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Don't Open the Door
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Alien Isolation: REVISITED
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The Glitched Attraction
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The Guitar Boy
The Guitar Boy преди 3 часа
2:11 Ah yes, Jolyne's long lost half-brother, Jotaro is going to need to do some explaining
Shalisha Bishop
Shalisha Bishop преди 3 часа
This is surging simulator ...... but with mariplyer ok here is an acuret reprentation : I WIILL CUT OPEN EFRYONE IN THE UNIVERSE
Erumaaro преди 3 часа
5 yo markiplier & brother caused an EMP with a paperclip....*snickers*
Scout преди 3 часа
happy birthday chica!
Aaron Pollock
Aaron Pollock преди 3 часа
Mark is going to poop after he has to buy the sniper back
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas преди 3 часа
10:53 a moment that will go down in history Wow that rhymed
Nero Igcasan
Nero Igcasan преди 3 часа
Why am i crying? thank you mark
Caroline Castenda
Caroline Castenda преди 3 часа
That "magic" potion is labeled "super glue" underneath
UnderWorld преди 3 часа
22:36 Because, Plot Armor.
Flame King
Flame King преди 3 часа
10:56 Bruh she got SHOT and the look on her face said something it me???
Alex Karlsson
Alex Karlsson преди 3 часа
Respect to Ethan for doing all this by his own, it sure feels like he could use a hand😏😏😏😏😏
ChillyWilly 07
ChillyWilly 07 преди 3 часа
I legit teared up at the end cause it was so cute
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper преди 3 часа
Mark : *sells his F2 sniper rifle* *Upgrades his shotgun and LEMI to Max* "Man, I have so much money" His audience : *dies from Mark's poor in-game decisions*
Kimball Belliston
Kimball Belliston преди 3 часа
Mark: is hurt Mark: heals Mark: "I didn't want to do that"
Bus Nickel
Bus Nickel преди 3 часа
That "Dead Miranda" pack is smoking hard...
Bus Nickel
Bus Nickel преди 3 часа
What you gonna cry? LOL!
Who Is Me?
Who Is Me? преди 3 часа
I wonder if Ethan was able to reattach his hand so easily because he isn’t human anymore, Mia alluded to being worried about him over the baby and he worried a lot that he’d messed the baby up. Idk ethans sus
Prince Coda Leviathan
Prince Coda Leviathan преди 3 часа
Russell Stiegler
Russell Stiegler преди 3 часа
me: relaxing and watching markiplier markiplier: casually summons a demon in my home
Kpop Ginger
Kpop Ginger преди 3 часа
16:50 get a real heavy Beetlejuice vibe when he's climbing the ladder
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper преди 3 часа
Mark : *doesn't sell Ingrid's Necklace and Dmitrescu's Blood Cup because he's scared of selling Valuable things* Also Mark : *sells his sniper rifle for no goddamn reason*
Dayler Gorm
Dayler Gorm преди 3 часа
Markiplier: Dutch you do me right Ending: Dutch you betrayed me.
Dylan Swartzfager
Dylan Swartzfager преди 3 часа
this game is about timing your tuggs on the table when you opponent is in the air
Casual POG
Casual POG преди 3 часа
Mark : I'm sorry.. I was blablabla Real reason : I WANNA SEE HERRR BUST MY HEAD TO THE FLOOR
The Least Likely Gents
The Least Likely Gents преди 3 часа
My son is 4 years old. His name is JJ. Earlier this year we found out that he had stage 4 kidney cancer. We're have been in treatment since that day. Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation...we are in the middle of this long journey. I'm actually sitting in the hospital room with JJ's my night on duty. He's sleeping, but like usual, I find myself unable. I felt the story of this game like I've never felt anything before. I cried until I was dried up. All the emotion was conveyed so perfectly. For people that can't imagine what it's like, I have to tell you this game hit the feelings with utter accuracy. Cancer is a monster, and I find it hard to imagine pain worse than what I'm feeling. But that's just the thing, and that's what's so strange about how we deal with these things. I don't walk with the burden of his disease all the time. But it is always there. In the back of my mind, a quiet monster. I heavily empathized with the dad in this story, it's uncanny how similar our situations are with family Dynamics. The part where he willingly sank into despair because he said "someone has to feel this," as if by embracing your own pain, you stand in solidarity with your child's suffering. That was a powerful and deeply honest truth. I felt it. Anyway I didn't mean to ramble. But thank you, Markiplier, for showing respect to this story. I was glad you came along for the ride, and shared some of this pain with the family, and with everyone else who has faced the dragon.
Bus Nickel
Bus Nickel преди 3 часа
Miranda be like: 🚗 AAAAA- 💥 🧟‍♀️.
socktaster преди 3 часа
I wonder how many 4 year olds purposely laughed becuase they thought that they would meet mark lol
Tom Nook
Tom Nook преди 3 часа
“I think it’s pronounced DimetresOOOOO”
Ellipsis Moon
Ellipsis Moon преди 3 часа
I died laughing at the sims one
Jason Swafford
Jason Swafford преди 3 часа
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper преди 3 часа
Duke : "whaddya buyin ? Heheheh, just something and old friend of mine used to say" Mark : "shut up" Did- did that RE4 reference really wooshed over his head ? Do I need to say the annoying reddit thing ?
Lightning Kingdom
Lightning Kingdom преди 3 часа
I wonder what song it is at the end
Francis Ripley
Francis Ripley преди 3 часа
Just want to say I appreciate the Junji Ito references in the first minute.
