I Review Canadian "Candy"

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преди 21 ден

Today I dive into the wonderful world of Canadian "candy" and give my honest unbiased review... it's pretty much all ketchup...
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Burak Barış Genç
Burak Barış Genç преди 7 минути
0:00 rain of junk food
Seamus O
Seamus O преди час
Us Canadians have way too many stereotypes and Tim Tam's are not Canadian.
BeastLegendsTCG преди час
We have areos and smarties in the UK :)
Krichelle Bowes
Krichelle Bowes преди 2 часа
Tim Tams are Australian
eclectic emma
eclectic emma преди 2 часа
i love ketchup chips i wishh we had them in the states
MarshallRBLX преди 3 часа
please tell me you did not live your childhood without bear paws
juiceboxhero преди 3 часа
Aza преди 5 часа
Mark doing asmr but marketing is anything but:
Blake Auger
Blake Auger преди 6 часа
Eat more is a pretty good chocolate bar 🍫 too
PureKillerGecko преди 7 часа
where tf were the hickory sticks
My Phan hà
My Phan hà преди 8 часа
Wait smarties it spicy?
Cadel McCrea-Smith
Cadel McCrea-Smith преди 8 часа
Tim Tams are actually from Australia along with those Smarties
Mottex преди 8 часа
Markiplier: Timtams sound Canadian Australia: Am I a joke to you?
Kiehlie Slavetothebean
Kiehlie Slavetothebean преди 9 часа
eat your timtams with coffee
Joe Day
Joe Day преди 9 часа
I love how mark says we don’t have bears In America but I live in a place where bears also live
IDKhyren преди 9 часа
I think the timtams and crunchie bars are Australian. As an Aussie myself I can say they're here at least but maybe they came from canada idk
sean not sheep
sean not sheep преди 10 часа
Tim tams are Australian btw
Sandal Vandal
Sandal Vandal преди 10 часа
Try Miss Vickies it’s a brand!! All the flavours can be a whole video coming from a Canadian
Caden Chung
Caden Chung преди 10 часа
timtams are australian
Poseido Nus
Poseido Nus преди 10 часа
Scarlet Blacksoul
Scarlet Blacksoul преди 11 часа
Why is it every time I see an American try Canadian food it is actually Australian????
Scarlet Blacksoul
Scarlet Blacksoul преди 11 часа
Come to Australia and I dare you to try our food also Tim tams are ours
Rebekah Childers
Rebekah Childers преди 12 часа
Mark can we please get some more of "the forest " I need more mam
MasonXD преди 12 часа
You forgot poutine
sw1tch.bl4d3 преди 12 часа
We don't dip our chocolate on ketchup😐 We dip it in Maple Syrup
AdamThaGeneral преди 13 часа
Banana bear paw is way better
AdamThaGeneral преди 13 часа
The coconut wipets are way better
Masked Cat
Masked Cat преди 13 часа
Rebecca Bosma
Rebecca Bosma преди 13 часа
You gotta eat the Timtams the Canadian way with hot chocolate
dibe5728 преди 13 часа
MARKKKK do a small bite on one end of the Tim Tam, then a small bite on the opposite diagonal corner...grab your favorite hot drink and suck the drink from one end of the Tim tam...trust me...its awesome.
TheGuy преди 13 часа
Really hate this guy's personality. Just wanted to see what he tried and what he thought of them but goddamn was it hard to get through this whole video. Almost gave up like 3-5 times. Anyway, your lack of love for maple cookies is a sin.
Mumbles Malarky
Mumbles Malarky преди 13 часа
Leclerc is better than Dare.
totesprofesh преди 13 часа
you reviewed quite a few australian candies such as: *smarties. *timtams. *the crunch bar.
The Great Dane
The Great Dane преди 14 часа
wheelchair dynamo
wheelchair dynamo преди 14 часа
I’ve never done ketchup and chocolate
Rekkless преди 14 часа
I'm surprised there aren't more Australians in the comment section losing their mind about the Tim Tams being Australian.
Bentley Woods
Bentley Woods преди 14 часа
canadians grew up in bear paws
Min преди 14 часа
this is ruffles all dressed erasure
Bretton B
Bretton B преди 15 часа
You have to try Maple Coca-Cola
Big Boy 92
Big Boy 92 преди 15 часа
Tim tams are NZ/AU
Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan
Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan преди 16 часа
Ketchup Lays are my favorite.
Conor Shannon
Conor Shannon преди 16 часа
Im pretty sure canadians are just alot more european than americans in alot of ways.
