I Bought the World's Brightest Flashlight

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Many flashlights on Amazon claim to be the "BRIGHTEST" so I very wisely spent my money to test out these bold claims with my own eyes.
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m90photo преди 10 минути
...anyone have a link to the flashlights? Specifically the long one with the rechargable batteries and light up button.
Amelie Warneck
Amelie Warneck преди 12 минути
The people at the stores wondering why he bought $270 worth of flashlights: *does this guy not have lights or power or something?*
Alexinea преди 12 минути
I'm trying to move on but this video just has so much Unus Annus energy 😂
blxzzrd преди 13 минути
anyone catch that orb on 14:55
Wing wing
Wing wing преди 21 минута
Grown man tests flash lights he payed way too much for on amazon
Duoxel преди 25 минути
Just use the discord light theme its brighter
Sarah Schafer
Sarah Schafer преди 25 минути
so uhm.... anyone else watch his videos and like..... i love mark.... i am so happy he exists bro
Zy Faulkingham
Zy Faulkingham преди 25 минути
You can get lith-ion AA,AAA, and D batteries. They have a little Micro-USB port. It's pretty neat.
pey преди 28 минути
21:34 LOL omg, i was actually bracing myself there
kusti 12
kusti 12 преди 34 минути
11:58 Mark says "annusly" and one time more "annusly". Rip
Chi tose
Chi tose преди 38 минути
The First One That We Have Here is "The Nameless"
springtrap petrifier
springtrap petrifier преди 39 минути
I feel like this videos is a replacement for unus annus
Oh No!
Oh No! преди 43 минути
poor Lixian, getting knocked out by a flashlight
LeafyReptilianBrotherhood преди 48 минути
I don’t think mark is doing too well with the end of unnus annus
Emilee Roberts
Emilee Roberts преди 49 минути
I only have 2 simple questions.... *Is our dearest Markiplier alright? Are you’re eyes okay Mark?!*
Hannibal Solo
Hannibal Solo преди 52 минути
*I’m not a masochist* - Mark (As he physically tries to blind himself) 😂
Pook Ie
Pook Ie преди 54 минути
I don't get how he just sits in the dark like that
Tobie Allen II
Tobie Allen II преди 54 минути
Styro Pyro laughs 😂 while firing his LASER
J kimowan
J kimowan преди 58 минути
Imagine if he accidentally said “memento mori” at the end of this video😅
braxton parrish
braxton parrish преди 58 минути
10:25 was a flash of darkiplier
soggy soccs
soggy soccs преди 58 минути
it physically hurts
Mikey T
Mikey T преди час
The absolute most insulting display of shrinkflation is when granola bars started to get smaller and then eventually went from packs of 6 to packs of 5 in a box that could easily fit 8.
AURAXXUR преди час
Comically large flashlight
Fusion Gamer213
Fusion Gamer213 преди час
Mark Looses it at 2:38-3:15
Yellow Diamond
Yellow Diamond преди час
Mark: im not gonna look at it Also mark: stares at it 0.5 seconds later
Right there willy
Right there willy преди час
“i use my money wisely”
Dryden Zabehaylo
Dryden Zabehaylo преди час
Wow cant believe he put those jump scares in there
USSTEXASBB35 преди час
Can you make a part 2 using it outside
ACS Cubing
ACS Cubing преди час
I loved to days Unis Annie did guys Good Job! does on the inside
ACS Cubing
ACS Cubing преди час
Unus Annus lol
Scrappi преди час
I just clicked this thinking it was unus annus 😭
•PapiCholo• преди час
after watching too many moistcr1tikal videos i read the title as " worlds brightest fleshlight "
Bigmindcreator TS
Bigmindcreator TS преди час
For the first three minutes I thought he was trying to do some Ghost Adventures type shit
Cameron Hill
Cameron Hill преди час
You have to go to the Grand Canyon and use that flashlight
Clarion XL
Clarion XL преди час
10:53 This is a time stamp for me, carry on
The legend
The legend преди час
When he said don't try this at home and the disclaimer song didn't play i died inside.
Amethyst Quarts
Amethyst Quarts преди час
There's one that can emit the power of a spot light
Ninjacat 123
Ninjacat 123 преди час
don’t try this at home if u do you’ll be blind
Right there willy
Right there willy преди час
“ideally you want length and girth” WHATRE YOU TRYING TO SAY MARK
Ninjacat 123
Ninjacat 123 преди час
why this vid should be on unus annus
dillan spaulding
dillan spaulding преди час
Direct sunlight has a luminous efficacy of about 93 lumens per watt of radiant flux. Multiplying the figure of 1050 watts per square meter by 93 lumens per watt indicates that bright sunlight provides an illuminance of approximately 98 000 lux (lumens per square meter) on a perpendicular surface at sea level.
Izak Fuentes
Izak Fuentes преди час
Mark: “don’t try this” My brain: *piano starts to play*
Stormcaller16 Unus Annus
Stormcaller16 Unus Annus преди час
20:53 he said annusly
you said
you said преди час
Man. Watching your phone take an infrared picture of your face every time you touch it is uhh....well it's a bit freaky.
shota aizawa
shota aizawa преди час
0:19 flashligh
Andriu преди час
Nothing like watching a grown man almost burn his retinas with flashlights he bought for content
Angel Dust
Angel Dust преди час
I feel like this video is solid proof that Mark is trying to cope with the loss of Unus Annus by replacing Eef with a cardboard cutout of his face.
Abdul Hafiz Bacarat
Abdul Hafiz Bacarat преди час
discord light mode is much brighter than this.
Discount_Doom_Slayer преди час
For those of you that didn't know, LED is short for Light Emitting Diode. So Mark saying "...LED Diode..." is completely redundant.
