I FOUND A VILLAGE... | Minecraft - Part 12

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I accidentally made progress... Accidentally...
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Donovan Hill
Donovan Hill преди 23 часа
These episodes last forever like if you agree lol
Donovan Hill
Donovan Hill преди 23 часа
Ash the Fox
Ash the Fox преди ден
👉👈 2:26
Jack Mylin
Jack Mylin преди ден
8:04 when your trying to push a cow and you dont realize theres a wheat farm right in front of you
Otaku KHL
Otaku KHL преди 2 дни
Mark, the man with 5 ovens and four furnaces
Otaku KHL
Otaku KHL преди 2 дни
Sean and Felix: Building literal mansions and castles for fun Mark: Makes a 3x1x3 house that he can barely fit in
gongoozler преди 3 дни
Jessica Sharp
Jessica Sharp преди 3 дни
The editing on this is *chefs kiss*
Maya Slimes
Maya Slimes преди 4 дни
what no i dont have mark as my wallpaper on every single device i own why would you think that? whats that picture on my wall? totally not mark
Katherine Breland
Katherine Breland преди 4 дни
Guys, after 12 episodes of Minecraft Mark finally learned... that crouch stops you from falling off of things.
Holli Siemonsma
Holli Siemonsma преди 4 дни
someone needs to tell him that the reason his sugar cane doesn't grow is that it needs to grow on sand lmao
Kelsey McMonagle
Kelsey McMonagle преди 6 дни
Still waiting for Mark to realize that his tick speed is incredibly slow, and that its okay to turn it up.
doubleblade преди 6 дни
help this crazy man has put us in a room to breed and make milk and leather help
Lindsay Shanklin
Lindsay Shanklin преди 7 дни
What the fuck is :👉👈 I thought it was 👉👌 wtf 😂
Sionica преди 7 дни
Markiplier and Harry Potter crossover 7:39
Kylie Forgie
Kylie Forgie преди 7 дни
Him: *makes a cow joke* Me: That was so cheesy ➖👄➖ Him: *looks at the camera* Me: 👁👄👁💧
laura преди 7 дни
2:27 Mark be like: 😳 👉👈
Dijmaster преди 8 дни
I knew Lixian would do that
Ethan Schmohe
Ethan Schmohe преди 8 дни
My respect and love for Lixian is H U G E. I love Lixians editing
hatefunk преди 8 дни
11:42 crying because im watching this after unus annus ended
Julianna Venero
Julianna Venero преди 9 дни
you need wheat for the cows
Julianna Venero
Julianna Venero преди 9 дни
oh he did it i didnt watch the whole thing
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K преди 10 дни
Mushroom Island
justinjah91 преди 12 дни
Ah yes, the tried and true method to gain a cat's trust: run at it while screaming "BE MY FRIEND!!!"
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries преди 13 дни
1:44 Pffffffff, I died!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dani Eason
Dani Eason преди 14 дни
Andre преди 14 дни
After this video came out i was so disappointed that i stopped watching him play for 3 months
Andre преди 10 дни
@Autumn Little eh idk
Autumn Little
Autumn Little преди 10 дни
Adam Hendrickson
Adam Hendrickson преди 18 дни
Mark: play something a little more soul-bonding. Lixian: (Plays heavy metal) Me: yes.
Olly преди 19 дни
17:53 I laughed so hard😂
Oeaston55 преди 21 ден
Mark’s attempting to cry at 1:20 in 0.25 speed is hilarious
Flubbedfirrocks преди 22 дни
I feel like I was the only one but when the cow at the end was head banging, I was too
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon преди 22 дни
I didn’t feel like - MOOOO...what the-
mattattack преди 22 дни
mark: if i open this your gonna get out cow: nods head
Sammy’s World
Sammy’s World преди 23 дни
If you want a pet cat, just feed it salmon 🍣
WakkoCastaway преди 23 дни
Anyone gonna tell mark that flowing water makes the crops grow faster? Or if he uses the one water block square farm having different types mixed together makes them grow faster than all one type? No? Aight.
Tylan Bluel
Tylan Bluel преди 23 дни
you have to have optifine to use the torch in your left hand
Paul Stephen
Paul Stephen преди 25 дни
11:45 hi All Might
Kris Carpenter
Kris Carpenter преди 26 дни
his house gave me a headache.
Sonic Forces The Hedgehog
Sonic Forces The Hedgehog преди 27 дни
This is the episode where Markimoo got his name
Kalham Nordstrom
Kalham Nordstrom преди 27 дни
14:12 “I don’t wanna be in the splash zone” 🤣🤣🤣 I’m weak
ccrazy 101
ccrazy 101 преди 28 дни
Get optifine and he torch will glow
zuzana bobakova
zuzana bobakova преди 28 дни
Aaron Dresser
Aaron Dresser преди 29 дни
Does even know what this music came from 4:52
Reema TwT
Reema TwT преди 29 дни
Feed the cats a salmon or cod to tame for wolfs/dogs feed them bones to tame🐟 🦴
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith преди месец
Me: *Takes another bite of cereal* Mark: (to cow) "Hello???" Cow: Hello Me:*Spits cereal all over laptop in laughter*
Deven Kostecka
Deven Kostecka преди месец
Not Endsr eyes eyes of ender
eta amar
eta amar преди месец
man i love LIXIXAN's editing
Michael Rohrer
Michael Rohrer преди месец
Love the thumbnail lol
ghost1rider13 преди месец
child: makes valid point his mom: 0:36
YEET преди месец
8:55 Mark and the cow both know it
Trystan BesioAger
Trystan BesioAger преди месец
Lixian nooooo really dude😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty преди месец
4:38. Like “New Beginnings,” from Iron Man 3?
