WEREWOLF SANTA CLAUS | Resident Evil: Village - Part 9

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преди 20 дни

NEW EPISODE of DISTRACTIBLE ► podlink.to/distractiblepodcast
I finally get to go to toe to toe with the tall (but not as tall as Lady Dimitrescu) and hairy (but twice as hairy as Lady Dimitrescu) Werewolf Santa!

Resident Evil 7 ► bgpost.info/post/p6961IGqZ3-auoE/video
Resident Evil 2 ► bgpost.info/post/s6iC3J7agX2Lnqc/video
Resident Evil 3 ► bgpost.info/post/39R90JW1pm2XlqM/video

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Sergal преди 3 часа
WE ge tit mark! You are so distractable that you lose track of the fact you're fighting in a 'swarm' arena and keep forgetting that more than 'a few' are going to spawn :D
Sergal преди 3 часа
This is why you shuold always take it at least a 'little' seriously :D or else you do that 'how'd it kill me?' face at the camera XD
andy !!!
andy !!! преди 5 часа
game: *would you like to change the difficulty?* mark: ANGER: 100
BravadoCado YT
BravadoCado YT преди 5 часа
Mark gets angrier the longer he goes without dimitrescu
Depresso Espresso
Depresso Espresso преди 6 часа
I feel like at some point Markiplier is gonna break out sobbing because he misses Castle Dimitrescu-
monther al salami
monther al salami преди 8 часа
The grande launcher moment was the best 😂
Ruby -ChanYT
Ruby -ChanYT преди 13 часа
I already listen to it on spotify. Also I'm one of your biggest fans Markiplier.
Moosification преди 15 часа
Game: "Would you like to change the difficulty to Casual?" I lost it! 😂
DΛЯKЩӨЯЯIӨЯ3 преди 16 часа
Somehow Mark makes me want to Simp for Lady Dimitruscu even more!!!
pardon all nobody's
pardon all nobody's преди 17 часа
Mom Mark's becoming demonic agaiiiin
DJ Roper
DJ Roper преди 18 часа
so i dont know if anyone else noticed, but he isnt looking at the entire shop when hes buying things.. irritates me that there is more for him to buy
Sorrowdusk преди 21 час
@42:42 at this point had *280,000 Lei*
BirchOwO преди 21 час
I killed the werewolf Santa by using 5 magnum rounds only. It woulda saved a lot of ammo
San Dra
San Dra преди ден
after he realized he in fact had grenade launcher I literally had to stop the video to laugh, couldn't hold it no more. great job mate
Lolbit and Friends
Lolbit and Friends преди ден
I fell asleep in a different video but 18:34 is when I woke up during the video. How did his screaming not wake me up?
Jonny5Fails преди ден
Umm, was the vision he got different for anyone else? Mine was like a minute long and didn't have Miranda holding the baby and taking off her mask.
Christian Lloyd
Christian Lloyd преди ден
Markiplier, we also need to see you venture out the Minecraft 1.17 Cave Update!!!
me me
me me преди ден
watched all ur eposides so far in the same day
Виолета Иларионова
Виолета Иларионова преди 2 дни
41:55 did he just say babe to the duke
Roman преди 2 дни
Kylie Watson
Kylie Watson преди 2 дни
Eathan: "Gets slashed in the stomach" Also Eathan: "Poors Special stuff on HAND" -_-
Big buddy Big man
Big buddy Big man преди 2 дни
10:42 mark turns into the barbarian king
Jenny Venning
Jenny Venning преди 2 дни
how come hes walking through a crystal cave and crystals are worth thousands but he just walks past just why!
MintyGalacticTea преди 2 дни
You should play around the corner at Bikini Bottom! It’s a new sponge-bob indie horror game!!
Ethan преди 2 дни
is it just me or is there more of the shop in the items shop, like at the top
Quamrun Nahar
Quamrun Nahar преди 3 дни
Anyone which seinheisser headset mark uses?
Noelle Umina
Noelle Umina преди 3 дни
mark: someone being spooky down here? me: *wildly shushing him w/out noticing*
SamTheRobloxGuy преди 3 дни
Mark just straight up threatened to shoot us, if we didn't watch his podcast.
Steven’s nose
Steven’s nose преди 3 дни
Don’t be so upset when you die in the game Mark, I die in Tomb Raider every 5 seconds no joke. You’ve only died like 3,4,5,6 times?