Izzydhomy 234
Izzydhomy 234 преди час
Spring Freddy
Spring Freddy преди час
Who needs guns when you can just use the world most powerfull flashlight.
Pogmaster V3
Pogmaster V3 преди час
11:58 “Don’t try this I’m a professional” ah yes, a pro flashlight watcher
eamonn eady
eamonn eady преди 2 часа
right as you turned on the flashlight my screen turned bright white and I was like “WOOAAAAHHHHHHH THAT’S SO POWERFUL!!!” and then I realized it was a google ad playing.
Isabel Adams
Isabel Adams преди 2 часа
What’s the name of the best flashlight??? I want to buy it!!
Turtle Ventures
Turtle Ventures преди 2 часа
hmmm 7:21 10:24
Aubrey Howard
Aubrey Howard преди 2 часа
I love watching this grown man play with a flashlight like it is a new Christmas present! Hahah
eamonn eady
eamonn eady преди 2 часа
“blinding myself for no reason” part: Markiplier
Lee Polencheck
Lee Polencheck преди 2 часа
2:05 he still has the the thing from “who’s more likely to” lol
Ulsrtgamer Why
Ulsrtgamer Why преди 2 часа
Why does he look like he just kidnapped us
Ballingold преди 2 часа
Alt title "Who needs a tactical shovel when you can buy the sun"
Red Rose Certified flirter
Red Rose Certified flirter преди 2 часа
He looks like something the life of luxury guys would make a vid about
Lee Polencheck
Lee Polencheck преди 2 часа
I didn’t know his hair was so long
Ltd Dockstader
Ltd Dockstader преди 2 часа
Mark: What's the brightest light on Earth... I don't know probably a star or something.
Denimplays преди 2 часа
And then mark said: Let there be- ahh dam it my eyes
Happy Pastry
Happy Pastry преди 2 часа
The playing children's games in the dark video flash backs are beginning. Memento Mori
A random youtuber Meh
A random youtuber Meh преди 2 часа
Plot twist: the brightest light is in a handheld device known as the discord light mode
Clotted Scream
Clotted Scream преди 2 часа
This video has such strong evil energy
I am Delusion
I am Delusion преди 2 часа
pokymars преди 2 часа
Mark: I’m not a masochist. Also Mark: _Shines really bright torches in his eyes_
Aiden Richards
Aiden Richards преди 2 часа
Heaven be like
TheguyEthan преди 2 часа
Having this for fanf 4 will be useful
Sachin Suresh
Sachin Suresh преди 2 часа
Thats a torture technique used by you know who
eee преди 2 часа
my eyes hurt- nice lights
Just Chillin Out
Just Chillin Out преди 2 часа
the three brightest things, star, quasar, lighthouse. Very educational
Max Martinez
Max Martinez преди 2 часа
tha go t me bli nd
преди 2 часа
someone get this man a headband
Call me Tyler
Call me Tyler преди 2 часа
Crystal K
Crystal K преди 2 часа
It... it actually can light fires. People have used way less lumens than 100,000 to cook eggs.
Someone Irrelevant
Someone Irrelevant преди 3 часа
I think we all know Unnus Annus isn’t *quite* done yet. Let’s wait and see.
O0O0O преди 3 часа
me as a kid looking at the sun directly:
sellout playss
sellout playss преди 3 часа
Just imagine pointing the brightest one at thief
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous преди 3 часа
Mark please don't damage your eyes with bright lights or flash lights/lasers make sure glasses match the wavelength so you don't go blind it literally only take a fraction of a second to burn a hole in your eye think of very thin plastic the slightest heat and it melts
Bratty преди 3 часа
Hi mark
Nathan Davenport
Nathan Davenport преди 3 часа
This gives UNUS ANNUS vibes.
Gouravjyoti Dutta
Gouravjyoti Dutta преди 3 часа
GTFO in real life
JayBreezy преди 3 часа
The theroy is why do you look like john wick?
Cloudy Day Cosplays
Cloudy Day Cosplays преди 3 часа
I am very responsible with my money -Mark Biggest lie of 2020
Dr. Cheems
Dr. Cheems преди 3 часа
Not as bright as turning on your phone in the middle of the night after waking up
Xanegoh преди 3 часа
Mark: "I am very responsible with my money." Also Mark: "I aM a MaN wItH fIvE oVeNS!!!"
_nnayam_ преди 3 часа
Where'd u get that shirt? It's adorable
Right Turn
Right Turn преди 3 часа
Is it just me or does “shrinkflation” sound like an obscure fetish?
Sabrina Smith
Sabrina Smith преди 3 часа
I feel like mark is just doing Unus Annus videos they couldn't do in that year 😂
Nathan Visser
Nathan Visser преди 3 часа
Kat The Rat
Kat The Rat преди 3 часа
Imagine when it’s flashing sos it’s actually a ghost possessing the light and marks just like “yooo sos feature cool! :D”
Tsc_diamond преди 3 часа
Mark sorry to say but the sun is the brightest light
Noah Gonzalez
Noah Gonzalez преди 3 часа
Mark: “says don’t try this” Me: “starts sobbing while singing the disclaimer song.
Nikki Henington
Nikki Henington преди 3 часа
tell me i’m wrong this SCREAMS unus annus
Zoey Ortego
Zoey Ortego преди 3 часа
8:27, im sorry mark, but I can’t take you seriously when you have macho hands in your shadow-
Keegan Young
Keegan Young преди 3 часа
Mark, you know you can buy light measuring machines, right..?
Unknown User
Unknown User преди 3 часа
Alright lazers are next
Mika Hurley
Mika Hurley преди 3 часа
This is an amazing video. I didnt know i needed this review in my life. I was wrong! Definitely enjoyed this. You should do lasers next... :3
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