i broke my foot...

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lol oops

Angeleana Braley
Angeleana Braley преди 3 минути
Me thinking he might have stepped on a rock, then thinking he stepped in a pothole. Turned out the truth is funnier. 😅
Elite Rampage
Elite Rampage преди 7 минути
Stop trying to be One Foot Markiplier from your old Killing Room video.... and no wearing high hills.
Collin McLaren
Collin McLaren преди 11 минути
I bet Mark's insurance rates must be terrible
SniperSwordsmen преди 15 минути
New year new trip to the hospital
Ramita Anand
Ramita Anand преди 15 минути
Damn this series is becoming a saga
Magi преди 21 минута
I heard "storm drain" and immediately said, "Ohh... Oh no"
Rafe Elliss
Rafe Elliss преди 23 минути
3 broken bones in 1 pandemic - impressive
kingtiger009 преди 44 минути
Make a song about it 😆
echo terrell
echo terrell преди 47 минути
When I broke my foot, it was also a Jones fracture!! I got scared and jumped two inches of the ground and when I landed SNAP
cicero the jester
cicero the jester преди 57 минути
Markiplier 2017: breaking bricks off of his head Markiplier 2021: breaks his foot.
w e ¡ r d c o r e
w e ¡ r d c o r e преди час
*the fact people keep spamming the “became a member” massages bc they joined, shows how many people care about this legend.*
nick john
nick john преди час
We’re gonna need another unus annus so you can add this to the pain scale lol
Miss Holly
Miss Holly преди час
Same lol
Berzoingles преди час
He keeps talking about him telling this story will break our reality as if it wasn’t already broken by the other 26 times he’s broken his body in some way
Black преди час
Wtf When I was a kid (5 - 6years old) I broke my arm the same way he was describing it -_-
OyunEvi303 ahmet
OyunEvi303 ahmet преди час
be carefull your self marki we love you
Landon Letterman
Landon Letterman преди час
Eating all those poptarts must have broken his foot....
Batmom Life
Batmom Life преди час
Mark plugging in an Animal Crossing quote though during his 18 minute Shakespearean speech about falling off a curb.
Dude #2740
Dude #2740 преди час
Was he streaming when he recorded this? He seems to be talking to a chat
James McClure
James McClure преди час
M Balazs
M Balazs преди час
5:33 i send you 10 of my imaginary maids out of top 200 to hug you there there :D damaged foot sucks as hell :D i remebre hateing an like thing with my
\\ Xx_Krispy_Kringe_xX //
\\ Xx_Krispy_Kringe_xX // преди час
I remember that time my dad sat on my heel and fractured it. It was a very stupid story of a 4-year old dumbass and a dad who agreed to ride a tricycle around in a circle in the house while that dumb 4 year old was on his back. Long story short, we both fell off the tricycle and my dad landed on my foot, fracturing my heel. Fuck you, tricycle. Fuck you, young stupid me.
Τάκης Κουρβεταρης
Τάκης Κουρβεταρης преди 2 часа
Mark is so good at making complex bullshit stories for the most simple thing in the world ts just funny and impresive at the same time
Yourlocaltoast buddy
Yourlocaltoast buddy преди 2 часа
I'm ngl I thought he was gonna say he tripped over the pavement and somehow broke his foot
Vortex Larry!
Vortex Larry! преди 2 часа
(1 week later) Hey guys, i broke my hair
M Balazs
M Balazs преди 2 часа
heal up man :D good wishes
Darius Moise
Darius Moise преди 2 часа
3rd time in hospital LOLL he needs a whole hospital next to his house
Skrubcern преди 2 часа
Randy Edweb
Randy Edweb преди 2 часа
You know when you getting old when your bones start to fracture easily
oDraftz Editing
oDraftz Editing преди 2 часа
I watched a 17 min video for 1 min worth of information. Thanks mark
Comiting Gamer
Comiting Gamer преди 2 часа
Instead of looking 3 ways u should 4 ways. Never know if a plane is coming
Kim Draper
Kim Draper преди 2 часа
Ella Branch
Ella Branch преди 2 часа
when you watch the video instead of the Livestream and you just watch mark talk about members for half of the recording
Lucy Sparkling
Lucy Sparkling преди 3 часа
Bro where you broke your foot is where I broke my foot too
Zelda Adams-Collier
Zelda Adams-Collier преди 3 часа
poor Marky-Moo so many bones broken :( be more careful next time.
oY-sophia-Yo преди 3 часа
I’ve broken my arm 2, sprained my other arm at a funeral, broke my leg, fractured my middle finger, got a concussion (which sucks btw), I’m a Klutz and could honestly care less if I got hurt I mean it’s not enjoyable but I mean your going to get hurt in life...OH! I also cut open my thump with a pocket knife all of these btw are my fault for being dumb AND REMEMBER KIDS look 3 ways before crossing the street left, right and down!