YoJames преди месец
If mark wanted to be my friend, I'd run too
Ally Tod
Ally Tod преди месец
Mark: Hey have you watched a Heist with Markiplier yet? Me: I've literally gotten all the endings at least twice. Mark: There might be a sequel coming-.. Me: >:0 Mark: Jk!... Unless
Michal Vandiver
Michal Vandiver преди месец
I freaking LOVE Lixian!
tomato tomato
tomato tomato преди месец
Villagers watching mark do his speech: wtf he doin
Dr Dalmation
Dr Dalmation преди месец
Mark pushing the cows: there’s gotta be another way. Me: laughs in pain
Titina Gerding
Titina Gerding преди месец
Only took him 12 episodes to realize he wouldn't fall off the edge when crouching. How sweet xD
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan преди месец
But now u don’t have a floor
DankChad преди месец
"Subscribe and like if you like me sleeping " That's the only thing we've been seeing for all episodes till now
KateWolfStar преди месец
Somebody tell Mark that 1 block of water allows you to have the farm ground 4 block in all directions.
Melon-Melanie преди месец
이민형 преди месец
Mark's house is just a pre-1.4 terraria npc apartment
Trey Jackins
Trey Jackins преди месец
leads can pull the cow in
Pandie Goodies
Pandie Goodies преди месец
god his reaction when he realized he does not fall if he's croutched is so defeated it's really funny.
Retro Guru
Retro Guru преди месец
11:52 That's honestly an interesting little cabin, tools upsteerrr-no. I would place my bed upstairs away from ground mobs and tools downstairs for quick access when you're going right back out. Because I am a GUNYUS, I think about convenience so I can do things cleaner, effectively, and more over fast.
Saul Valencia
Saul Valencia преди месец
At 8:56 the cow nodded its head
Ana Reyes
Ana Reyes преди месец
Mark: I dont want to be in the plash zone ..I disturbingly got that....
AnonymousIdiot638 преди месец
Cow OrGy
Nostalgia преди месец
He put the world's smallest house on top of the world's smallest house. Einstein wishes he was as smart as Mark
Elísa Ágústsdóttir
Elísa Ágústsdóttir преди месец
Cats only eat raw salmon and then he’ll be you’re pet :D
Sylint преди месец
Ok, but is no one gonna talk about how he mentions A Heist With Markiplier and says there might be a secret coming up?
Pizza Maria
Pizza Maria преди месец
For real! Honestly I had to got through so many comments to find this one!
LunarLokimaru преди месец
Hehe, Mark went brrrrrrr
pro sword
pro sword преди месец
I hope your still planning on playing gornom
Dalton Pinell
Dalton Pinell преди месец
Mark: ......and I didn't feel Cow: Moo...... Mark: Shut up Me: LMFAO!!
LordIce преди месец
If an animator reads this can we get mark vs cow?
[ЩΉIƬΣ DIΛMӨПD] преди месец
2:33 I like how Mark was literally mesmerized by him doing that, kinda adds onto my theory Mark's bisexual xD
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta преди месец
lixian is best. the metal was definitely soul bonding
Mang преди месец
This pains me
Noor Alsaif
Noor Alsaif преди месец
get back to your world with your enchanting table
Amos Peters
Amos Peters преди месец
14:43 cow got ignored
jaden yuki
jaden yuki преди месец
dear diary: i watched 2 virtual cows fuck in front of my eyes it was incredible a tiny cow magically appeared out of thin air
jaden yuki
jaden yuki преди месец
i like how lyxian gets a little bit more sour everytime mark asks him to do something lol
Jack Berry
Jack Berry преди месец
wut emcreedubla junnyus
Laykin Legnon
Laykin Legnon преди месец
Splash Zone....
Xenos Wargaming and more
Xenos Wargaming and more преди месец
Mark: I'M NOT A MASOCHIST!!!! literally pushing a cow up a hill
Gearhead Media
Gearhead Media преди месец
Mark: *building fence* Ad: Invest as little as one.. Mark: Doink Me: *laughing my ass off*
Penelope Ramos
Penelope Ramos преди месец
A sequel to a heist with Markilplier???
MrQuacklingz преди месец
My main youtube routine I watch jack when i wake up to energize the start if my day Then pewds in the afternoon to get good entertainment And mark at night to hear his relaxing voice before i sleep
MrQuacklingz преди месец
I really wish marks tower can grow and evolve Just like pewds house and jacks castle
SCP-176 The Sculpture
SCP-176 The Sculpture преди месец
Is anybody gonna tell him that he only really needs one block of water because water can reach plowed land up to 4 blocks around the water source
Gameboyatron 1
Gameboyatron 1 преди месец
Those ARROW sounds wtf
ChaotiX преди месец
When he said "play something hopeful, like New Beginnings" I thought Lixian was actually gonna play New Beginnings by Feint. That would have been a perfect fit lol
soham tripathi
soham tripathi преди месец
10:02 i liked that no
Cherryheart Lover
Cherryheart Lover преди месец
Did....did anyone tell him some houses in villages have bookshelves?
SCP-176 The Sculpture
SCP-176 The Sculpture преди месец
Mark: I though it would be lit in my hand Me: Murk that's a mood I'm sorry for the spelling I wanted it to be funny
Naxmor Vigatore
Naxmor Vigatore преди месец
YES, the dumb ass finally learned what bonemeal does!
M F преди месец
why does mark keep building these tiny ass living quarters?
Stephanie Monaco
Stephanie Monaco преди месец
I just picture him swimming out of bed every morning
Noka Treuer
Noka Treuer преди месец
9:59 when he says: YES
Seany Blaze GAMING
Seany Blaze GAMING преди месец
Omg i love his editor
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