Kirstxnnn преди 3 дни
Michael Fahl
Michael Fahl преди 3 дни
Mark not noticing how some of the items he had said (very valuable)
Whats-My-Fandom преди 3 дни
28:25-29:29 Bless you lol
Sun Storm
Sun Storm преди 3 дни
Something about this game feels off or disjointed. Is it missing something? Is it not complete? Is it not polished? I can't pinpoint what it is. I mean, I love watching it still.
AcapellaOnion преди 3 дни
Please, for the love of everything... move that giant, moldy sponge thing that's constantly behind you.
submarine cabbage
submarine cabbage преди 3 дни
my name is ethan and every time he says ethan as in reference to the game I get confused cuz im only listening to the audio
Omar Wael
Omar Wael преди 3 дни
Mark: beats the game in 13 days Me who beater the game in 3 days:🤨🤨
Kalebeast преди 3 дни
𝙱𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚝 𝚋𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗 𝚋𝚕𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛.
Im_trash_at_everything преди 3 дни
Ruth-Ann King
Ruth-Ann King преди 3 дни
24:30 - the owls at 3am
Camden Gravel
Camden Gravel преди 4 дни
13:59 Mark literally sounded like Denki Kaminari! 😂 😂 😂
Camden Gravel
Camden Gravel преди 3 дни
@Steven’s nose Mark says “Whey” like Kaminari from BNHA it’s when he gets sneak attacked that he sounded like Kaminari
Steven’s nose
Steven’s nose преди 3 дни
Really? I didn’t hear it
Kaptain Kovid
Kaptain Kovid преди 4 дни
Only took around 9 hours of play through for Mark to check his inventory.
skyler skylar
skyler skylar преди 4 дни
I don’t hav internet to watchhhhh waaaaaa😫😭
Maxie преди 2 дни
@Steven’s nose telekinesis
Steven’s nose
Steven’s nose преди 3 дни
Then how did you comment?
Connor crush
Connor crush преди 4 дни
Mark shoots the big guy in head “BOINK” *Creature looks at mark* Mark “sorry”
Noah Wattel
Noah Wattel преди 4 дни
The weak point of the cannibal was on his back. That's why he wasn't dying
janell Donner
janell Donner преди 4 дни
TBH, it pissed me off so much that he didn't know that he had the grenade launcher, it took up 10 slots in his inventory, and he had 5 fucking explosion rounds. For people like me it's a kick in the god damn balls when I see people do this
Oscar Romero
Oscar Romero преди 4 дни
@28:50 I was confused when he said that he gave away his grenade launcher. It seems like he got confused now.
The rage Gamer
The rage Gamer преди 4 дни
IM F ING IM F INGGGG!!!!!! lol
MrNo Nayme
MrNo Nayme преди 4 дни
That might be the worst strong hold performance I've ever seen 💀🤣 btw you keep saying you didnt have your grenade launcher but you definitely did
Mugen_ZZ преди 4 дни
28:24 I laughed too hard at the pain in his soul
SikthYGameS преди 5 дни
man them lycans wouldnt leave mark alone vicious little whipper snappers
Gangsta преди 5 дни
37:33 *suka* OOOHHHH *Slavkiplier*
Ibe Enns
Ibe Enns преди 5 дни
I kept looking at the grenade launcher in his iventory lauguing🤣. I couldnt wait for him to realize lmao
Scáth HelioPhobia
Scáth HelioPhobia преди 5 дни
25:53 -- Markiplier: I'm going to do exactly, what I did to these werewolfs, to you! Werewolfs: Me: Nyaah~! Yes Daddy!!!
megasaurus преди 5 дни
Dude! I thought I recognised Heisenberg's VA and it's Gavin Reed from D:BH!
Katlikeme23 преди 5 дни
Anyone ever remember tiny box Tim?
Lesther Gawidan
Lesther Gawidan преди 5 дни
why do love dimitrescu?
HBGaming преди 5 дни
25 videos later, I have still not liked the video.
deion bandy
deion bandy преди 5 дни
Star Wars lol
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
Please can you play Bugsnax soon. It is an amazing game full of weird mysteries and all sorts of unexpected things. (I cant give too much away due to spoilers) it is a game which I know that you will love. 💗💗 I hope that you give it a go. (It would be good as a stream game that the vod comes to BGpost) it isn't a very long game but it is something worth experiencing 💗💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
Please can you play the old game Eternal Darkness 💗💀💗 it has been compared to resident evil and silent hill💗💀💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
The medium is out now and I highly recommend a full playthrough 💗
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
You should check out a new game called Cosy Grove. It has a gorgeous art style and is similar to the Don't Starve games 🌸💗🌸
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди 5 дни
You should play Dark Dreams Dont Die. Aka D4. It is a really fun and entertaining short game. 🌸💗🌸
Joe D
Joe D преди 5 дни
Glad to see you finally challenged in the Den! Forgetting your launcher worked in the end against Santa.