Lee Flowers
Lee Flowers преди 3 часа
Lol me And Mark are matching I broke my ankle a couple of days ago
D`angelo Bakker
D`angelo Bakker преди 3 часа
Mark: “I’m not a masochist then stop injuring your body
Kat Hurley
Kat Hurley преди 3 часа
The confusion for us brits when he said he wasn't in the hospital long enough to film a video...
Aedan Gardner
Aedan Gardner преди 3 часа
13:00 is when he finally tells you
Tom Destry Jr.
Tom Destry Jr. преди 3 часа
You really should put your shoes on before you try to kick in a door.
Jake The Wubber
Jake The Wubber преди 3 часа
Don't worry Mark i believe you my mom broke hers in the same spot Oh and my mom said be ready for the knot where the new bone grows
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe преди 3 часа
Ok well Mark will break every bone possible by the end of his life time.
bumplebee преди 3 часа
At this rate im afraid of what will happen by the end of the year mARK PLS
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict преди 4 часа
I am obviously beautiful and handsome. UvU
Jake The Wubber
Jake The Wubber преди 4 часа
Mark: shows his feet My [non-existent channel] flashbacks WIKIFEET WIKIFEEEET
Depressed milk
Depressed milk преди 4 часа
Plot twist he broke his foot to get members to join
chikin fingies
chikin fingies преди 4 часа
storm drain: 1 mark: 0
Konics преди 4 часа
*jhon wick.*
-AshtonIsDead- преди 4 часа
"ish broken"
Troy García
Troy García преди 4 часа
How many times has this man gone to the hospital??
Bryan Hudson
Bryan Hudson преди 4 часа
Lmao oh mark. You are ridiculous. So is this going to effect the sequel to heist?
little wolf _1794
little wolf _1794 преди 4 часа
Rip foot
BreadCat Stuff
BreadCat Stuff преди 4 часа
Day 1,002,124 of Markiplier being in the hospital
Inaire Falen
Inaire Falen преди 4 часа
story starts at 11:00
Viper преди 4 часа
When you realize Mark’s wrist broke the exact same way yours did and you feel special for some reason
Vulpax 84
Vulpax 84 преди 5 часа
I swear this man physically cannot go a year without getting an injury of SOME SORT Breaking stuff, pickle to the eye, etc
Ricky Lopez
Ricky Lopez преди 5 часа
[Mark] in his mine: ah crap here we go again
Checking 09
Checking 09 преди 5 часа
I can't believe he can talk about how he broke for 17 min
Drkrosnest преди 5 часа
This video keeps pausing on me
Shimu Derivo
Shimu Derivo преди 5 часа
Didn't you just break your nose twice recently
Captain N
Captain N преди 5 часа
I hope you feel better soon dude. I broke my ankle slipping on ice in 2009. Get better soon dude!
•R Â V Ë N•
•R Â V Ë N• преди 5 часа
Mark.. You tripped-
Honey Bee
Honey Bee преди 5 часа
Mark, buddy, are you high?
Kylix преди 5 часа
Just realised you broke your foot on the same day as my dog
Luke King
Luke King преди 6 часа
I had broken my arm in the same way to the point it looked like a step. Yeah that was stupidly painful!
Loading Ruby
Loading Ruby преди 6 часа
Mark!!!! Your poor mother must be like "For God's sake stop breaking yourself!!" 🤦🏻‍♀️ Tsk tsk tsk Mark!!
Monica Perkins
Monica Perkins преди 6 часа
I wish I could be a member, but I can’t afford the money!! Poor mark!
Michael Fernandez
Michael Fernandez преди 6 часа
Can we give this man a "milking the story as long as possible" award...
the one that do the the
the one that do the the преди 6 часа
One of these days mark is gonna be in a full body cast like squidward
Divine Storm
Divine Storm преди 6 часа
Bruh, same happened to me. Reason: doors...
