship grow.
ssskitzy_gmaes преди 5 дни
A year. Man times really Flys doesn't it.
DouglassVisions преди 5 дни
we love you, mark.
Karma_Kathrine преди 5 дни
I don’t understand… whos Unas Annus? What happened..?
guavathedragonYT преди 5 дни
I remember tears streaming from my eyes when the stream went offline, memento mori.
TTV_Progamerr преди 5 дни
Bring back unus annus
Dylan Vanderleest
Dylan Vanderleest преди 5 дни
Can someone please explain what is going on
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