alexei chel
alexei chel преди 5 дни
Mark: "If only I had my grenade launcher" *sees in inventory* *dies inside*
Athena cats
Athena cats преди 5 дни
Water Melone
Water Melone преди 5 дни
Mark: Hey, what's up? Boink. The Beast: *pauses* Mark: Sorry The Beast: *starts to turn around* Mark: Uh oh.
Rachel McNeish
Rachel McNeish преди 5 дни
I love how Mark is literally the most annoying yet lovable person at the same time 😂🙄
Eliot преди 5 дни
Eliot преди 5 дни
28:22 That is the end of Markiplier's sanity
BxD ViBeS преди 5 дни
the fact that mark is talking to a corpse is a little disturbing
Kokutoryuu преди 6 дни
That "do you want to change the difficulty to Casual?" Popup must hurt.
Jorja Cárcamo
Jorja Cárcamo преди 6 дни
19:57 “okay, so the first night isn’t usually that bad in any of the games-“
Charditto 92
Charditto 92 преди 6 дни
21:03 Mark going macho man mode 😂
Moneygirl 323
Moneygirl 323 преди 6 дни
Bruh he died so many times the game asked if he wanted to lower the difficulty
Adell Webster
Adell Webster преди 6 дни
"It was a clever ruse" Mark, fam, you Aizawa now?
Chris Pofahl
Chris Pofahl преди 6 дни
Lajonda преди 6 дни
When mark has his grenade launcher.
Honk преди 6 дни
he got googly elmos plate?
Emily Rawls
Emily Rawls преди 6 дни
Mark imitating Heisenberg sounds like a shitty impersonation of Johnny Bravo
Chris Ajanel
Chris Ajanel преди 6 дни
Everyone in the comments should just say “HEAL” in different languages and terminologies.
StarOyster преди 6 дни
Sorry dude, I hate podcasts xD
euridyce idv
euridyce idv преди 6 дни
24:32 the owl outside my window at 2am
koala barbarian
koala barbarian преди 6 дни
The title says "Werewolf Santa Claus" I honestly think thats just Hagrid when he is *really* hangry
Extra French Fry
Extra French Fry преди 6 дни
Okay, Mark's questionable gameplay aside, how the FUCK is Ethan fuckin' Winters surviving this absolute bullshit?
Grace Rolling
Grace Rolling преди 6 дни
Me watching Mark wishing he had his grenade launcher: “use my knowledge. I beg you.”
AhH_ ItzWolfie
AhH_ ItzWolfie преди 6 дни
It's big boy Santa Claus
Tyson Plaster
Tyson Plaster преди 6 дни
I choose to believe that the reason Mark isn’t finding all the best items and saving them for the final boss is because he’s a masochist and wants to see how much he can handle.
Rachael Schroll
Rachael Schroll преди 6 дни
Am I the only one who thinks heisenburg sounds like Nicolas Cage ?
Zandrea Osborne
Zandrea Osborne преди 7 дни
I listened to it mark it is amazing
Denis Vo
Denis Vo преди 7 дни
28:37 i almost died when he realized LEL
Inner Star
Inner Star преди 7 дни
ethan didn't just kill the villains,but he also made a lot of money from the zombies and the boxes. Ethan has a good consequences there
TW1STED ZOMB1E преди 7 дни
Well after watching mark skip all the extra areas I’m not wasting anymore time watching the rest of the parts
John Thomas
John Thomas преди 7 дни
24:30. the owl outside my window when i try to sleep
Kayla Colmenar
Kayla Colmenar преди 7 дни
I wonder how many times Mark actually wasn’t recording
Lila Burns
Lila Burns преди 7 дни
RustedKing преди 7 дни
When he said Googlie Elmo I was like: "Damn, he really said Googlie Elmo".
nagromthewhite 100
nagromthewhite 100 преди 7 дни
36:20 to 36:45 Mark: **uncanonically sounds like Elvis**
B-dome преди 7 дни
**Note, I have no idea if anyone has said this before. If so, I'm sorry for copying the joke** 0:48 This is what I like to call Distractiplier
DMD_ преди 7 дни
Why are people getting mad at mark because his playthrough is unique
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