Camille Borgeat
Camille Borgeat преди 16 часа
yeah...slightly offended lol can you not please hahahahaha
Hi преди 17 часа
You got the worst kinds of snacks from Canada you need me there to pick good snacks out for you
TheNoGamer 112
TheNoGamer 112 преди 17 часа
He looks like an older more matured Micheal Reeves.
Trigan преди 17 часа
15:48 I think the word you’re looking for is ‘biscuit’
Roland Mendoza
Roland Mendoza преди 17 часа
James Goodyear
James Goodyear преди 18 часа
Markiplier: "Bear claws are bad." Me: I think my childhood just erupted in flames.
emzeee преди 19 часа
the smarties, crunchie and aero are british lol
Natasha gavinchuk
Natasha gavinchuk преди 19 часа
im Canadian and i tend to think of canada as the mentally stable sibling that is married and has a stable job
LILXDEMONx30 преди 19 часа
Markiplier can u give me the 1st chocolate IT LOOKED SOOO GOOD!!!
Certified _simp
Certified _simp преди 20 часа
Whippets are just tea cakes from the uk
Bella преди 21 час
whippets are called mallowmars in America😐
FurryTiger101x преди 21 час
"I Like basic Bitch popcorn with a lot of salt" -Markiplier 2021
Tanya Kimberley White
Tanya Kimberley White преди 21 час
Jack Pilon
Jack Pilon преди 22 часа
u gotta have brownie bear paws those are the only good ones
•Broken x Moon•
•Broken x Moon• преди 22 часа
0:00 top of the mornin to ya my name is ja-
Sr Capiche
Sr Capiche преди 23 часа
Putting ketchup on aero is weird Dumas
October Bridges
October Bridges преди ден
mark: no us im alone me: no your not im in your closet.
Link8723 преди ден
Where’s the coffee crisp
Tashya D
Tashya D преди ден
The snacks he missed out trying is quite disappointing. All Dressed Ruffles chips not crispers, Hawkins Cheezies, an assortment of different candy bars as well..
Bomblitz преди ден
Mark forgot about the Big Turks 😩
Tashya D
Tashya D преди ден
When you see Tim Tams and at those are Canadian.. 🤦🏼‍♀️
MyrtleMonster 27
MyrtleMonster 27 преди ден
In Canada we would say that the whippets look like girl guide cookies
MyrtleMonster 27
MyrtleMonster 27 преди ден
We don’t dip our chocolate in ketchup!
DanieeDG7 преди ден
I love Markiplier but I wanna know how he got into the country right, now considering no one is suppose to be coming in unless its for something important. Like work, (that cant be done in his country) and traveling home. Which hes not from Canada. My province has been in lock down for over 2 months yet they are letting people in :l
JrzyDvl 2005
JrzyDvl 2005 преди ден
If you have ever heard of herrs a chip company formed in us then you can get ketchup chips I know because I live in America and have had them
BenCNS преди ден
TimTams are Australian
Metra F40ph fan
Metra F40ph fan преди ден
Im glad hes in canada now so i can visit him lmao
Rienn преди ден
6:23 he just made me scream with a sore throat
alexan stella
alexan stella преди ден
“a large portion of canadians speak french” nah that’s only quebec most of us hate the language
Sandrine Laberge
Sandrine Laberge преди 14 часа
Why do you hate it ?
alexan stella
alexan stella преди ден
u did canadians dirty w this one 😭 haven’t heard of a lot of things u reviewed but crispers are great and we’re not obsessed w ketchup but don’t knock the chips till u try em!!😂
Spontaneous lemon
Spontaneous lemon преди ден
yep tim tams and crunchies are 100% canadian angry aussie noises
Max Durham
Max Durham преди ден
this is just a mukbang
Jacob the Fiend
Jacob the Fiend преди ден
15:51 "You only eat two or three of these ever" me after eating a whole damn box: "Sorry, what was that?"
Krilx преди ден
When I saw the title and then saw the Tim Tam's, my Australian soul got furious.
campbellsoup93 преди ден
Crunchie bar? Dude, you should have gotten Coffee Crisp instead. Edit: Also, we have your Smarties as well. We call them Rockets. They're good.
Fake Ginger
Fake Ginger преди ден
Bear paws are Canadian...?
Nicolas Laube
Nicolas Laube преди ден
The bear paws peepin out from behind the whippets... That's powerful.
Melody Reanna Lavoie-Rogers
Melody Reanna Lavoie-Rogers преди ден
Mark, U.S. Smarties are called Rockets here in Canadia 🥶😎
unnamed gaming
unnamed gaming преди ден
I Honestly don't know y we have so much ketchup flavored stuff ??