BarryPlayz преди 6 часа
The only thing he can broke in his body is bones 😶
Phoebe5448 преди 6 часа
I'm starting to think Mark needs an adamantium skeleton, or he's either the luckiest or unluckiest person on the planet, due to all the things he's broken. Get well soon, Mark!! 😁
Spencer Crusse
Spencer Crusse преди 6 часа
For all we know he probably just tripped over a penny Anyways, hope you get better soon Mark!
TNT Blaster
TNT Blaster преди 6 часа
Man breaks 10 brick thrown at his head *Loses foot few years later*
Link преди 7 часа
If I could join I would but I'm broke
JoshHobsTalks преди 7 часа
This is a masterclass in bloviation
Jonshy Sasaki
Jonshy Sasaki преди 7 часа
We all need to look all ways to be sure we're ok
Roguekriger преди 7 часа
Storm drain huh? Guess Pennywise decided to clown around
Anthony Patterson
Anthony Patterson преди 7 часа
Mark gets hurt everyday
? Izbert Animates ¿
? Izbert Animates ¿ преди 8 часа
ThatsRis преди 9 часа
old man problems
Deividas Rudaitis
Deividas Rudaitis преди 9 часа
you dumbass :D heal fast and feel better you need to walk 100,000 steps
J Money
J Money преди 10 часа
Mark is on to something. Broken bones heal stronger. In a year Mark will be indestructible.
mero pes
mero pes преди 10 часа
Sophie Johnson
Sophie Johnson преди 10 часа
I remember once I broke a singular toe 😂😂
Jacob Evans
Jacob Evans преди 10 часа
I was hoping after that amazing story that he was gonna throw a curveball and say he fell down some stairs
Forever_an_underdog преди 10 часа
Someone called Kevin Durant 😂😂jesus Mark at least basic superstars pls
Connor not Karens son and shit
Connor not Karens son and shit преди 11 часа
... mark when you were talking about how you broke your arm i thought we were in the matrix because that's exactly what happened to me. I had a clean break though, and only in 1 of the 2 bones
Connor not Karens son and shit
Connor not Karens son and shit преди 11 часа
Also it never hurt, when we went to the hospital 2 hours later it still didn't hurt, after the cast it didn't hurt, during the cast it only itched :/
Takashi Feather
Takashi Feather преди 11 часа
You visit the hospital more then I ever did.
Maria Clara
Maria Clara преди 11 часа
The discripition Lol ops 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
PapaWolf Lycanobi
PapaWolf Lycanobi преди 11 часа
You're survivor Mark come on bro
Nicole Verson
Nicole Verson преди 11 часа
Drink everytime he says broke?
Desmarie преди 12 часа
In the fourth grade I broke my left foot the same kind of break as well! 😂😂 but the story is hilarious 🤣 like people look at me then laugh and so do I because I fell out of the car trying to get into it 😂😂😂 and my foot landed on the part of the driveway that was dipped in because the concrete of it wasn’t filled properly, so the landlord didn’t want us to sue him for it because he knew about the driveway so he fixed it but before that happened I had to hobble on my foot for three days before I was able to get a cast 😂😂😂😂😂
Sam Lee
Sam Lee преди 12 часа
its ok mark i shattered my ankle from falling off of my bike like badly shattered to the point where I needed surgery to fix it and if the surgery had gone wrong my leg would be the same size my whole life and would need plates in my leg to make them the same size
Sam Lee
Sam Lee преди 2 часа
@Andrew KIng yeah im good now. When i broke it it was in like 2016. Im sorry about your knee
Andrew KIng
Andrew KIng преди 11 часа
Dang bro that must suck I thought dislocating my knee was bad you good now?
Chris Gusky
Chris Gusky преди 12 часа
I'm glad you are relatively ok for the most part.
Chris Gusky
Chris Gusky преди 12 часа
They sure do incredibly dangerous those storm drains especially the ones you can't see coming.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss преди 12 часа
mark: injures himself every medical professional at the hospital: ...he's coming
Gabriel Diaz
Gabriel Diaz преди 12 часа
When he said "Boo Boo Kiss" I immediately thought of Yogi Bear saying boo boo's name.
Chris Gusky
Chris Gusky преди 12 часа
How did you manage to break your foot and are you ok?
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