Sub’s Storm chasing
Sub’s Storm chasing преди 3 часа
Kira moment
Willem Beerens
Willem Beerens преди 3 часа
Willem Beerens
Willem Beerens преди 3 часа
im sorry i had to do that
Lil Unicorn
Lil Unicorn преди 3 часа
Everyone: **evil laughter** Mark: **HeEhHeHehe**
Cascade Games
Cascade Games преди 3 часа
11:45 Are we gonna talk about how mark got a rare poster on his first time playing? No? Ok
Mine2Gamez преди 3 часа
Markiplier: im william in his personal hell I bit later- ucn is williams personal hell from the ugly freddy
Craggy преди 3 часа
It’s been a year but I think I have to say what I saw. I was walking downtown when this cyclist pulled out in front of me and got obliterated by a car. His bike was beyond repair, and his legs were on his head. So naturally, I T-bagged him and flew away.
Keegan Myers
Keegan Myers преди 3 часа
If you don't like the idea of customizing your weapon with a Charm, you can disable the display of ornaments in the game. To do this, you need to go to the game's main menu and under the Special tab set the status to Off for Display Weapon Charms.
Ottomatic преди 3 часа
RE2 is a seriously shitty game
Old life beware
Old life beware преди 3 часа
Did you pay lixian? Or lixian wanted for you to be real or not
marco atef
marco atef преди 3 часа
10:59 2021X lol
OBAMA OBAMA преди 3 часа
1:05:30 Car Incase I didn't remember
Allison Stephens
Allison Stephens преди 3 часа
Mark casually telling his mom that Bonnie is Freddy Her believing it
Lots o’ Stuff
Lots o’ Stuff преди 3 часа
Balloon Boy Jumpscare: time for you to die........ Springtrap Jumpscare: Ayo ur looking kinda sus my g
Snuberiorflea преди 3 часа
Slips a mask on literally last second Freddie: understandable have a great day
Kitten Artist
Kitten Artist преди 3 часа
i lost it
bingo l
bingo l преди 3 часа
bruh this dude keeps moaning STOP!!! STOP!!!
Cha0sEm3raldGaming преди 3 часа
19:33 why did I jump! 🤣
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper преди 3 часа
37:10 Cassandra : *fuckin dies* Ethan : "crazy witch !" Come on, Ethan You almost got killed, there no need for censoring here Turn that W into a B, would you ?
SneezyEz преди 3 часа
(Elon musk on one of the pace ships be like)
Lethiqa преди 3 часа
Mark: "We're in the future" Me: fool you are in the past
{ęñńãrd fåń ÛWÜ}
{ęñńãrd fåń ÛWÜ} преди 3 часа
For some reason I hope this happens to meh -_-
Fierce Deity Link
Fierce Deity Link преди 3 часа
Apparently Mark would do well in prison with how adept he is at shanking a bitch in the dungeon! XD
Pig Kamado
Pig Kamado преди 3 часа
Dimitrescu:tries to kill mark an infinite amount of times mark:hi my name is mafarkapllier
Dr Uno
Dr Uno преди 3 часа
I see why it’s called 420 mode because Scott must of been smocking something when he made a game with a level this hard
Elijah Chavez
Elijah Chavez преди 3 часа
This was just straight entertainment
Shifted Creeper
Shifted Creeper преди 3 часа
it say fnaf
Subject Alpha
Subject Alpha преди 3 часа
What are these comments
Manny Lopez
Manny Lopez преди 3 часа
Holy fuck that actually means ethan (not my crankyboi) was at one point infected w/ that fungal thing in re7... lmffaaaoooooooo
L A преди 3 часа
It’s the laughing at the memes for me ahaha
Rikki преди 3 часа
Honestly, wtf is with this acting? Resi8 feels like a bad play. They've gotta have enough money for better voice acting and motion capture than this :\
Shallow Phoenix
Shallow Phoenix преди 3 часа
Asks for my hand, you mean literally cuts it off
Prabhnoor Kaur
Prabhnoor Kaur преди 3 часа
I trust youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Pika Pika
Pika Pika преди 3 часа
I know I’m late but “Rump dies as Mark falls into the fetus position” is fucking hilarious
Giovanna Abbamondi
Giovanna Abbamondi преди 3 часа
The sentence “stopping point” hurts my feelings
Brociopath преди 3 часа
oo oo!! i also used to go in the woods as a kid!
Killjoy преди 3 часа
i spent 5 mins rewinding the first 10 secends
Death Zone
Death Zone преди 3 часа
After 7 years mark is still the same person like its the same personality. he looks like a baby in this vid loll
SethPlayz 72
SethPlayz 72 преди 3 часа
I like mres because they are cheap
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez преди 3 часа
The spider one I lost it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭
Jennifer McFarland
Jennifer McFarland преди 3 часа
Mr. afton is Michael afton. He is purple guy and there is a bunch of other stuff from his past ->-
Ben Bauer
Ben Bauer преди 3 часа
Alcina, Bela, Cassandra, Daniela. ABCD, and all ending with A.
Scp-999 преди 3 часа
My cat just died😭
Tofan Purnomo Waisaka
Tofan Purnomo Waisaka преди 3 часа
Who knew Mark's gameplay is the most satisfying between him, Sean, Ryan & John. 😯 He discovered weapon selling early, able to utilize the knife & block and looks to have cleared quite a lot of red rooms. 👍🏻