Emma Luise Odder Jacobsen
Emma Luise Odder Jacobsen преди ден
Mark can you put your podcast on google podcast please if you cant i cant listen to it
Emma Luise Odder Jacobsen
Emma Luise Odder Jacobsen преди ден
Smarties isnt Canadian but i think the rest is Canadian but what do i know im from Denmark
VictoriaIsBored преди ден
pretty sure the crunchies are basically the canada version of Violet Crumbles from Australia, and if I'm right, he's eating them wrong. It's like a giant malt ball, fuckin suck on the maaaalt
The Art Of Shard
The Art Of Shard преди ден
Me, an Australian/British human currently in Australia (because everything is closed because of a Serrano health crisis (god damn it COVID) and yes I do have brackets inside of brackets, because I wanted to):TimTams are Australian!!!! The difference is Australian weather makes no sense, it’s usually trying to melt you to death but lately it’s been all the way down to 2 degrees so that’s… great… And the other difference is in Australia every animal wants to kill you… including the birds (magpies will kill you in 99.99% of occasions and if you’re really unlucky you’ll get chased by a cockatoo… that happened to me when I was a child and it was terrifying… because cockatoos can very easily break the bones in your fingers and I knew that as I child because I was obsessed by my parrots… and cockatoos are large parrots) If you managed to read through all of this, you get a standing ovation from me 👏, Thank you for reading my rant that I somehow made a lot longer that I anticipated it would be…
Cornslop преди ден
"The original Arnott's bakery, opened in 1865, was located in Newcastle, New South Wales. To date, manufacture of Tim Tams and other Arnott's products has remained largely within Australia, including bakeries in Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane." Owner: Arnott's Biscuits Holdings Country: AUSTRAILA
gabe Swope
gabe Swope преди ден
Is it just me or is that the microwave that turns anything you put in it into popcorn?
Angeles A
Angeles A преди ден
Dont bang the foodies, man. It shows bad character, hows that?
Lakeisha Mitchell
Lakeisha Mitchell преди ден
Aren't Tim Tams Aussie? I'm Aussie and there is so much type bout Tim Tams and so my varieties of Tim Tams.
Cloud Lightwalker
Cloud Lightwalker преди ден
hey mark ive been having hot sauce on my popcorn for a few years and was shocked that you had never tried it before
Riley Lucht
Riley Lucht преди ден
Tim Tam's are mine mate
rfgb rgb
rfgb rgb преди ден
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Kieu Hanh Ngu
Kieu Hanh Ngu преди ден
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Roimasse преди ден
me (a canadien) while watching this video: "oh yea i need to buy more whippet"
4mpersand преди ден
Coffee crisp, dill pickle chips.... all those packaged things. Then there's fresh, hot maple sugar rolled onto a snowbank and eaten off a stick. Yum!
Musical Tiger6
Musical Tiger6 преди ден
You can go wrong with Oh Henry if Henry is a nutcase, or if you have a severe allergy to nuts, but yeah, you really can't go that wrong with them. I want some now 😭
Samantha Baker
Samantha Baker преди ден
you...you chewed the aero bar.
Not Called Greg
Not Called Greg преди ден
smarties aren’t canadian
Sabrina Fontaine
Sabrina Fontaine преди ден
Just a list for the snack origins: Smarties (don’t know how they could have seemed spicy) are Canadian Aero is from the UK Tim Tam is Australian (a lot of Australians were offended and some Canadians confused) Crunchie (the center is called sponge toffee in Canada) is also from the UK Whippet is Canadian and more specifically from Montreal (I love these) Caramilk is Canadian Bear Paws (the original is Molasses not Chocolate Chip) are Canadian The maple leaf creme cookies (made by many different brands) are Canadian Ketchup Chips are Canadian and were made in Ontario Crispers are either Canadian or American (I can’t really find a clear origin only that they’re owned by a company from Florida so any help would be appreciated) Bridge Mixture seems to be Canadian (the original company is from the US so I’m not 100% sure and any help would be appreciated) Oh Henry is American (the original bar at least because this one was in a bag) OMG is Canadian (I once again can’t find a clear confirmation but there’s nothing else so I’ll just say it is and if anyone finds something else I’ll change it) And finally Goodies seem to be Canadian (I really couldn’t find anything so for the last time, any help would be appreciated) I can’t believe I actually spent an hour trying to look up some of this stuff… Oh well, I hope at least one person appreciates it
Bluejay Smith
Bluejay Smith преди ден
Awesome thank you ☺️
rain flowerz
rain flowerz преди ден
yes! aeros as a kid i used to let it sit in my mouth. as it melts you can feel the bubbles. but try all dressed mark! i don't buy chips often. but when i do. i get ketchup and all dressed.
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